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The sequel to the classic Otome game “Amnesia: World”, the second character introduction “School World” – DoNews Games

The sequel to the classic Otome game “Amnesia: World”, the second character introduction “School World” – DoNews Games
The sequel to the classic Otome game “Amnesia: World”, the second character introduction “School World” – DoNews Games

The sequel to the classic Otome game “Amnesia: World”, the second character introduction “School World”

[2023年11月10日, 香港] Game Source Entertainment (GSE) announced that it has cooperated with the Otome game brand “Otomate” under the famous Japanese game company “Idea Factory” and is scheduled to launch the sequel to the classic Otome work “Amnesia-” series “Amnesia-” on December 21, 2023. Nintendo Switch™ Asian Traditional Chinese version of Amnesia: World. The game setting will inherit the content of the current “Amnesia-” and the sequel “Amnesia: Later x Crowd”, with the theme of “parallel world”. Players can play in “Normal World” and “School World” , “Music World” and “Criminal World” and other worlds to experience the possibility of a different world view from the original work, and create a new memory with the five male protagonists! Today I will introduce to you the settings of the main characters in “School World”.


【School World】

The door has always been closed, this is a world that should not exist——

The story takes place in a certain fictional world, in a certain school in a certain country.

The heroine is a high school sophomore attending a private boarding high school.

She was originally just an ordinary high school student, but lost ‘all’ her memories during the summer vacation.

The heroine and the spirit ORION that lives in her body work together to retrieve her memory.

But I couldn’t find any clear information, so I entered the new semester without knowing anything.

She needs to hide the fact that she has lost her memory and find a way to survive campus life…

Along the way, she met all kinds of people, all of whom were related to her past self.

She will create new memories with them——

Introduction to the characters

Cold and dedicated


CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

One year younger than the heroine and TOMA, she is their childhood sweetheart and is a freshman at Minghe High School.

He has a stable personality and rarely shows emotions.

He was also a bit naive and not good at speaking, so he did not integrate well into the class.

But I will open my heart in front of the heroine and TOMA who I grew up with.

The charm that captivates women


CV: Taniyama Kisho

Known as the “Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee who disrupts moral conduct”, he is in the third grade.

She has the miraculous ability to make people of the opposite sex fall in love just by looking at each other.
But he himself didn’t like this ability and always wore sunglasses in school.
He is always on guard and displays a cold attitude towards everyone.

The calm and reasonable
CV: Akira Ishida
A third-year student council president who is trusted by students and teachers.
He is recognized as a top student in both civil and military affairs, but his relationship with IKKI is very bad, and the two of them are often seen arguing endlessly.
There are rumors among students that “there is research equipment dedicated to him on campus,” but they don’t know the truth.

Loving and crazy
CV: Hino Ya
Cheerful and caring, she is in the same grade as the heroine.
He is very good at observing people’s emotions, but he doesn’t worry too much in front of his two childhood sweethearts, SHIN and the heroine.
He is versatile and friendly, so he is often invited to help out in various club activities and committees.

Full of Mysteries
CV: Yuki Miyata
He is a health teacher who is loved by everyone because he has a gentle personality and considers his students.
He was quite clumsy and fell down the stairs many times, so his white coat was covered with patches and the hem of his clothes was always dirty.
Although he looks very unreliable, he is very skilled in treating students because he often bandages himself to heal his injuries.

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