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This Chongqing kid makes dreams come true for the audience behind the camera of “The Wandering Earth” –

Zhang Linke
Zhang Linke is working hard

□Chen Xianfu

The movie “The Wandering Earth” can be called a domestic hard-core science fiction blockbuster. Young people often say: “The Wandering Earth” creates dreams, and at the same time, it also realizes dreams.

The photographer of “The Wandering Earth” is a Chongqing boy named Zhang Linke. He used his hard work, youth, and outstanding wisdom to make the audience’s dreams come true. “The Wandering Earth” is Zhang Linke’s first photography effort.

According to online disclosures, “The Wandering Earth” has exceeded 2 billion yuan in box office value during the 2023 Spring Festival. It currently ranks tenth in box office value in Chinese film history, with a total box office of more than 8 billion yuan.

It was “The Wandering Earth” that really became a hit. The science fiction movie is confident because it simulates the future world.

Zhang Linke

Main Photographer of “The Wandering Earth”

Zhang Linke is an authentic Chongqing native. When he was a child, Zhang Linke liked to fight and have fun. For this reason, he was often taught a lesson by his father. His father, Zhang Xiaoqi, discovered that Zhang Linke had a character that refused to admit defeat. He went to Yangjiaping Middle School for junior high school, Yucai Middle School for high school, and then was admitted to the first film and television major of Chengdu University of Technology.

Zhang Linke said in an interview: “I am a Chongqing boy. I love my hometown, Chongqing. For this reason, I want to win glory for my hometown, strive to make achievements, and add glory to my hometown. Chongqing has given me the confidence to be a human being. My alma mater It gave me a starting point to pursue my dreams.”

This 30-year-old young man is a 1998 graduate. His photography life has just begun and he has achieved great success. He said that this is inseparable from his Chongqing complex. In the character of Chongqing people, that This kind of Malatang’s unwillingness to admit defeat makes him explore and move forward without fear of difficulties.

Zhang Lenko said that the most profound feeling he felt while filming “The Wandering Earth” was the word “overcoming”. Overcoming the difficulties of a team with zero experience; overcoming the difficulties of not completely borrowing the Hollywood model to create visually Chinese creations; overcoming the difficulties of exploring light and color; overcoming the drowsiness caused by repeatedly testing and confirming camera movements for more than 20 hours…”The whole The filming process lasted 150 days, and I spent every day in overcoming. The perseverance of Chongqing people made me finally come through. After the filming was completed, I went back and slept for two days.”

He introduced that the shooting was divided into two parts: the ground and the sky. On the ground, we have the most impressive underground city of the heavy industry of the former Soviet Union, the flexible transport vehicles, and the rescue team trudging through the ice and snow, etc. The space part shows shots of astronauts working on the space station. “Under the recommendation of the photography instructor Liu Yin, I jointly undertook the shooting task with the team. The success of the shooting was not due to me alone. It was the sense of glory and mission that inspired me to move forward bravely.”

Fall in love with photography

He uses light and shadow to express himself

Regarding his understanding of photography, Zhang Linke said that because his father worked in the Radio, Film and Television Bureau, he was exposed to cameras before going to college and had some superficial experience in shooting documentaries. After entering college, through theoretical and practical studies, he finally gradually understood that photography is not A craft that only focuses on images, it is more like a rallying call for art, sounding a comprehensive sonata of director, performance, sound and painting, color, etc. “I am a first-year student majoring in film and television. The study process during my time at school had a profound impact on me. What I learned at that time was very comprehensive. Performance, vocal music, technology, production, etc. were all first-rate and ahead of the times. Cutting-edge. The college also specially hired teachers from film studios and TV stations to take classes. They brought front-line work experience and technology, which I found very useful.”

In the interview, he also said that Mr. Liu Xun, then the dean of the college’s Communication Arts, once gave him a professional audio-visual language course. “The thing that impressed me most deeply was the pull tab. What is the pull tab? It is the repetition of grids. Look, pull it backwards repeatedly. Recording the audio-visual language of each shot in detail and splitting it up is actually to help us find the feeling and the special feeling of shooting. This is a great help. , as soon as the teacher presses the pause button, he will see how these shots were taken. The movies used for teaching at that time were all classic movies, such as “Run Lola Run”. Such a thorough learning seems very confusing to outsiders. It was boring, but I was fascinated, and I accumulated a lot of qualities due to my obsession, which I later used in “The Wandering Earth.”

