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Taikoo Li Qiantan’s “Let’s Art Well” art season opens grandly: using art as a medium to explore inspiration for a better life


2023November 9,Shanghai ——Adhering to the concept of “Wellness and Good Life”, Taikoo Li Qiantan uses creativity to create a high-quality community. On November 9, Taikoo Li Qiantan’s “Let’s Art Well” art season kicked off grandly. During this period, Taikoo Li Qiantan, in conjunction with Pudong Museum of Art, Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group and other institutions and on-site brands, brought A series of major events such as the “Art in Flux” art festival, pop-up performances, and art workshops invite Shanghai residents and tourists to participate in an art and cultural feast.

In the golden autumn of Shanghai, various art and cultural events are staged one by one. Art and culture are not only an important part of Swire Properties’ community building, but also the focus of Lujiazui Group’s long-term support. Taikoo Li Qiantan actively creates a third urban space, introducing public art installations including “一·丨”, “Irrelevant Correlation” and “Italian Rabbit in Shanghai” to promote community exchanges through art and culture. From November 9th to November 30th, Taikoo Li Qiantan will present the “Let’s Art Well” art season, inviting visitors to “look at art from Qiantan”, step into the Wellness art journey, and enjoy Cultural and artistic experience in the Qiantan area.

Gu Yuzhen, general manager of Taikoo Li Qiantan, said, “The ‘Let’s Art Well’ art season of Taikoo Li Qiantan allows art to go out of the ‘palace’ and enter life, becoming part of a good life. We welcome everyone to Taikoo Li Qiantan In the open space here, you can enjoy art works during a leisurely stroll, experience various art and cultural activities first-hand, feel the endless artistic creativity, and encounter inspiration for a better life.”

Art in FluxArt and entertainmentbornreshape the new urban humanistic landscape

During the “Let’s Art Well” art season, Taikoo Li Qiantan and industry media jointly presented the “Art in Flux” themed art season, using innovative urban art curation methods to “Flux in Speed” “, “City Breathing”, “Free Exchange”, “Future Greats” and “Metaverse Art”, 5 chapters have selected more than 50 works of art by more than 30 Chinese and foreign artists. Let’s work together to create an artistic gravitational field constructed with inspiration, allowing art to flow into urban shops, streets, parks and other life scenes, and jointly explore contemporary urban culture and the pioneering future.

At the Taikoo Li Central Plaza in Qiantan, French artist Laurent Perbos’s giant work “Race Car Track” uses Op Art to present a public art work that cleverly combines the iconic visual dislocation effect with the large-step spatial structure. Fusion aims to create a game field for the audience, interpreting the beauty of art, space and speed from a subversive perspective; on the Taikoo Li Yueye Bridge in Qiantan, the cover work “Abstract” created by artist Xu Bing for a well-known magazine in 2023 Article: “Life is a journey”, presented in the form of LED light tube installation; next to the multi-functional hall of RE:charge revitalizing space, artist Xu Bing’s “Artificial Intelligence Infinite Movie” was exhibited for the first time in Shanghai. In the limited version, the audience will see a non-repetitive real-time generated movie within 22 days, and can enter the movie type into the computer, and then change the narrative plot or style of the movie by entering keywords or sentences, creating a never-ending movie produced by AI. Repetitive movies. In addition, there are also forward-looking artistic and imaginative “Future Greats” and Metaverse Virtual City “Metaverse Art” themed exhibition areas, allowing visitors to experience artistic expressions that transcend traditional forms.


FranceArtist Laurent PerbosWork: “Race Track”Race Car Track


Works by artist Xu Bing:“Abstract Article: Life is a journey”

graphical user interface

Artist Xu Bing’s work: “Artificial Intelligence Infinite Movie”

Taikoo Li Qiantan actively explores the harmonious coexistence of avant-garde art and commerce. On-site brands have introduced a series of art masterpieces to interpret the diverse possibilities of the integration of fashion and art. For example, in the sculpture “Transformation – Life is Like a Ring”, artist Zhou Licongbao The Geli Serpenti series of jewelry necklaces draw inspiration from the interpretation of the snake shape, presenting a visual totem that transcends time and culture; in the painting “Man Climbing the Peak”, artist Zhang Enli used the Chopard Alpine Eagle watch series as inspiration to interpret human beings climbing the peak. The aspirations and visions broaden the horizons; in the “Consciousness” series of paintings and the “Untitled” installation work, Vacheron Constantin collaborates with the young artist Gao Ruyun to present the concepts of abstraction and concreteness in completely different forms, presenting the unique interweaving of space in subtle ways. charm.

a circular object with a circle in the middle

Artist Zhou Li’s work: “Transformation – Life is like a ring”

a purple couch with a purple pillow

Artist Zhang Enliwork:“The Man Who Climbs the Peak”

a room with a few pictures on the wall

Works by artist Gao Ruyun:“Consciousness” Series

Diverse art activities, joint paintingLet’s Art WellA new blueprint for the arts community

In addition to the wonderful exhibitions of installations, paintings, sculptures, AI and other art works, Taikoo Li Qiantan will also join hands with many institutions to present a series of colorful art activities to revitalize the vitality of urban spaces and build a better living community.

Taikoo Li Qiantan will join hands with the city’s cultural landmark Pudong Museum of Art, inviting representatives from the Shanghai Public Art Collaborative Innovation Center to guide art experience workshops, leading consumers to immerse themselves in the beauty of post-impressionist art and abstract art, as well as the Pudong Museum of Art Multiple surprise benefits such as limited-edition cultural and creative gift packages and tickets.

The popular Broadway classic “The Sound of Music” will also appear in a brand new form at Taikoo Li Qiantan. As a childhood memory for countless people, Taikoo Li Qiantan will join hands with Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group to launch an immersive exploration of the “Sound of Music” during the art season, including sharing sessions with creative staff, parent-child workshops, pop-up performances and other activities. journey of.

a group of people standing next to a row of surfboards

Art looks to Qiantan, and we work together with Taikoo Li Qiantan to build a better living community

During the “Let’s Art Well Art Well Life” period, members of Taikoo Li Qiantan’s Youhuo Li can not only appreciate the unique charm of mobile art, but also enjoy Art Well “package” including Art Pass and Art Well map AR navigation. Member-exclusive benefits such as privileges, good life-themed gifts, lucky draws, and weekend consumption rewards. Taikoo Li Qiantan will also collaborate with Pudong Museum of Art and “The Sound of Music” to present limited-time workshop activities for members, and provide tickets and peripherals for various Shanghai art exhibitions for members to redeem, including Pudong Museum of Art cultural and creative gifts, performance tickets and London Tickets for the photography exhibition “Horst: The Legendary Master of Fashion Photography” at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A).

Taking Wellness as the starting point, Taikoo Li Qiantan has created a series of colorful activities for the “Let’s Art Well” art season to build a platform for Shanghai residents to exchange humanities and art, integrate the beauty of flowing art into daily life, and empower the urban public space. In the future, Taikoo Li Qiantan will continue to promote the development of art and culture and create a spiritual habitat for urbanites.

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