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Playing games is like watching a live broadcast?Horror adventure interactive mobile game “SILENT HILL: Ascension” is on the list_Plot_Players_Movies


Original title: Is playing games like watching live broadcasts?Horror adventure interactive mobile game “SILENT HILL: Ascension” is on the list

An interactive mobile game adaptation of a classic horror game, the streaming series has movie-quality graphics, so there’s no reset when making decisions! Today’s recommendation is the streaming interactive adventure mobile game “Silent Hill”, published by Genvid Entertainment LLC and adapted from the classic horror action-adventure game “Silent Hill”SILENT HILL: Ascension” (Silent Hill: Ascension). In the game, players will travel to the Rust Belt of West Virginia and experience a horrific story triggered by a death. You will make your own decisions, and there is no reset button.

SILENT HILL: Ascension“Adapted from the classic horror action-adventure game “Silent Hill”, the game adopts the form of a new interactive streaming series, connecting you with other players and influencing each other to influence the development of the story. The one recommended this time is the North American version. The game will be live broadcast starting at 9 pm Eastern Time every day, and it also supports on-demand viewing at other time periods.

SILENT HILL: Ascension》It unfolds in the form of streaming media interaction. You need to make decisions during the live broadcast, actively participate in the interaction of the game, earn and use “influence points” to participate in narrative decisions, and make decisions with other players. , make your own decision in the face of the horrors in the small town, choose redemption or damnation, anything is possible. History has no reset button.

SILENT HILL: Ascension“The screen adopts 4K advertising movie-level picture quality. As an interactive movie-type horror game, the overall game process is comparable to an exciting pure English movie. For players who are keen on practicing spoken English, it is a great choice A rare choice. The game provides two full-length English subtitles. The rich plot is filled with incredible dark impulses and conspiracies, waiting for you to make the final decision.


From actual experience, “SILENT HILL: Ascension“The performance form of “SILENT HILL: Ascension” is very novel. It is more like a live show of a large-scale online multiplayer network film and television work than a game. Unlike film and television dramas, the plot direction of “SILENT HILL: Ascension” is not chosen by the director. , but it is driven by player voting. Currently, the game is being updated normally every day. To put it simply, you can understand that this is a horror version of “Finished!” that is jointly decided by many online users. I’m surrounded by beautiful women! 》.

On the other hand, despite theSILENT HILL: Ascension“The choice of plot development is given to the user, but the outcome of the story still cannot escape the design of the R&D team. At the same time, since the development of the plot needs to be driven by player votes, a large number of users are destined to feel disgusted because the plot does not advance according to their own ideas.

From the recent hit “Finished!” I’m surrounded by beautiful women! “arrive”SILENT HILL: Ascension“, on the surface it is a successful breakthrough in film and television interactive games, but behind it is full of common logic. The reason why “Finished” is popular is that it can help you promote the secretion of dopamine. Compared with various brainless film and television works, this kind of game with more affinity and more realistic plot looks more real. and”SILENT HILL: Ascension“The popularity of “The Movie” comes from the accumulation of IP on the one hand, and on the other hand it is also a bold attempt in large-scale online network interactive film and television gameplay.

At present, the owner of Up at Station B has continued to update game-related videos and thoughtfully provided relevant Chinese subtitles.

If you are a horror game lover, if you have been obsessed with the “Silent Hill” series of games, if you are very interested in film and television interactive games, then please do not miss this “Silent Hill” series of games.SILENT HILL: Ascension》.

at present,”SILENT HILL: Ascension》ranked 10th in the Google Play Store Google official app store free game rankings, with cumulative downloads exceeding 1 million times. The content is rated as suitable for adults over 17 years old. It contains blood, violence, foul language and other elements, and has received 10,000 reviews There are more than one, rated 1.7. Entered the top ten adventure game rankings in 5 regions around the world.

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