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Hong Kong actress Ng Ruoxi played the leading role in a drama for the first time in 13 years in the industry. She played the role of Chen Zhanpeng’s wife in TVB’s Taiwanese Qingdao drama “Hong Kong People in Beijing” (referred to as “In Beijing”). In the drama, her husband was sent to Beijing to work, and she resolutely I left my job as a lawyer and went to Beijing with my husband to work hard. 31-year-old Wu Ruoxi was interviewed by “Lianhe Zaobao”. In a recorded answer, she said that she would give her “first time” 80 points. “When filming, I was very energetic, which is a bonus. I hope The rhythm of the dialogue could be better, but with the help of the team and the good antagonists (actors), this drama is a high score.”

TVB filmed “Hong Kong People in Guangzhou” in 1997 to celebrate the return of Hong Kong. The story revolved around Hong Kong people traveling north to the mainland and encountering differences in concepts and culture. Twenty-five years apart, “Hong Kong People in Beijing” also tells the story of what Hong Kong people encounter while living in Beijing. Wu Ruoxi pointed out that when “Hong Kong People in Guangzhou” was broadcast, she was still young. “The subjective impression is that every time my family returned to their hometown at that time, they would buy a lot of food, souvenirs, or bring some electrical appliances with them in Hong Kong. Now most The difference is that mainland cities are very advanced, many things do not require manual processing, and there are all kinds of food.”

In order to make the character more realistic, Wu Ruoxi added some small movements and speaking tones from daily life into the character, “I remember there was a scene where I scolded Hong Yongcheng. When I said a line of dialogue, it was exactly the tone I usually use when talking to Hong Yongcheng!”

“In Beijing” will start filming in July 2022. Wu Ruoxi said that it was still during the epidemic at that time, and people were required to be quarantined when filming in the mainland. The time and cost of quarantine would affect the filming; another challenge was filming in the 40-degree heat in midsummer, almost while filming. While sweating.

As for unforgettable things, she recalled a concert scene with her sister-in-law Dai Zuyi in the play, “In the play, we held a ‘sister-in-law concert’ in the Cultural and Creative Park, with almost 200 extras present. Really singing live feels like a concert.” She also held her first concert in her life after filming this drama. “To a certain extent (the concert scene in the drama) gave me confidence. “

Wu Ruoxi (left) and Dai Zuyi have a sister-in-law relationship in “Hong Kong People in Beijing”. The two held a “sister-in-law concert” in the play. (internet)

“In Beijing” has elements of light comedy. She said that she had to hold back her laughter during filming. “My laughing point is very low and I often can’t help it. But because it is a comedy, many of the laugh scenes can be broadcast.”

There are also many thought-provoking quotes in the play. The one that touched Wu Ruoxi the most was the sentence “If you can’t do it, you can do it”: “I have said this sentence many times, and it is very close to my thoughts on life. Sometimes there are many things that you feel It’s difficult or impossible to solve. When many problems occur, you have to tell yourself that you must stick to it, even if it doesn’t work, you have to do it.”

Chen Zhanpeng, who thinks he is not in good shape and “seduces”, is not embarrassed

For the first time, she played a husband and wife team-up with the TV star Chen Zhanpeng. Wu Ruoxi said that Chen Zhanpeng was the actor she had seen since she was a child. She said, “It’s amazing to work with people on TV!” She also pointed out that Chen Zhanpeng has rich experience and can work with him. Whenever I act as a rival, I can trust him to take care of me.

At first, she thought Chen Zhanpeng was serious, but after working together, she found that he was quite interesting. “He didn’t mind making trouble with us… There was a joke scene where ATV was mentioned. The crew asked him if he minded in advance (Chen Zhanpeng was an ATV actor for a few years), and he said, ‘It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s funny.'” There were also a few scenes where she Wearing sexy pajamas to “seduce” Chen Zhanpeng, Wu Ruoxi said frankly that she didn’t feel embarrassed at all: “Because my figure is not very good, the photo is nothing special, haha.”

Wu Ruoxi wore sexy pajamas to “seduce” her husband Chen Zhanpeng in the scene. She said that the two of them were not embarrassed at all during the filming. (internet)

When filming “The Spectator”, my emotions were affected by the character

In addition to “In Beijing”, Wu Ruoxi participated in the TVB and Youku co-production drama “The Spectator”, which was previously broadcast on Youku and TVB Anywhere. In the play, she plays Lian Caiwen, a villain who is good at manipulating human nature. Wu Ruoxi said that this role is the most fun she has ever had since joining the industry. Before filming started, she referred to the role of Cruella in the movie “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”. “I wanted her madness to be close to reality. I believe every villain has an experience, so I and I The producer also created some backgrounds for the characters during conception.”

But she admitted that filming “The Spectator” was difficult because her emotions would be affected by the character. “If you shoot a crying scene or a breakdown scene, you won’t be able to sleep the day after filming.”

She has won many awards as a singer in the past. Although she is not filming to win awards, she still hopes that her efforts will be rewarded. “It doesn’t matter whether I have an award or not. Everyone’s love for the character is already an encouragement.”

Local viewers can watch “Hong Kongers in Beijing” and “The Spectator” through the TVBAnywhere+ app.

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