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Original title: “Madeline’s” outfit with both wealth and appearance, princess, please get in the car!

Author: Hongxiu GRAZIA

Following “Maillard” which became popular at the turn of summer and autumn, another trend named after food – “Madeline” has also begun to become popular. This autumn and winter, the sweet, elegant and noble dress style of daughter is back.

Madeleine is a small French dessert, famous for its unique and cute shell shape, and its sweet and sour texture. The daughter Madeleine’s outfit is like madeleine dessert.

Madeleine’s popularity this time also refers to[尖叫皇后]An elegant yet girly outfit.

Madeleine style is a style of dressing for wealthy ladies, accompanied by elements of taffeta, tweed, pearls, bows, petal collars, and blingbling diamonds. The rich ladies leisurely taste exquisite desserts under the setting sun. Their outfits have a noble atmosphere.

“Madeline style” emphasizes the image of a carefree rich girl, with a frank style in luxury. The most representative brand is undoubtedly CHANEL.

What exactly is Madeleine style? Let’s take a look at the inspiration on the show: In CHANEL’s autumn and winter fashion week this year, a large number of tweed suits, high-waisted A-line skirts, jacquard cardigans and other items that represent the style of the daughter of Madeleine appeared.

Miu Miu’s usual sweet and rebellious academic style can easily catch up with this wave of madeleines.

The designer brand Self-portrait also brings out the feeling of being a rich woman, and is a sweet “Madeline”.

because of[叛逆大小姐与保镖]Pervert, a Russian niche brand that has exploded on the Internet, is also a leader in Madeleine style.

In autumn and winter, how to stand out from the Maillard wind? Let’s take a look at the charm of Madeleine, the rich and beautiful daughter!

tweed jacket

The first “Madeline” rule – a small fragrant jacket in soft tweed, can be said to be an inescapable item that creates a sense of wealth. Its texture and touch directly display a kind of exquisite elegance. gas.

Wearing a complete set will have a sense of ritual. If you encounter some “big” scenes, you can directly wear the suit, which is very “lethal”.

Of course, you can also try the intellectual style look to create a different style of playful and rebellious daughter “Madeline”

For working professionals with commuting needs, a tweed jacket with neat tailoring and clean and elegant color matching, paired with trousers and loafers, can meet the needs of switching between work and off work at any time.

Song Yi’s Madeleine outfit creates just the right atmosphere of a wealthy woman. Get rid of complexity and keep it simple, capable yet refined.

Knitted jacket + high-waisted A-line skirt

Next to the “Madeline Rule”, a soft knitted jacket is also a must to create a sense of atmosphere.

Especially the light-colored knitted items directly put the “feeling of gold” on the body.

Zhou can also be said to be a female celebrity who is very good at this style. She is sweet enough and naturally noble, so she is very suitable for her.

A soft, delicate knitted jacket paired with a dress has a “lady” style. Wearing the same color system enhances the overall sense of luxury. The light color system is very friendly to Asian skin tones, and the whole person seems to have a soft light filter.

The college-style outfit that is already a little “invisible to everyone” can be easily transformed into a “Madeline” temperament! For example, try pairing a preppy jacket with a high-waisted A-line skirt and pair it with ballet-inspired items, such as a pair of pile socks and Mary Janes.

You can also try to mix and match charming and mature black silk (either pure black or lace) to “add some spice” to the sweet cake, which is also very classy! Of course, the premise of feeling noble is to remember to choose good quality!

Precious element accessories

How can the sweet and playful “Madeline” daughter style be missing the “soul-infused” elements of bows and pearls? These two are sweet and elegant embellishment items without losing quality!

Pearl accessories can create a warm and noble beauty, and stacking small pearls can bring a lot of flexibility.

In an environment where Girl Power is gaining momentum, bows were once considered exclusive for little girls. Now more and more style icons are bringing bows into the workplace.

The bows worn by Madeleine do not seek to be big and conspicuous, but are more of a detail embellishment. The most common ones are hair accessories. To be rich means to be as refined as the hair~

Wear a jacket made of tweed or knitted fabric, add some pearl jewelry, and just add a little decoration on the cuffs, collar, or hair accessories to achieve this “Madeline” style.

Is this trendy autumn and winter fashion your next style goal?

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