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The movie “Hot Search” reveals the “topic cage” version of the poster, Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang, and Yuan Hong stage a game of public opinion_TOM Entertainment


1. “Topic Cage” version poster of the movie “Hot Search” – Zhou Dongyu plays Chen Miao

2. “Topic Cage” version poster of the movie “Hot Search” – He Yan played by Song Yang

The movie

3. “Topic Cage” version poster of the movie “Hot Search” – Yuan Hong as Yue Peng

Today, a movie directed by Xin Yukun, produced by Wang Hongwei, starring Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang, and Yuan Hong“Hot Search”Released the “Topic Cage” version of the poster. In the poster, huge topic symbols cut up the picture, trapping the girl in the center of the whirlpool of public opinion like a cage. Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang, and Yuan Hong have sharp eyes, each with their own concerns. The three groups of topics reveal a corner of the interest chain of wealthy businessmen choosing concubines. The girl is sent from the “desk” to the “wine table”. Money is behind the manipulation of public opinion, and the voice of justice faces many obstacles. In addition, the girls who fell down the stairs, stood on the rooftop, and in the darkness of the corridor in the middle of the picture are also heart-wrenching, and one can’t help but wonder what unspeakable experiences have happened to them. How can the truth break through the control of power and be heard? This battle for justice on the Internet, where the disparity between strengths and weaknesses is about to begin, is about to begin. We look forward to the film’s release on December 1.

Girls caught in public opinion whirlpool Jumping off a building leads to the campus concubine selection industry chain

Xin Yukun focuses on real-life Internet topics for the first time and resonates

In the movie “Hot Search”, a rich man’s restaurant was exposed as being suspected of sexually assaulting a female student. In order to cover up the scandal, he used his power to manipulate public opinion. The girl sought to speak out, but she was framed by a “compensated dating girl” carefully designed by the capital tycoons, and was pushed to the center of the topic. The public opinion pressure jumped off the building. We-media editor-in-chief Chen Miao (played by Zhou Dongyu) accidentally discovered a message asking for help from a female student, and was implicated in the appalling campus concubine selection industry chain behind the incident. Chen Miao’s partner He Yan (played by Song Yang) and investor wealthy businessman Yue Peng (played by Yuan Hong) were also involved one after another.

Director Xin Yukun, who is well-known for his work on “Maze of the Heart” and “Broken Silence”, this time puts his entry point into a more contemporary topic of the times, using the network that everyone is familiar with as a carrier to explore the hidden meanings of modern society. The confrontation between good and evil in the city has a fresh yet sharp and vicious perspective. Xin Yukun said: “The movie is actually about two waves of forces confronting each other, focusing on the two sides of the confrontation, showing how they put pressure on the other side through public opinion.” Behind the Internet topics, the powerful manipulate public opinion, and the weak fight to speak out, and a battle is staged A realistic game of strength and weakness in the public opinion field.

Zhou Dongyu tried his best to tear away the fig leaf of power

Song Yang and Yuan Hong bring new surprises A sharp “online public opinion war” was staged

In the movie, Zhou Dongyu changed his previous screen image and played Chen Miao, the self-media editor-in-chief with full aura and mature spirit. Rich businessmen use their money and power to design “artificial truths” to control public opinion, while Chen Miao tears open the fig leaf of powerful groups and fights for the “dinner girl” to speak out. Talking about the role of Chen Miao, Zhou Dongyu said in an interview: “After Zhang Xiaosui committed suicide by jumping off a building, she personally experienced the evil of some people, which completely inspired the deepest kindness in her heart.”

Song Yang and Yuan Hong also showed a different side from the past this time. Song Yang said that his character He Yan faces a mid-life crisis in the film. He “slowly compromises as age and social pressure increase.” He is coerced by powerful interests and becomes an indifferent and numb conservative, facing the complex human nature between good and evil. struggle. Yuan Hongze, with gold-rimmed glasses, plays Yue Peng, a beast in clothing who is committed to evil. He relies on his power to pay for his life. The sense of oppression radiating from the inside out made the audience say “I really want to beat him” and “it doesn’t look like the actor”. How this public opinion confrontation on the Internet will unfold is exciting.

The movie “Hot Search” is produced by iQiyi Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Poly Film Culture Media Co., Ltd., Oriental Beauty (Beijing) Film Co., Ltd., Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Zhongming Shengshi (Shenzhen) Produced by Film Industry Group Co., Ltd., Phoenix Legend Pictures Co., Ltd., Beijing Baina Qiancheng Film and Television Co., Ltd., Zhongjing Esports Entertainment Co., Ltd., Wushuang (Shenzhen) Pictures Co., Ltd., Junze Pictures (Yunfu) Co., Ltd. , Dasheng Times Culture Investment Co., Ltd. is jointly produced. Distributed by Oriental Beauty (Beijing) Pictures Co., Ltd., Beijing Juyinglian Culture Media Co., Ltd., and iQiyi Pictures (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and jointly distributed by Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. The movie will be released nationwide on December 1.

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