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Original title: Top 5 of the most popular KPOP song MVs on YouTube: BP and BTS stand two seats each

K-POP continues to spread around the world, attracting the attention of fans around the world with their infectious rhythms, stunning visuals, and skillful performances. In the process of K-POP globalization, YouTube has undoubtedly played an important role.

Among Chinese K-POP song MVs, which MVs have received the most love from fans around the world?

The following is the “TOP 5 most popular K-POP song MVs on YouTube” based on data from external websites. Let’s take a look at which MVs are on the list, right?

In the TOP 5 list, the first to appear is the hit song “How You Like That” by the girl group BLACKPINK. This song has received 24 million likes. In the MV, the members’ strong charm and stunning visuals complemented the energetic dance and gorgeous scenes, leaving a deep impression on people.

Another song by K-POP representative girl group BLACKPINK, in “Kill This Love”, the members of BLACKPINK resonated with fans with their unique Girl Crush charm. The grand scenes, powerful choreography, and fascinating The striking visuals jointly contributed to its success, making it the fourth most popular K-POP MV.

TOP 3: “GANGNAM STYLE”, with more than 27 million likes.

The most representative song “Gangnam Style” by Korean solo singer PSY is popular all over the world. The catchy tune, easy-to-learn dance moves, and humorous MV have made this song a unique “phenomenal” existence. The song has received 27 million likes on YouTube, ranking third among the most popular K-POP song MVs.

TOP 2: “Boy With Luv (Feat Halsey)”, with more than 28 million likes.

Halsey collaborated with K-POP’s representative boy band BTS to produce a sweet and energetic MV for “Boy With Luv”. The soft visual effects and cheerful choreography fascinated fans. The MV for this song has received 28 million likes, ranking second among the most popular K-POP song MVs.

TOP 1: “Dynamite”, with more than 36 million likes.


Still a BTS song, the MV “Dynamite” captured the hearts of fans with its colorful and retro atmosphere, and became the most popular K-POP song MV, with 36 million likes.


Is your favorite idol/singer on the list?


These MVs on the list not only demonstrate the charm of K-POP singers, but also demonstrate the global influence of K-POP and the corresponding singers. The ever-changing K-POP entertainment industry continues to develop. What new groups will be on the list next? Let us wait and see together!Return to Sohu to see more

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