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Innovative handbook, immersive experience, cultural and tourism synergy – “Seeing China by Bus” renewed


When the Gobi desert goes to the west, only one pillar of green remains in the Kongtong; when the desert wind comes from the north, it turns into hundreds of miles of waves in the Jinghe River. Pingliang is located at the intersection of the three provinces (districts) of Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia. It is an important town that must pass through on the “Ancient Silk Road”. It is historically known as “the first city from Chang’an in the west”. It has created a unique region with its special geographical environment and development history. culture. On November 10, the special program “Seeing China on a Bus·Gansu Pingliang Station” jointly produced by the Audiovisual New Media Center of China Central Radio and Television Station and Gansu Main Station focused on Pingliang, a famous historical and cultural city, with the theme of “Longshang Autumn Rhythm” Pingliang” as the theme, the bus tour group was divided into the “Special Forces Group” and the “Slow Life Group”. The soldiers were divided into two groups to visit the seven counties (cities, districts) of Pingliang City, and the photos taken by each during the trip were and collected representative items, made into a travel diary to share with the audience, attracting more people to check in to Pingliang and experience the cultural charm that lasts for thousands of years.

Innovative travel wallet format panoramically presents regional characteristics and cultural resources

“Seeing China by Bus·Gansu Pingliang Station” innovatively introduces the popular travel diary format, allowing the rich historical and cultural heritage to complement the poetic natural scenery, and showing the unique tourism landscape of Pingliang. Travel diaries record what you see, hear, and experience when you go out, and are practical, fun, and ritualistic.

Using the travel diary as the framework and carrier, the tour group took a bus starting from Kongtong Mountain, a representative scenic spot in Pingliang, and designed routes around the seven counties (cities and districts) of Pingliang to launch an immersive interactive experience in-depth tour, taking the audience Let’s appreciate the natural scenery, participate in agricultural production, taste special food, feel the charm of intangible cultural heritage, and finally create a travel diary with Pingliang’s unique memories. This innovative combination of “mobile” bus + “immersive” experience + “on-site” travel wallet not only enhances the audience’s sense of participation and experience, but also truly and three-dimensionally presents the yellow land of Pingliang cultural charm, natural scenery and local lifestyle.

One-stop immersive experience of Northwest style to create autumn charm and Pingliang super comprehensive travel guide

Based on the insight into the different travel styles and needs of the public, “Seeing China by Bus·Gansu Pingliang Station” divided the main station host Zhang Yi, main station host Xing Kaichen, main station reporter Sun Yapeng, and CCTV reporter Li Xia into ” The two special travel lines, “Special Forces Group” and “Slow Life Group”, operate separately and have their own characteristics. They jointly create a personalized Pingliang ultra-complete travel guide, so that viewers can experience the northwest style in one stop.

If you are looking for more attractions and popular experiences in a short period of time, follow the “Special Forces Group” to watch martial arts performances on Kongtong Mountain and climb to the top for a panoramic view of the mountains; go to Jingning County to experience apple picking and enjoy an open-air apple feast; Harvest potatoes in Zhuanglang County and taste the local hot pot delicacies; you can also go to Huating City to experience clay pot making and listen to the original opera; and have a high-intensity “Longshang Autumn Rhythm” experience trip.

Innovative handbook, immersive experience, cultural and tourism synergy -

Tourists who like to stop and go, eat and play, can follow the footsteps of the “Slow Life Group” and go to Liuhu Park in Kongtong District to eat a bowl of mutton steamed buns with original soup; explore the Huangfumi culture in Lingtai County Then try the spicy and sour Lingtai handmade noodles and watch a puppet show; when in Jingchuan County, you can’t miss the historical relics of the South Grottoes Temple, Hanjiagou Grottoes in Luohan Cave and the delicious three-color noodles; finally, visit Chongxin County , listening to Xianzi tunes and sipping Longquan tea in Longquan Temple, retaining taste memories at the Red Bull Hot Pot Banquet, and following the program to “Walking Pingliang” in your leisure time.

The ancient charm of Jinglong and the panoramic view of mountains and rivers are the most beautiful time for Pingliang’s autumn scenery. The program selects representative check-in points in each county (city, district) for experience activities, meeting the public’s travel needs for in-depth travel, immersion travel, cultural travel, etc. Whether you are a food lover, a history explorer, a relaxer, or a folklore enthusiast, you can feel the beauty of Pingliang autumn in the program.

Tracing Pingliang’s cultural tourism picture creates a new wave of local cultural tourism promotion

Since 2023, the tourism industry has ushered in endogenous growth, and the trend of cultural and tourism integration has become more and more obvious. “Tourism +” culture, performances, music and other elements have become the standard for cultural tourism in various places. CCTV’s original IP “Seeing China by Bus” series traveled through Fujian Province, Sichuan Province, Qinghai Province, Gansu Province, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Zhejiang Province and other regions, connecting local food, beauty, culture, The cultural and tourism industry chain such as products has become an important window to showcase local cultural and tourism characteristics and establish a local image, allowing more people to understand China’s vast natural scenery and rich and splendid history and culture.

In program creation, CCTV gives full play to the value of mainstream media, facing cities, exploring the differentiated highlights of local cultural tourism, promoting excellent traditional culture, activating the cultural tourism market to stimulate consumption; facing hundreds of millions of viewers, bringing immersive entertainment through innovative forms and rich content Interactive experience, display local characteristic culture, and create valuable and meaningful travel guides. CCTV uses original IP as a medium to connect local places and markets, help transform natural, cultural and other resources into industrial momentum, while arousing public attention and interest, and assisting the high-quality development of local culture and tourism integration on a larger scale and at a deeper level.

“Seeing China by Bus·Gansu Pingliang Station” is based on the CCTV platform and depicts a vivid picture of Pingliang’s cultural tourism through in-depth explanations of the city’s historical accumulation, humanistic features, natural ecology, cultural and tourism integration, and economic development. The picture scroll is a multi-faceted three-dimensional presentation of Pingliang, and it is also a concentrated promotion to the world and the public. Everyone is welcome to follow the program, come to Pingliang, Gansu, and create an exclusive travel diary for yourself.

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