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Original title: Japanese classic jazz band JABBERLOOP WAVE TOUR 2023 in CHINA is about to kick off

JABBERLOOP, who is currently touring for his new album “WAVE” to be released in the summer of 2023, has decided to hold a new China tour and will go to Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to bring fans an unparalleled jazz night.

Since July this year, they have held live performances in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya and other places in Japan, attracting many fans.

In July this year, JABBERLOOP performed at the 2023 Nanxijiang XIHU ROCK Music Festival. The venue was packed with fans. The China leg of this new album tour will officially start on November 9 and will be held in three locations: Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.


A Japanese jazz band composed of four members: MAKOTO (Trumpet) / YUKI (Bass) / DAISUKE (Sax) / MELTEN (Keyboard).

They are attracting attention with their heart-friendly melodies and charming jazz. Their music is often selected as CM advertising songs, soundtracks for professional dancers, dance competition soundtracks, high school baseball league cheer songs, TV dramas and radio program soundtracks, etc.

In 2007, he made his mainstream debut with the release of his debut album “and infinite jazz…” and became famous overseas after being played on the BBC radio program by world-famous DJ Gilles Peterson.

In 2010, the third album “Gate め火える” was released and won the Re:WIND Japan Jazz category’s best album of the year selected by iTunes Store. In addition, in the same year, the album “Moonlight” co-created with Taiwanese rapper SOFT LIPA was released. Jazz fusion hip-hop created an unprecedented “super classic” pop music. It was also nominated for the 22nd Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Album.

JABBERLOOP’s melody is so catchy that people can’t help but hum along as soon as they hear it. Therefore, their songs are often used in commercials, TV programs, radio programs, etc. There are also many netizens in China who like to use JABBERLOOP’s songs in homemade videos and dances.


New album “WAVE”

Released on June 21, 2023. This is the first complete album released in 3 years after the previous album “CORE”. Guitarist Kotaro Ishibashi of the Japanese band toconoma and Yuri Tanaka, the lead singer of BLU-SWAING, joined the band. Keyboardist MELTEN wrote lyrics for the song for the first time. The album title “WAVE” contains hope, and JABBERLOOP also hopes that the energy waves he emits can resonate with more people.



November 8 (Wednesday)

Beijing Jiangjin Wine OMNISPACE

November 10 (Friday)


November 12 (Sunday)

Shenzhen NuBond Livehouse


Ticket price: General ticket 230/VIP 380 (priority admission, photo + handshake + autographed postcard)Return to Sohu to see more

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