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Huawei Reading upgrades to adapt to Mate X5: high-quality books and personalized audiobooks will make you fall in love with reading_Content_Function_Mobile Phone


Original title: Huawei Reading Upgrade for Mate X5: Premium books and personalized audiobooks will make you fall in love with reading

“The ancients used three winter feet to open more than ten thousand volumes when they were young.” Today is the beginning of winter, which is a good time for reading.

Everyone who loves reading has a passion for paper books. However, as the pace of modern work and life becomes faster and faster, and the amount of information increases, it is difficult for most people to carry multiple paper books to read in all scenarios. Therefore, reading and listening to books on mobile phones has become the first choice for many young people.

The author has “read” all the way from functional phones to smart phones, and found that there are only a few applications that can truly match the beauty of reading paper books. It wasn’t until I came into contact with Huawei Reading that I truly experienced how enjoyable reading can be.

Huawei’s Mate series flagships have been on sale for some time, and many users have already experienced many functions of the new phones. Among them, the personalized experience brought by the mobile phone’s built-in APP is very popular. What I want to introduce to you here is Huawei Reading. There are two main things that impressed me:First, fine bookspersonalized listening book function and seamless reading in all scenes;The second is that it is adapted to Huawei’s latest Mate X5 flagshipwhich can give full play to the advantages of the foldable large screen and further enhance the reading experience.

The core advantage of Huawei Reading is the rich content of high-quality books, which can meet the tastes of readers of different ages and needs.With millions of high-quality book resources in more than 40 categories and 1.8 million+ audio content, it can be said that the “book shortage” for Huawei users does not exist at all. Moreover, the sources of cooperative books come from leading publishing houses and content platforms such as CITIC Publishing House, Shanghai Reader, People’s Literature, Motie, China Literature, Chinese Online, Zongheng, Zhangyue, and Dianzhong. The audio content partners are also Himalaya. , Dragonfly FM, Fan Deng Reading and other top platforms, there is no need to worry about the quality.

In addition, there is another point that book lovers cannot refuse, that is, Huawei’s premium reading books fully restore the texture of hardcover paper books. The exclusive book cover allows you to experience the exquisiteness of the hardcover paper book. The exquisite micro-motion effects make the originally static and single content on the paper become vivid and interesting. Each user can choose the appropriate font and theme according to personal preferences. The background can also simulate the texture of paper. This feeling of reading a real paper book must still be missed by many people.


If the visual exquisiteness is only the basic operation, the personalized audiobook function full of technological power is the “killer feature” of Huawei Reading.After experience, we found that when it comes to listening to books, Huawei Reading provides two major features: high-quality timbre and customized vocals. Among them, the premium timbres include 13 different timbres to choose from, including fine male voices, gentle male voices, intimate female voices, sunny female voices, and healing child voices; customized vocals support users to record their own voices, and automatically generate exclusive voice packages in the system and retain the sounds. The characteristics of the portrait and voice line realize the immersive experience of “real person reading”.



Seamless reading in all scenes is also a special feature of Huawei Reading. I believe that most people, like me, are used to opening reading software on their mobile phones to read, and the scenarios are relatively limited. But with Huawei Reading, you can continue reading the novels you haven’t finished on your phone on your tablet, PC or even a smart screen. This means that no matter in any scenario, using any device of Huawei Family Bucket, whether for study or entertainment, at home or out, you only need a Huawei account to switch devices with one click, continue reading across terminals, and have a complete and comprehensive Intermittent reading experience.

The series of advantages mentioned above by Huawei will be infinitely magnified on the latest Huawei Mate X5 folding screen mobile phone.In addition to a series of personalized functions such as rich high-quality book content, high-quality reading experience in all scenes, customized vocals, high-quality timbres, typesetting, animation, etc., the exclusive typesetting method and page turning effect adapted to the folding screen are even greater The degree of restoration even surpasses the texture of paper books.

It can be seen that Huawei Reading continues to provide users with a reading experience that restores or even surpasses paper books through technological innovation, ecological content cooperation and other means, making reading a trendy lifestyle for more people. The Huawei Mate X5 folding screen plus Huawei Reading is probably the best choice you can experience currently for reading and listening to books on your mobile phone.Return to Sohu to see more