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A guide to watching performances in the Bay Area for a week | Too much sugar!Cyndi Wang and Cyndi Zhuang start singing_tour_concert_jazz in Guangzhou


Original title: A guide to watching performances in the Bay Area for a week | Too much sugar!Cyndi Wang and Cyndi Zhuang start singing in Guangzhou

November has begun, marking the end of 2023. As time goes by, the performing arts activities in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shenzhen are also creating their own music and echoes in the growing autumn atmosphere.

This week’s concerts are also changing with the changing autumn wind. Cyndi Wang will hold her own SUGAR HIGH tour concert in Guangzhou, injecting fresh vitality into the gorgeous autumn. There is also a tour by folk singer Ma Di, who will warm the autumn with her singing. Cold and cool… In Shenzhen, Huang Ling started her concert tour with her new album “Color of Flowers”; and there is also Tian, ​​whose tour came to Foshan…

This week, “The 2023 Guangzhou Jazz Festival is also not to be missed.” World-renowned jazz clarinetist Eddie Daniels leads his team to join the festival. Every week there are masters who bring works full of sincerity, which are pleasing to the ears and eyes, and pleasing to the mind and spirit. I can’t help but look forward to what strong lineup there will be next week.

Traveling to Foshan, the popular phenomenal dance drama “Wing Chun” returns to its “hometown”. While watching the rich national history, we also listen to the beating of ambition on the ordinary road. The “wuwu” is popular and the “heroic appearance” flashes , a swan song for China.

That summer, we sat in front of the TV. That summer, her words “I love you” triggered all the sweet memories in our memories. She sings heart-warming songs gently and quietly, using her sweet superpower to save the sugar-starved soul; she rides the wind and waves to present a super beautiful stage, and the hard candy sweetheart interprets her charm and persistence. In 2023, Cyndi Wang will produce a new production for the 20th anniversary of the highest standards, leading everyone into her all-sugar universe, using rich and colorful sweetness to create all kinds of life’s tastes such as sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and hundreds of good songs are condensed into a wonderful sound and light show. In the big show. The 2023 Cyndi Wang SUGAR HIGH concert tour is about to start!

After 3 years and 1095 sunsets, Ma Di started his concert tour plan – “Hearts in Billions of Sunsets” before 2023 is about to come to an end. From being in a niche circle to becoming the center of attention, Ma Di’s music has been heard thousands of times on different stages, but his exploration of musical expression has not stopped.

This time, Ma Di will bring familiar old songs, songs that have never been performed live, and recently completed new works, and use a special theater stage presentation method to get up close and personal with those “hearts lost in the sunset” Have a sincere conversation.

Hi Stranger 2023 Zhuang Xinyan Tour Concert-Guangzhou Station

Time: 2023.11.04 Saturday 19:30

Venue: Baoneng Guangzhou International Sports and Performing Arts Center

The queen of healing in the Chinese music scene, Zhuang Xinyan, kicks off the “Hi·Stranger” 2023 concert tour. Zhuang Xinyan released her first song in 2012, which was affirmed and recognized by music critics, thus officially debuting; she held her first tour fan meeting in 2013, and many well-known musicians called her a gold medal artist born in the 90s; she has been in the industry for ten years , released 21 albums. When the music sounds, love and emotion can still be aroused, and you will be youthful as soon as you open your mouth. Zhuang Xinyan’s 2023 concert tour is about to set sail again in Guangzhou.

Let us look forward to experiencing her unique voice with Zhuang Xinyan live again!

Pure Series Southern Music Festival: A feast of chamber music featuring artists such as Argerich and Iserlis

Time: 2023.11.03-11.05

Venue: Guangzhou Grand Theater Opera Hall


Led by the internationally renowned “piano priestess” Marta Argerich, “cello master” Steven Isserlis, flutist Gilly Schwartzman, classical pianist Theodosia ·The “Southern Music Festival” presented by 11 outstanding artists including Ntoku and young violinist Yuri Levich will give back to the classical music of Guangzhou with carefully arranged and colorful chamber music works for three consecutive nights. fan. On November 3rd, 4th and 5th, a different artist lineup will be formed every night, bringing Beethoven’s “Cello Sonata No. 2 in G minor”, Saint-Saëns’ “Carnival of the Animals”, Schumann’s “Piano in E flat major” Quintet” and other familiar or original musical works, opening up a “classical moment” exclusive to Guangzhou.

