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The movie “Zhongken” is scheduled to be released on December 11. The trip to the plateau has hidden dangers and implications – China Entertainment Network

Recently, the first domestic Gesar cultural feature film “Zhongken” to hit the big screen released a finalized poster. The film tells the story of a Han man named Zhongken, who has been wandering in Tibetan areas for many years and persistently wants to become the artist “Zhongken” who sings the story of King Gesar. However, due to the people and things he encounters on the road, he gradually becomes A story about letting go of your obsessions and returning to yourself. The film has won numerous awards at home and abroad and is highly recognized and encouraged in the industry. The movie “Zhongken” spreads world-class intangible cultural heritage and fills the gap in the industry. It will be released on December 11 through the National Art Federation.

  Focusing on the world-class living hero epic legend, the journey to the plateau contains hidden dangers and many implications.

The movie “Zhongken” mainly tells the story of a Han man named Zhongken who has been wandering in Tibetan areas for many years. He persistently wants to become the artist “Zhongken” who sings the story of King Gesar. A story about dealing with things, gradually letting go of obsessions, and returning to oneself. Through a series of seemingly absurd but fantastic encounters by the male protagonist Zhongken, the film attempts to convey the author’s expression to more people, that is, the most powerful moment in life is not to persist, but to let go and let go of those things that imprison us. desires and obsessions, thereby achieving reconciliation with one’s own life.

In the finalized poster released today, the overall poster is full of details and has a rich sense of layering. The poster looks into the distance through a cracked and deformed car window, showing a man carrying a heavy burden walking hobblingly on the Tibetan plateau covered with low-pressure cumulus clouds. He walked towards a lake, with a sheep looking back at his side. On the broken car window, there is the reflection of a dancing girl in a Tibetan robe and a white tent. According to the legend of Gesar culture, as long as you dream of this white tent, the person who walks in will become Zhongken. Broken glass flew everywhere, which not only caused a sense of impact, but also conveyed a signal of collision danger, making people feel doubtful and uneasy. This also raised expectations for the film.

What belongs to the nation belongs to the world. The Gesar culture in the movie “Zhongken” is a world-class intangible cultural heritage. Compared with the ancient Greek Homeric epics and ancient Indian epics, the Gesar culture has been passed down from generation to generation and is the longest and most extensive living heroic epic in the world so far. The movie “Zhongken” is the first Gesar cultural feature film to be released on the big screen in China. It inherits the national spirit, fills the gap in the industry, pays attention to national culture, pays attention to Gesar culture, and pays attention to the movie “Zhongken”.

  World-class intangible cultural heritage appears on the big screen for the first time, winning numerous awards at domestic and foreign film festivals

The movie “Zhongken” is written and directed by Xing Xiao and stars Li Tai. Wu Xuesong, Xing Yonghao, and Xue Jian are the producers, Jiang Ping is the supervisor, Jiang Wusheng is the general publisher, Qiao Mei is the art director, Jin Liang and Wang Hui are the chief planners, Wu Xuesong and Xu Weiguo are the chief producers, and Xing Xiao and Li Yiping are the producers. people. The film has already won many awards abroad, including the just-announced Best Film Costume Design Award at the 2023 Nice International Film Festival in France, and the previous Best Film Award at the 2023 Barcelona International Film Festival; and the Best Foreign Language Award at the 2023 Rome International Film Festival in Italy. Nominated for Best Film and Best Foreign Language Film Director; Nominated for Best Asian Film and Best Cinematography at the 2023 Dutch Septimius Awards; Nominated for Best Film at the 2022 Buenos Aires International Film Festival, etc.

In addition, the movie “Zhongken” is also highly recognized and encouraged in the domestic industry. The film has received the 2023 National Film Administration’s special fund award for outstanding films, and was selected as a finalist for the ethnic minority unit of the 36th China Film Golden Rooster Award in 2023; a shortlisted film for the “Golden Angel Award” main competition of the 19th China-US Film Festival in 2023; 2023 Films shortlisted for the main competition of the 15th Macau International Film Festival; and films participating in the 18th China Changchun Film Festival in 2023, etc.

The movie “Zhongken” is produced by Shandong Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., Haining Light and Shadow Sculpture Film Co., Ltd., and Zhongnanhong Culture Group Co., Ltd., produced by Haining Light and Shadow Sculpture Film Co., Ltd., distributed by the National Art Film Screening Alliance, and national film Jointly released by Jiaying (Beijing) Cultural Communication Center, Haining Light and Shadow Sculpture Film Co., Ltd., and Beijing Rurizhisheng Film Co., Ltd., it will be released on the National Art Federation dedicated line on December 11.

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