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Why has Andy Lau been famous for 40 years? Key reasons exposed. (Image source: Getty Images)
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at Hong KongEntertainmentthere is a sentenceSaying“One idol a year, a hundred yearsAndy Lau. “Meaning, ordinary starsIdol, can only be popular for one or a few years, but Andy Lau can be popular for decades, which is rare in a century. Why has Andy Lau been popular for 40 years? We can see from some small details: good moral character is the key factor.
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been invited toSabiningWhen he was asked on the show “Let’s Talk” hosted by him: “If Chow Yun-fat and Tony Leung fall into the water, and you can only save one, who will you save?” Faced with this question, Andy Lau laughed and said: “I’ll get a stone quickly.” Smash him (Tony Leung) and don’t let him come up.” This answer made Sa Beining laugh so much that she quickly said to him: “Don’t be so excited when you hear Tony Leung, there is Chow Yun-fat in the water.” In response, Andy Lau responded calmly: “I won’t save anyone, I will stand on the shore with a brick.”

This answer made the host Sa Beining confused and didn’t know how to respond. Andy Lau went on to explain: “I stand on the shore with bricks, and I hit whoever comes to save people. In this way, I will be the best actor.”

This answer made everyone burst into laughter. Not only did they admire Andy Lau’s witty and sensitive responses, but they also saw another side of him that was unknown in private and funny.

Can Andy Lau remain popular for 40 years?Get a glimpse of the clues from 10 famous quotes

Andy Lau has a unique wisdom. No matter how tired or hard he is, he always has a smile on his face. His dedication is regarded as synonymous with diligence. You can’t define him with “singer”, “actor” or “dancer” he. Where did Andy Lau’s brilliant achievements come from? Let’s take a look at Andy Lau’s 10 classic sayings and get a glimpse of the clues.

1. Talk about being a human being

Andy Lau once said to Aya (Yu Hanya): “Aya, you should be like the thumb among the five fingers, that is, you should be the best person!”

Because “the other four fingers must have the help of the thumb to pick up things, so we must be willing to help others”, “among the five fingers, the thumb is the strongest, but it is also the shortest, so a person must have strength and also Be humble”.

2. Talk about work

Andy Lau also has a philosophy about “work”: “If you don’t do it, God won’t just drop things for you. I can’t live without work. Work is everything to me. Because of my work every day, I can communicate with my family, friends, society and society.” I have close contact with movie fans. This contact brings me infinite physical and mental security and strength, letting me know that my efforts will not be in vain, nor will my persistence. Everything I do is for that group of people. The people I love and the people who love me.”

3. Talk about outlook on life

Andy Lau is an all-around artist in our minds, but he once said that he is able to do this because of his “second-rate philosophy”: “Am I number one in movies? I am not. Am I number one in singing? No, but I am both. Second place, but just like the decathlon, when combined, I’m in first place.”

Andy Lau explained why he has been popular for so long with his “Second Philosophy”: “You will find that some people are sometimes above me and sometimes below me. They may go up and down, but I will definitely keep myself at the top.” To a certain extent, steadily step by step upward.”

4. Talk about attitude

When Andy Lau held a concert in 2001, he was interviewed and said, “I am never too satisfied with my last concert, and I am always trying to make the next concert better, so I always keep myself close to 100 Points.” He puts his best effort into every performance. Hua Tsai’s famous saying is, “You can’t do everything you want, but you must live up to your heart.”

5. Talk about achievements

Andy Lau once talked about his success in a speech. He said that when he finished filming “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, he felt that Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat had achieved great success in movies, so he asked the company “Can I Make a TV series every year and make movies at other times?” After the company refused, Andy did not give in. He left the TV station and devoted himself to movies. Later, he encountered “The Extralegal Affair” and “Love”, which made him popular. A masterpiece, so he succeeded. People who looked down on him at the time also praised him for making the right choice. However, Andy said: “Actually, who has the final say in success? No one knows.” He added, “When I left the TV station, There is one person who remains in the TV station, and that is Tony Leung.” Andy Lau said: “You have to remember that there is not only one way to succeed.”

6. Talk about the wisdom of life

As a superstar, there are people who like to admire him, and it is inevitable that there will be people who hate him. Andy Lau said in his speech: “People who like me will say that I am a success among successes, and people who don’t like me will say that I rely on luck and neglect my family for vanity…” But he disagreed, “I don’t care, because I know. My people will definitely understand. If you don’t argue, that’s a kind of compassion. If you don’t listen, that’s a kind of wisdom.”

7. Talk about giving

The noble person in “Wei Xiaobao” Zhang Weijian’s life is Andy Lau. In 1997, he had a period of desperation. Seeing that the loan period was about to expire but he could not pay it back, Andy Lau saw him and planned to sign a contract with him and film a movie. Weijian Zhang honestly told Andy Lau that his financial situation was very difficult. Andy Lau wrote a check to him without saying a word, and also said something that Weijian Zhang will never forget: “Teach others what you learn, and teach what you earn.” Give it to people.”

8. Talk about age

As he grows older, Andy Lau exudes a more mature, steady and confident charm. Many people are afraid of aging, but Andy Lau believes that “age is not an obstacle to him.” He said: “Age has brought me countless life experiences, making me more mature and doing better. I feel better at work.”

9. Talk about romance

Andy Lau has been involved in countless scandals for many years since his debut. In 2008, the news of his secret marriage to Zhu Liqian came out, which led to the news of Andy getting married. However, when talking about love, he also said: “It may be too early to enter the entertainment industry. , there were too many things to do, too many things to take care of, and I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the romance of ordinary people. For me, real romance is when two people are together, doing nothing, and still feeling very happy. Finding a place to hide with the one you love is already a very romantic thing, so romance is not about what you do, but who you are with. For me, when I open my eyes every day, I see the one I love. People are very romantic!”

10. Talk about Andy Lau

A few years ago, Andy Lau was asked in an interview with ELLE MEN China: “What message and energy do you hope these three words ‘Andy Lau’ will convey to everyone?” Andy Lau thought about it and replied, “I hope it is positive and positive energy. , for example, in a job you like, always believe there is room for improvement, and have the interest and motivation to never stop.”

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