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Leader x Wang Jiaer Nanjing Station Concert: Play with tens of thousands of young people_TOM Information


What do young brands do with young people? Today, Leader takes everyone to Nanjing to meet their idols!

On November 11, the “Jackson Wang MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR 2023-2024 Nanjing Station” co-sponsored by Leader Electric Co., Ltd. opened with great success at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Gymnasium. As a new generation icon, Wang Jiaer continues to experiment and break through himself in music, and has won the love of many young people. And Leader, who also understands the preferences of young people, is also using his own way to accompany them through this youth feast. Whether it’s exclusive makeup, photo poses, heart-warming hot drinks, or fancy interactions, Leader has arranged everything for young people to have a good time with music.

Let’s set out with Leader now and rush to the scene together!

Directly to the scene: Thousands of people are having fun together, feeling the passion of youth with young people

This trip to Nanjing kicked off Wang Jiaer’s new tour. The venue was packed with seats. The moment Jackson Wang came on stage to the beat of electronic music, the audience stood up and cheered. The sea of ​​people, waves of sound, and shouts made blood boil inside and outside the venue.

When he sang hit singles such as “Cheetah” and “Blow”, the atmosphere of the concert reached a climax. During the two-hour concert, both Wang Jiaer and the young audience at the scene maintained a high-burning output throughout the whole process, radiating their youthful enthusiasm to each other.

On one side, the audience cheers enthusiastically for the singer, and on the other side, the singer performs hard for the audience. At the concert, Leader and the young people felt the joy of this two-way journey together. In fact, before entering the venue, Leader had already prepared hot drinks, makeup and various interactive experiences in the six super-chill interactive areas on site, bringing a warm encounter to young people in advance.

Leader x Wang Jiaer Nanjing Station Concert: Play with tens of thousands of young people

In Nanjing in November, the night has turned cold, but many people still don’t hesitate to wear single clothes to show their love for their idol image. However, while some people are using their enthusiasm to keep out the cold, more people are gathering in Leader’s warm supply area, drinking vitality brown sugar ginger tea to dispel the cold, while enjoying the soft warm air that is not blown directly by Leader’s air conditioner. In the trendy makeup interactive area, young ladies also lined up in a long line. As soon as the Leader iCase beauty refrigerator on the table was opened and closed, professional makeup artists created exclusive makeup looks for them. .

Leader x Wang Jiaer Nanjing Station Concert: Play with tens of thousands of young people

I participated in Wang Jiaer’s first solo concert in the mainland. Of course, this experience should be remembered as a memory. So some viewers were busy recording with their mobile phones, and some came to the DIY drawing area to leave their enthusiasm. Audiences who are good at painting drew the cool image of their idol on the Leader Yuanqi air conditioner panel; turning their eyes, some audience members were writing blessings for Wang Jiaer on the small colorful strip refrigerator of Leader iCase, and each sentence was full of meaning. Full of love. There were also many spectators gathered in the joyful tongue twister challenge area and the six-shot interactive area.

Leader: Understand the circle culture and create a personalized life with young people

Behind every in-depth interaction is the full surprise that Leader brings to young people, as well as the Leader’s determination to create a lifestyle with young people. In order to explore the interests of young people, Leader actively pays attention to popular culture and circle culture; in order to gain insight into the life demands of young people, Leader strives to bring a flexible and free life to every user, so that they can be less stressed and more self-consistent. .

Leader x Wang Jiaer Nanjing Station Concert: Play with tens of thousands of young people

Go deep into the circle and grow with young people.Leaders who are well versed in young pop culture do not appear at concerts by chance, but are able to accurately understand the interests of young people and easily integrate into every circle. At the Sohu Fashion Festival in February, Leader was a specially invited brand, and the Xiaoxianbei Beauty Refrigerator was actively “planted” by celebrities at the fashion show; at the Guangzhou Design Week in March, Leader was also the only fashion home appliance brand to participate in the exhibition, and Joining hands with BKA to create a post-dimensional trend special exhibition, we created a cross-border exhibition called “How to live without being trendy”; in September, Leader also joined hands with “New Youth” to hold a super chill music festival, like a close old friend, always active among young people. in the circle.

Integrate into life and take extra care of young people.As a life development partner, Leader naturally has the ability to “customize life” for young people. At the concert, Leader cared for tens of thousands of young people and spent a wonderful and passionate night with them; in life, Leader also met every need of young people: there were suitable girls who love beautiful girls, they helped There are iCase beauty refrigerators that create exquisite makeup; there are also Yuanqi air conditioners that are suitable for e-sports teenagers and can always send out comfortable wind; and there are BIGGER air curtain air conditioners that are suitable for sports experts and provide soft and non-direct blowing. Every user need can be responded to by the Leader.

It seems that in addition to the exhibitions and concerts that young people love, Leader has also been accompanying young people in their daily lives, creating a truly suitable lifestyle for friends with different hobbies and needs. Whether young people are at school, at work, at home, or at a concert, Leader will always be with them.


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