Xinghai Concert Hall 25th Anniversary Performance Season 2023 Guangzhou Jazz Festival Master Hall Cross-Border Legendary Clarinet Master EDDIE DANIELS Quartet

Time: 2023.11.04 Saturday 20:00

Venue: Xinghai Concert Hall (Symphony Hall)


Led by world-renowned jazz clarinetist and six-time Grammy Award-nominated jazz legend Eddie Daniels, he joins hands with renowned pianist and composer Bob Fox, imaginative and promising bassist Cyrus Campbell, and collaborators The charming group formed by John Trentacosta, the regular drummer for many years, will present a series of classic jazz tracks covering almost all styles, leading the audience to appreciate the extraordinary charm of the jazz master. In addition, Eddie’s Chinese student, young clarinetist Huang Ye, will also be a guest performer, jointly presenting a wonderful jazz scene to the audience.


Huang Ling’s “Five Thunderous Colors” National Tour-Shenzhen Station

Time: 2023.11.04 Saturday 20:00

Venue: SoFun Live Shenzhen


Huang Ling 2023 starts a new round of tour with the new album “Color of Flowers”, and a new visual and auditory sensory feast is about to be presented. The music style of the new album is like a blooming flower. Each song is a unique color, blooming separately, outlining the colorful aspects of life. Music and light and shadow are intertwined, unfolding like petals, and are rich and colorful. Huang Ling will lead the audience into a colorful musical journey with a new musical method.

The 11th Shenzhen Piano Music Season-Sheng Yuan’s 19th Century Historical Piano Concert

Time: 2023.11.04 Saturday 20:00

Venue: Shenzhen Grand Theater Concert Hall


Sheng Yuan, an internationally renowned pianist and historical keyboard player, is currently a professor in the Piano Department of the Central Conservatory of Music. He is the founder of the “Music for the Light” project to assist the blind.

Sheng Yuan has gained international attention as a concert pianist. As a soloist, he has collaborated with many symphony orchestras at home and abroad. His research and performance of Bach’s works have attracted much attention in the international music world. The British “International Piano Magazine” called Sheng Yuan “the leading figure in the interpretation of Bach in China.”


Side Tian’s First Second Tour Concert-Foshan Station

Time: 2023.11.04 Saturday 19:30

Venue: Foshan International Sports Culture and Performing Arts Center


Chaitian is a singer familiar to those born in the 80s and 90s. His songs are very popular in Cantonese-speaking areas. “Life is Hard” is one of Cha Tin’s masterpieces. Its decisive, lonely emotion and stirring melody are deeply loved and appreciated by Hong Kong music fans. Among them, “The First Second”, which fits the theme of the concert, is a sweet love song from Guangdong. The lyrics express the emotion that will remain unchanged throughout life, loving you every minute and every second, and originating from the first second. “Zhitian’s First Second Tour Concert” was held in Foshan on November 4th at the Foshan International Sports and Culture Performing Arts Center. If you want to feel the first second when Zetian touches people’s hearts through music, then don’t miss this opportunity and sing karaoke live with Zetian!

Dance Drama “Wing Chun”

Time: 2023.11.03-11.05

Venue: Foshan Grand Theater-Grand Theater


“Wing Chun” is a heroic story that pays tribute to ordinary people.

In the play, “Master Yip” travels to a foreign country, carrying the “Wing Chun Hall” plaque in his arms and stepping into the Wuguan Street filled with heroes, just to open a door to Wing Chun; outside the play, on the set that spans nearly half a century, the crew Everyone also rushes to the mountains and seas with dreams in mind, just to pursue the light in their hearts. Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Bagua, Baji, Praying Mantis… wonderful martial arts moves, battles between top masters, and passionate and joyful arenas. The filmmakers use light and shadow to portray the heroes. It turns out that this side “dreams” The studio is where dreams begin, and everyone who chases the light is rushing to his or her own martial arts world.

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