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Lin Chaoxian directed the most “crazy” movie “Breaking Point” of the year and released a “critical point” version of the poster “Urban Violence” in one click_Nick Cheung_Action_William Chan


Original title: “Breaking Point”, the most “crazy” movie of the year directed by Lin Chaoxian, released a “critical point” version of the poster “Urban Violence” in one click

Lin Chaoxian directed the most “crazy” movie “Breaking Point” of the year and released a “critical point” version of the poster “Urban Violence”

Time Network NewsProduced by Shanghai Bona Culture Media Co., Ltd., Emperor Film Co., Ltd., and China Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Yu Dong serves as the chief producer, Yu Dong, Yang Shoucheng, and Zhao Haicheng serve as producers, Liang Fengying supervises the producer, and Lin Chaoxian serves as the producer, story and “Breaking Point”, the most “crazy” movie of the year directed by Chief Director, Tang Weihan, starring Nicky Cheung, William Chan, and Leung Lok Sze, starring Tam Jun Yan and Jiang Haowen, with a friendly appearance by Chrissie Chau, and a special guest appearance by Yang Youning, released a “critical point” poster today.

Nick Cheung, William Chan, Leung Luo Shi, and Alex Tam all had their brows furrowed, their blood vessels bulging, and their eyes all revealed complex emotions of perseverance and determination, which made people think about the situation of the four people, as if they were going through the most important decision in their lives.

This year’s most unmissable hardcore action blockbuster “Breaking Point” has been scheduled to be released nationwide on December 8. The film not only continues the impactful image style and explosive temperament of director Lin Chaoxian’s previous films, but also combines the twists and turns of the story with the full story. The “madness” of the police officers has been achieved to the extreme. Whether it is the atmosphere of life-threatening struggle between the police and the gangsters, or the brutality of the gangsters in every possible way, it makes people clench their fists and the adrenaline surges.

Drama/Action/Suspense Released in China on December 8, 2023

The movie “Breaking Point” released the “Critical Point” version poster today, featuring close-ups of Nick Cheung, William Chan, Leung Lok-sik, and Alex Tam. Behind their frowns and determined eyes lies the “cracking point” that drove them “crazy.” The film tells the story of anti-narcotics chief inspector Li Zhenbang (played by Nick Cheung) and undercover police officer Jiang Ming (played by William Chan) who secretly executed a plan to hunt down drug dealers. However, they encountered danger. Jiang Ming was forced to wander the edge of black and white and gradually lost control. In order to stick to the bottom line, former teammates killed each other. Suspicion, anger, madness, disappointment… everyone has lost their minds and is on the verge of collapse!

In the poster, the anti-narcotics chief inspector Li Zhenbang, played by Nick Cheung, has a bright face and a burning gaze, as if telling the firm determination that “any evil will be brought to justice”; William Chan, who plays the undercover police officer Jiang Ming, raises his eyebrows and points his head, white hair The short-cut style is even more refreshing to the audience, and the overhead shooting angle is full of pressure, which further confirms the complexity of this character wandering on the edge of black and white; Liang Luoshi, who does not wear makeup, is emotional. Against the background of the protruding blood vessels and desperate tears, he is a tough and tough character. The female image “jumps onto the screen”; the scheming Tan Junyan’s face is covered with sweat, his eyes are bloodshot, and his angry expression reveals disdain and cruelty, which raises questions about whether his character is good or evil.

“There’s no way to avoid it! There’s no way to retreat! There’s nothing to endure! There’s nothing to lose!” In the “Critical Point” poster released today, the four major characters seem to be facing important choices in life, and behind each sentence is a period of helplessness. Survive the desperate situation. The inevitable anti-narcotics chief inspector Li Zhenbang (played by Nick Cheung) is an inhumane drug dealer on one side, and brothers who “love and kill each other” on the other. He cannot escape and can only fight for his life.

The undercover police officer Jiang Ming (played by William Chan), who has no retreat, is struggling in the face of black and white. He has no way out but to move forward. Liang Luoshi, who couldn’t bear it, and Tan Junyan, who had nothing to lose, revealed even more helplessness and dilemma. The four of them are all “cruel”, and they all stand on the edge of reason. Since they can’t bear it, then all of them will become “crazy” and set on fire at any time!

Director Lam Chiu-hsien, a representative of Chinese-language action crime movies, has returned to the Hong Kong police and gangster action genre after nine years. The movie “Breaking Point” not only continues Director Lam Chiu-hsien’s police and gangster action movie style, but this time he has gone to the extreme, striving to be action-packed. Hard-core, the scenes are shocking enough, the characters are gripping enough, and the burning, exciting, explosive, and hard-core can be done to the fullest at once. It can be described as sadistic for both the heart and the body. Even the old partner Zhang Jiahui, who is cooperating for the sixth time, complained repeatedly, “No. It’s coming, it’s really not coming.” The luxurious main creative lineup, the hard-core explosive life-and-death confrontation, the ultimate audio-visual experience, both the action and emotion are blood-spraying, and the movie “Bursting Point” will also create a Hong Kong crime scene. A new peak in movies!

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