Before participating in the filming of “The Wandering Earth”, Zhang Linke said that from a technical perspective, he was not sure how to achieve the best effect when filming, so he learned while filming. “I have benefited a lot from shooting this science fiction film.”

Currently, Zhang Linke is preparing for the filming of the movie “Ghost Blowing the Lamp: Starry Technique” with Mr. Liu Yin. “My ideal is to make movies. I don’t need to set genre limitations for myself, and it doesn’t have to be a big production. I like it.” What it is: a unique vision and an expression of one’s own.”

witness the miracle

Kicking off the first year of Chinese science fiction blockbusters

What is helium flash? According to Director Deng of the Physics Teaching and Research Office of the Army Medical University, it is a very short-lived runaway thermonuclear fusion in the sun. It is predicted that the sun will occur in 1.2 billion years.

Photographer Liu Yin said: “I would like to thank the young man Zhang Linke for helping me during the filming of “The Wandering Earth”. Although his name is ranked second, his efforts are definitely the first. Therefore, he should be the natural number one.” A photographer.”

It is understood that Zhang Lenko started making preparations three months before “The Wandering Earth” was launched. Instead of reading the script, he read the novel first. In the original work, he obtained information about the color and light of the movie, such as the underground city in the movie. In fact, it is a hopeless place, but humans must live there, so Zhang Linke and his team chose ” The “cyberpunk” style is finally presented in the dungeon in the film, with colorful lights and less clean textures, making the audience feel no sense of disobedience after seeing it.

Zhang Linke and his team watched a large number of foreign classic movies, such as “Ghost in the Shell”, “Silver Wings”, “Interstellar”, “2001: A Space Odyssey”, etc. In the end, they just referenced foreign classics, but their purpose was to find the Chinese version of science fiction movies.

Zhang Link also praised that the director of “The Wandering Earth” Guo Fan is a workaholic. Under his leadership, almost everyone on the crew became a workaholic. Director Guo is very serious about every detail and will dig out each one 10 to 20 times. Sometimes everyone would hold meetings from noon to evening, and then continue to work all night after dinner. Until 8 o’clock in the morning the next day, I was still doing color tests. Before starting the camera, I made at least five color combinations. I didn’t start shooting until I decided on a solution that everyone agreed with.

Guo Fan lost a lot of weight because of this, and was pitifully thin. In fact, before the filming of the movie started, Guo Fan was not thin.

In the past, in the eyes of foreigners, China could not produce good science fiction movies. Although “The Wandering Earth” is not perfect, it can definitely be said to be a milestone in our country’s science fiction movies. There is also a contribution from Chongqing native Zhang Linke.

“The Wandering Earth” won the Best Feature Film Award at the 32nd China Golden Rooster Awards, ushering in the first year of Chinese science fiction blockbusters.

(The author is a member of Chongqing Writers Association) Photo courtesy of Zhang Xiaoqi

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“The Wandering Earth 3” is scheduled to be released

Wu Jing and Andy Lau

Li Xuejian appeared at the press conference

On November 3, the official Weibo of the movie “The Wandering Earth” announced that “The Wandering Earth 3” is officially scheduled to be released on the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2027 (February 6). The terms Wandering Earth 3 Fixed File# and Wandering Earth 3 Advance Three Conference# quickly became hot searches on Weibo and attracted the attention of netizens.

On that day, “The Wandering Earth 3” held its “Forward Three Press Conference”. At the press conference, Director Guo Fan said, “We haven’t filmed it yet. Anyway, we will try to control the duration.” The first poster of “The Wandering Earth 3” was also released at the scene.

The general plot of “The Wandering Earth 3” is: The sun is about to be destroyed, and humans build huge thrusters on the surface of the earth to find a new home. However, the road to the universe is full of dangers. In order to save the earth, young people from the wandering earth era stepped forward for the third time and started a life-and-death battle against time…

It is reported that the director of “The Wandering Earth 3” is still Guo Fan, and the screenwriters are Guo Fan, Yang Zhixue, and Gong Ge. At the same time, most of the leading actors of “The Wandering Earth” and “The Wandering Earth 2” were present. Wu Jing, Andy Lau and Li Xuejian attended the press conference.According to Shanghai Securities News

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