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“Lonely Planet” releases the list of the world’s best travel destinations in 2024 –

“Lonely Planet” releases the list of the world’s best travel destinations in 2024 –
“Lonely Planet” releases the list of the world’s best travel destinations in 2024 –

The well-known travel guide “Lonely Planet” recently selected the world’s best tourist destinations in 2024. Mongolia and Kenya’s capital Nairobi won the best tourist country championship and the best tourist city championship respectively.


Get your wishlist fired up, Lonely Planet just revealed its top travel destinations for the year ahead.

“Lonely Planet” has just released its list of the best travel destinations in 2024. Add it to your wish list!

The No.1 country is Mongolia, chosen by Lonely Planet for its “wide-open spaces, adventure activities, and distinctive culinary and musical culture.” This is the world’s most sparsely populated country and the Mongolian government is ready to start filling it up a little. This year it declared 2023 through 2025 the “Years to Visit Mongolia,” easing entry conditions for international travelers and improving infrastructure, not least with a new $650 million airport.

The top country to visit is Mongolia, with “Lonely Planet” citing “open spaces, exciting outdoor activities, unique food and music culture” as the reasons for this choice. Mongolia is the world’s most sparsely populated country, and the Mongolian government is looking to boost population growth. This year Mongolia declared 2023 to 2025 as the “Mongolian Tourism Year”, relaxed the entry policy for foreign tourists, and improved infrastructure, including the construction of a new airport at a cost of US$650 million.

Other countries to make the 10 top picks include popular favorites such as Mexico, Croatia and St. Lucia, as well as lesser visited spots such as Benin and Uzbekistan.

Other countries in the top 10 include popular tourist destinations like Mexico, Croatia, and Saint Lucia, as well as less popular destinations like Benin and Uzbekistan.

The top city on Lonely Planet list is Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, which the travel giant loves for its “unique rhythms, impressive array of locally inspired restaurants, and steady rotation of arts and culture venues.” We love it also for Nairobi National Park , just a short drive out of the city’s central business district, where you can see more than 400 species roaming the open grass plains while skyscrapers twinkle on the skyline.

The first place chosen by Lonely Planet as the best city to visit is Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, citing its “unique rhythm, amazing local restaurants, and regular art and cultural performances.” The Nairobi National Park, which is only a short drive from Nairobi’s central business district, is also great. You can see more than 400 species of animals wandering on the vast grasslands, and you can see skyscrapers piercing the sky in the distance.

Paris, host of the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, is also on the list, as is Prague, another European capital which is no stranger to tourist crowds. Lonely Planet says the Covid-19 lockdown has allowed the Czech capital to “hit the reset button” and to promote “slow tourism and attractions away from the city center.”

Paris, the host city for the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, is also on the list, while Prague, which attracts a large number of tourists all year round, is another European capital on the list. “Lonely Planet” said that the new crown blockade allowed the Czech capital to “press the reset button” and began to promote “slow tourism and attractions outside the city center”.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024

Lonely Planet’s list of the world’s best travel destinations in 2024

Countries Best countries to visit

Mongolia Mongolia

India India

Morocco Morocco

Chile Chile

Benin Benin

Mexico Mexico

Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Pakistan Pakistan

Croatia Croatia

St. Lucia Saint Lucia

Cities Best tourist cities

Nairobia, Kenya Nairobi (Kenya)

Paris, France Paris (France)

Montreal, Canada Montreal (Canada)

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA)

Manaus, Brazil Manaus (Brazil)

Jakarta, Indonesia Jakarta (Indonesia)

Prague, Czech Republic Prague (Czech Republic)

Izmir, Turkey Izmir (Türkiye)

Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City (USA)

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