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The final performance of “The Sound of Flowers Blooming” concluded successfully


Original title: The final performance of Guo Jianbo Studio’s special Yi opera “The Voice of Blooming”, a project funded by the Yunnan Provincial Artists Studio, came to a successful conclusion

On November 7, the 2021 Yunnan Provincial Artists Studio-funded project – Guo Jianbo Studio’s Yi opera short play “The Voice of Blooming” successfully completed its final performance at the Chuxiong Grand Theater. The traditional culture of the Yi people and Yi opera displayed in the play The charm and the superb performances of the actors have been highly praised by the audience and experts. They believe that the entire performance has novel themes and rich connotations. It is a cultural and artistic feast integrating professionalism, nationality and appreciation.

Guo Jianbo Studio is named after Guo Jianbo, a national first-class actor and a well-known Yi opera performing artist in Chuxiong. It is the only Yi opera master studio among the first batch of artistic master studios in Yunnan Province. In the creation of the Yi opera project “The Voice of Flowers Blooming”, Guo Jianbo Studio demonstrated the diversified charm of Yi opera through the innovative method of “one play with two rows” and “one flower with two blooms”. Through the two forms of Yi opera short plays and Yi opera performances and singing, the diversity of Yi opera and the inheritance of tradition are performed and displayed, injecting new vitality into traditional art. Through the integration of music, dance, costumes and other elements, the unique charm of Yi culture is conveyed to the audience.


In his creation, Guo Jianbo always combines the traditional charm of Yi opera art with the local characteristics of the production and life of the Yi people, and fully integrates the elements of contemporary beautiful life art, so that Yi opera has a deeper resonance with modern society. “In the Yi opera project “The Voice of Flowers Blooming”, we adapted and created folk songs and minor tunes that are very distinctive of the Yi people to show the characteristics of Yi folk songs, and combine some scenes of production and life of modern people and their thoughts on a better life. Inner feelings are integrated into drama creation, making Yi opera close to life and the masses.”


In order to ensure the high-quality presentation of this final performance, Guo Jianbo and the studio members carefully polished the script and rehearsed carefully. Every movement, every look, and every tone, he would patiently demonstrate and make requirements for the young actors. . Everyone practiced the arias, lyrics, emotions, and details over and over again, and repeatedly practiced the essentials of movements, striving to present the most perfect state in every movement and every link. With the joint efforts of all members of the studio, the final performance of the Yi opera short play “The Voice of Blooming” was successfully completed.


(Photo by He Mingjie)

In recent years, Guo Jianbo has directed and performed many Yi opera dramas and short dramas such as “The Bronze Drum Festival”, “Yang Shanzhou”, “Mu Le’s Sacrifice for Dad”, “The Sound of Motorcycles”, “Drink Three Seconds”, “Osmanthus Cousin”, etc., and has won high praises at the national and provincial levels. He won awards in state-level professional competitions, and his starring role in the Yi opera “Bronze Drum Festival” was also featured on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Under the leadership of Guo Jianbo, Guo Jianbo Studio not only plays a key role in the inheritance of Yi opera, but also performed well in the 2023 Chuxiong Prefecture New Opera (Program) Show, re-arranging three classic Yi opera short plays, 3 new plays were created, 12 outstanding young talents in Yi opera were cultivated, and some young actors won individual performance awards.


“As a literary and art worker, we should use literary and artistic works to promote our beautiful life more vividly, so that more people can understand the traditional culture of the Yi people. In the next step, we will continue to work hard to explore and innovate the forms of Yi opera expressions and spread the Yi people With the unique charm of culture, we should ensure the inheritance and development of Yi opera, cultivate more Yi opera performing talents, let more people care about Yi opera and like Yi opera, and make the artistic flower of Yi opera bloom even more brilliantly,” Guo Jianbo said.(Li Yinjuan)

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