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The movie “Counterattack” is scheduled to be released on November 14. Lu Liangwei goes to the extreme to save a girl and commits cyber fraud_TOM Entertainment


Starring Lu Liangwei and starring Ma Yujie, Sun Yimu, Lu Chenxi and Wang WeiCrime action film “Strike”It is officially scheduled to premiere on November 14th on Tencent Video, Youku, and iQiyi. The film is produced by Xing Fang, directed by Liang Wei, and photographed by Tang Yihong. It tells the story of criminals who have developed a black cybercrime industry chain through online fraud and violence. Ma Xudong (played by Lu Liangwei), who returns to China to look for his daughter who is deeply involved in “online loans”, joins forces with the police to start a life-and-death game with criminals. In the end, the father and daughter are reunited, the crime is eliminated, and justice is served.

Lu Liangwei transforms into a tough guy father and saves his daughter from thousands of miles away. He goes on to act as a tough internet scammer and stage a fight aesthetic.

Since his debut, Lui Leung-wai has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with his tough guy image and high-octane action scenes. He has created countless classic images such as “Brother Scumbag” and “Lame Man”, and is known as the spokesman for Hong Kong film heroes. In the story of this film, Ma Xudong, played by Lu Liangwei, went abroad to perform a mission as a member of the security team, but unexpectedly received the news that his daughter Ma Lian (played by Lu Chenxi) was kidnapped and disappeared. Eager to save his daughter, he went into Longtan alone regardless of his own safety, and finally successfully annihilated the underground fraud organization with the help of policewoman Tong Lei (played by Ma Yujie).

Lui Liangwei, who was born in 1955, is now 67 years old, but he can still balance strength and smoothness in fighting scenes, and has contributed countless high-energy action scenes. There are not only the exciting scenes of “punching a little brother”, but also the “hero saving the beauty” in which he holds the trapped girl in his arms, fights dozens of vicious villains with cold weapons in a long and narrow passage, and finally escapes without a trace. The stand-in performed “raphill” with his bare hands in the mall, paying homage to the title scene of the action film. The scene where Lu Liangwei dances at the beginning of the film restores the magical dance steps of “Brother Zha” in “The Fuse”, which is full of emotions.

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In addition to the action scenes, the emotional interaction between Ma Xudong and his daughter is also a highlight of the film. Because he was away on missions all year round, Ma Xudong neglected to take care of his daughter, so he always felt a sense of debt in his heart. Although the daughter complains a lot about her father, the bond of family ties still maintains their relationship. Until his daughter was trapped in the “pig-killing plate”, the resentful father resolutely dropped everything and traveled thousands of miles to save his daughter. Although he experienced countless twists and turns on the way, his longing for his daughter became the motivation for him to fight to the end. Daughter Ma Li’an maintained her dignity and bottom line while being trapped, firmly believing that her father could save her and escape to heaven. Through the word games she played with her father during her childhood, she left key clues on the tough guy’s journey to find his daughter. It is worth mentioning that the actor Lu Chenxi who plays Ma Li’an this time is Lu Liangwei’s niece. “Quick Counterattack” is also the first film and television collaboration between the two. The family relationship on and off the screen has deepened the emotional drama between Ma Xudong and Ma Li’an. Awesome, full of emotional tension.

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In addition, the various anchors appearing in the film are all real-life Internet celebrities such as Xu Miaomiao. In particular, the beauty Coco who appears with the villain boss at the beginning of the film is played by the 2020 Miss Asia Greater China Champion Wu Chunyi. In the film, many Internet celebrity anchors are forced to become tools of evil forces for profit due to various encounters, which is full of excitement.

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The senior real-life team worked hard to create a restricted-level routine that reveals the secrets of cybercrime.

The movie “Counterattack” passed the approval of the National Key Film and Television Drama Project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and was produced by Beijing Qianli Bole Film and Television Company. As an anti-fraud propaganda film aimed at exposing new criminal models such as online fraud and routine loans, and helping more people stay away from illegal infringements, in addition to having been engaged in filming film and television dramas for 28 years, he has continuously created more than 100 episodes of police reality-themed documentaries. In addition to the blessing of a powerful production team, the main creator of the project also collected a large number of real cases, combined with the current new criminal methods to deeply explore the concealment and diversity of cyber crimes, and finally completed the script creation work in a year and a half.

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“Quick Counterattack” cuts through the perspectives of cyber fraud gangsters, victims, and the police, and presents more cyber fraud routines in an all-round and multi-angle manner, such as making friends through online dating, low-interest and low-threshold loans as bait, and naked loans. Underground gambling and pornographic services disguised as borderline live broadcast rooms, a new gambling industry that uses high-tech equipment to block police tracking and operate odds in real time, and even an underground black industry chain that colludes with foreign forces to achieve human trafficking, etc., can be described as tricks. There are so many possibilities that it’s hard to guard against. In addition to their ever-changing tactics, these criminals are even more ruthless and inhumane. In the film alone, there are many restrictive cruel behaviors such as drugging, waterboarding, and corpse dismemberment. Not only targeting victims, these people will also use more cruel methods to treat competitors in the same industry when their own interests are threatened. They can even decisively betray their gang brothers who live with them day and night. The barbaric behavior is heinous.

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The reason why such various things were filmed is because, as producer Xing Fang emphasized: Although the Internet has brought us a lot of conveniences and improved our lives, there have also been many forms of cybercrimes. The creative team hopes to show these illegal acts in a… Exposed in a dramatic way, the public is reminded to always beware of online fraud and make due contributions to strengthening security construction and building a harmonious society.

Quick counterattack》Composed by Beijing Qianli Bole Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Haining Colorful Yuntian Pictures Co., Ltd., Langfang Wandering Film and Television Co., Ltd., Beijing Colorful Yuntian Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Ningxia Xichuan Yueying Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xi’an Zamas Film and Television Props Research and Development Co., Ltd. Produced by the company and Shaanxi Game Elite Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Tang Yihong, Song Chongguo, and Chang Xianyu are co-directors, Gao Yongwang and Liang Wei are screenwriters, An Zehao, Tian Lu, Zhou Haodong, and Shi Tianshuo are special guests, and Wu Chunyi and Xu Miaomiao are friendly stars. How do criminals set up insidious scams and lead innocent victims astray step by step? What obstacles will Lu Liangwei encounter on the road to hard-core cyber fraud? The high-energy crime action film “Counterattack” will premiere on Tencent Video, Youku, and iQiyi on November 14th, so stay tuned.

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