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Zhang Dongliang’s “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” successfully formed a group solo tour “The 21st Story” is about to set sail_Program_Performance_Music


Original title: Zhang Dongliang’s “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” has successfully formed a group and his solo tour “The 21st Story” is about to set sail.

This Friday, the “2023 Almighty Singing and Singing Family Birth Night” of “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” was officially broadcast. The show lasted for nearly 3 months. With his outstanding performance in this season’s show, Zhang Dongliang lived up to expectations and successfully formed the group! On the final stage of the show, Zhang Dongliang performed two songs, singing “Can Good Things Happen to Me” and “Cheers”, and presented a wonderful performance to the audience at the scene and in front of the screen in his best condition. A perfect ending to this thorny journey. At the same time, Zhang Dongliang’s latest tour “The 21st Story” will officially kick off in Shenzhen on the 25th of this month, and the curtain on the next stage is about to begin.

In September last year, Zhang Dongliang, who had returned to the mainland to start an acting career, officially announced that she had signed a contract with Heilai Music, which made fans and industry insiders who had always supported her focus on him again. In August this year, the lineup of “Beyond the Troubles Season 3” was officially announced. Zhang Dongliang, who has been highly popular for participating in the show before, appeared on this season’s roster. The program started with the broadcast of the pilot film. Each episode of Zhang Dongliang’s program has brought different surprises to everyone – diligently practicing singing and dancing that he has rarely tried before, situational performances, muscular lines that highlight his tough temperament, participating in popular short video challenges, etc. He practiced hard off the stage and showed many eye-catching stage performances through the show. Zhang Dongliang made the audience clearly feel that his singing and dancing skills were constantly improving from the beginning to the end. He also won the title of “Foshan Ghost Foot Liang” and “Ghost Teacher” , “Zhan Zhuang Singer”, “Xi Lang Lang”, and other nicknames. As of October 14, topics related to Zhang Dongliang overcoming obstacles have exceeded 500 hot searches on the Internet, the popularity of the entire Internet has exceeded 400 million, and the topic has been read more than 50 billion, which has aroused attention. Through “Beyond the Troubles Season 3”, the public can see that he is Zhang Dongliang, a singer who can dance and sing. He can perform quietly or dynamically. Whether it is a classic song that evokes memories or a musical work that has never been performed before, the performance stages are more and more exciting every time, showing Zhang Dongliang’s improved expressive power. He uses practical actions to get himself to the end and make a smooth and successful debut.

Zhang Dongliang, who has “returned again”, is full of sincerity. In December last year, he joined Hunan Satellite TV’s music variety show “Time Concert Season 2” as a friend of Time. The first two programs sang “Who Will You Think of When You Are Lonely” and “Polaris’s” respectively. “Tears” evokes the memory of the public. At the end of the show, he sang “Dusk”, a song he sang in the finals of the Rookie Competition that year. As the program was broadcast, attention gradually increased. Zhang Dongliang participated in Zhejiang Satellite TV’s Beautiful New Year’s Eve held in December last year and Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “Wonderful China New Song Concert” broadcast in February this year. The audience sighed: “That memory Zhang Dongliang, who sings softly in the show, is really back!” Also in February this year, Zhang Dongliang officially announced that he would join the LiveHouse management reality show “Music Warehouse No. 17”, which was also his first variety show as a resident guest. Through the program, Zhang Dongliang not only showed his solid singing skills, but also let everyone see his leadership as an operator.




Zhang Dongliang, who continues to increase his exposure through variety shows, released the retro single “I Want to See You Again” in January this year, the EP prelude “Harmless” in May, and the official EP “White Night Clark” in June. This work is a brand new work released after his EP “The Best Is About to Happen” released in 2018. It is the first time that the song attempts the Retro Synthwave retro electronic synthesis style, demonstrating his continuous breakthroughs in music as a singer. After the EP was released, it received high praise from many music critics in the industry and achieved good results on music platforms. With his outstanding performance in music works, Zhang Dongliang won the “Expressive Singer of the Year” and “Breakthrough Singer of the Year” at the 2023 Weibo Music Festival, and the “Favorite Golden Melody” at the 7th Favorite Golden Melody Music Festival.


21 years ago, 21-year-old Zhang Dongliang started a new career with a championship trophy. During this period, he wrote stories with fans and audiences. In 2018, Zhang Dongliang held the “Five Dimensions of the World in the Pocket” concert, and in 2021 he held the “Are You OK” online concert. An offline concert was held again after 5 years. This year also happens to be the 21st anniversary of Zhang Dongliang’s debut. This year, he kept walking and producing. At the time of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, he used his personal tour to continue writing the next story with everyone. The 2023 Zhang Dongliang’s “21st Story” tour concert will be held in Shenzhen for the first time on November 25, and his own stage is about to begin. At the same time, the Chengdu stop of the tour was also officially announced today. See you there on December 9th, so stay tuned!



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