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2023-11-09 16:53

In November 2023, with the grand holding of the Sixth China International Import Expo, people from various industries around the world will participate in in-depth exchanges adhering to the common vision of open communication, cooperation and sharing. As an important exhibitor in the jewelry hall of the China International Import Expo, Platinum Guild International (PGI®) has joined hands with the Elite Enclave International Luxury Jewelry Exhibition Group led by Cecilia Wun to bring together elites to promote the continued dissemination of platinum culture and contribute to the industry. Set a new benchmark for cooperation.

At this CIIE, the international top luxury jewelry exhibition group led by Chinese-American Cecilia Wun introduced many top luxury international exhibiting brands to the industry. The jointly assembled jewelry exhibition group includes several major jewelry brands, including Gem Enclave, Ashoka® by William Goldberg, MARIETOM & ROBERTO CAPRA and BENJAMIN Fine Jewelry.

It is worth mentioning that most of the top jewelry exhibits brought by the Elite Enclave International Luxury Jewelry Exhibition Group to the CIIE are entering China for the first time, thus demonstrating the heritage and luxury of jewelry. Among the masterpieces on display, platinum jewelry is even more shining. Platinum, because of its purity, rarity and enduring properties, displays a timeless bright color in the field of antique jewelry and remains new for a long time. Against the backdrop of the natural pure whiteness of platinum, rare large-carat diamonds, fancy-colored diamonds, colored gemstones, etc., add to the fiery charm of the inlaid main stone. For a long time, platinum has been favored by high-end jewelry brands and antique dealers. Its tough texture and profound meaning perfectly interpret the blend of emotion and aesthetics.

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The cooperation and communication between the International Platinum Association, Elite Enclave International Luxury Jewelry Exhibition Group, and the Chinese team behind it, Zhenyong Jewelry, at the CIIE allowed more people in the industry to personally experience the role of platinum jewelry in jewelry. Due to the uniqueness of the jewelry industry, the association has successfully built a publicity bridge for partners in a precious platform such as the China International Import Expo, which has greatly increased brand exposure and helped bring business improvement and more effective market communication.

In the future jewelry market, the integration of tradition and innovation, the combination of art and craftsmanship, and the collision of Eastern and Western jewelry heritage cultures indicate unlimited development possibilities. On the CIIE, a global exchange stage, Platinum Institute International (PGI®), together with Cecilia Wun and Zhenyong Jewelry, play a key role in deepening the exploration of platinum and presenting platinum culture and artistic aesthetics that transcend the times. At the same time, Platinum Guild International (PGI®) firmly believes that sustained win-win cooperation is the cornerstone of the industry. Therefore, on this basis, the association will also actively broaden the boundaries of the industry and jointly create a bright future for the platinum industry.

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