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[Classic Review]This 2001 TVB costume light comedy is still full of laughs to this day – TV series – China Entertainment Network


  China Entertainment Network News Recently, Wen Songxian, who has been away from acting for many years, returned to TVB, which attracted a lot of attention, and even made people sigh, “My Bai Yueguang who retired from the industry has finally returned.” It has to be said that Wen Songxian is indeed Bai Yueguang in the minds of many people. When she got married and quit the industry, many people felt sad. But after getting married, Wen Songxian didn’t seem to be as relaxed as everyone imagined. According to sources, her wealthy husband’s business failed, she was debt-collected, and her life was in trouble. Although Wen Songxian denied this, rumors still spread.

Now, after many years, Wen Songxian returns to the screen again, which really attracts the attention of netizens. Seeing Wen Songxian’s return, the editor suddenly remembered the dramas she had starred in before. Another collaboration with Lin Wenlong, “Splendid Marriage”, was really impressive.

The TV series “Splendid Marriage” is a 2001 drama. It is a light comedy about marriage first and love later. It does not have any elements of house fighting. It is a typical family story, with the love story between the male and female protagonists as the main line, plus Although the elements are very simple, this drama has become a classic and a very popular drama. If someone asks what drama to watch if you want to have a good laugh, then the editor will definitely recommend this one because it is really good to watch.

The storyline in the play has not been described in too much detail here. You can watch the original film, which is guaranteed to make you laugh heartily. Today we are going to talk about the three actresses in the play. It can be said that they are all wonderful.

First of all, of course, the heroine Wen Songxian. Wen Songxian has been an actress favored by TVB since her debut. She has cute looks and superb acting skills. She is indeed worthy of the resources that are highly praised. And she has not disappointed TVB’s executives. Her acting skills are dexterous and she is loved by the audience. In this drama, Wen Songxian still performs steadily. She looks very beautiful in ancient costume, and her skills can be both gentle and unruly. She can be controlled freely and endearingly. If she can continue to develop in the entertainment industry, Wen Songxian can definitely become TVB’s leading actress. Unfortunately, after getting married in 2012, Wen Songxian faded out of the entertainment industry, which is very regrettable.

The second actress is Kwong Wenxun. Kwong Wenxun plays Zhou Mengshi, the younger sister of the eldest mistress in the play. She is a lady, with a completely different personality from the character played by Wen Songxian. She fell in love with the male protagonist at first sight, but they were not destined to be together, and in the end she had no choice but to withdraw from this doomed competition. In fact, in this drama, the character played by Kwong Wenxun is quite sad. She is not a bad person, but she did not get a good ending, which is really sad. Kwong Wenxun is also a very familiar actress. Her most proven role is the little princess in Jordan Chan’s version of “The Deer and the Cauldron” in 1998. She has a baby face and was once highly praised by TVB. However, like Wen Songxian, after getting married, Kuang Wenxun quit the entertainment industry.

Finally, let’s talk about the hero’s sister, Cheng Yingzi played by Myolie Wu. Myolie Wu had just debuted at that time, and was only over 20 years old. She still had a round face like baby fat. Her character in the drama was a bit timid and had no independent opinions when things happened. However, she was cute, had no bad intentions, was very kind, and was equally popular. Got a lot of fans. Compared with Wen Songxian and Kwong Wenxun, Myolie Wu’s development is really good, and she works very hard to continuously improve her acting skills. Finally, she was favored by TVB and starred in many heroines. She also won the TVB Award for her wonderful performance. of visual awards. Nowadays, Myolie Wu is still active in the entertainment industry, and her development focus is also on the mainland. She has filmed many film and television dramas, and the response has been very good.

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