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Lafayette 148 New York Lafayette China Beijing SKP Store Autumn and Winter Appreciation Party


Lafayette 148 New York Lafayette

[September 15-16, 2023, Beijing, China]Lafayette 148 New York recently held a 2023 autumn and winter new product series appreciation event at SKP in Beijing. The autumn and winter series takes “In the Library of Women” as the theme, starting a roaming tour in the library. Creative Director Emily Smith creates a quiet and exquisite atmosphere for autumn and winter design, adhering to the independent spirit of literature and expanding it into the freedom and unlimitedness of fashion life.

Lafayette 148 New York autumn and winter series is inspired by the Brooklyn Public Library in New York and its rich collection. Creative Director Emily Smith intends to explore many female images in literary works and construct a poetic, colorful and elegant model of modern women from a literary perspective. Exquisite handcraftsmanship is used to interpret the flowing lines of the library building and the exquisite carving decoration. The colors of the ready-to-wear are to depict the ancient charm of retro book covers; emerald red, navy blue, and olive green. With a fresh yet elegant expression, it expounds the retro concept of sophistication.

Lafayette 148 New York Lafayette

This Lafayette148 autumn and winter series appreciation event was held at SKP RDV RENDEZ-VOUS in Beijing. As the background of the Autumn and Winter Appreciation Fair, SKP RENDEZ-VOUS is a brand creative bookstore, where the concept of reading is maximized. Books run through everything. When you are in it, you can not only find spiritual comfort from books, but also from You can feel the exquisiteness and positive attitude of life in the atmosphere created. Accompanied by an environment that is full of ingenuity and also conveys the atmosphere of the academy, the autumn and winter appreciation sessions with the theme of “Academy Women” are launched here; an in-depth interpretation of the extremely simple academic style, integrating the bookish atmosphere into the concrete expression of real physical feelings and aesthetic paradigms among.

Lafayette148 2023 autumn and winter series brand’s first global celebrity project

At the same time, Lafayette 148 is proud to announce that Oscar-nominated actor, screenwriter, producer and director Maggie Gyllenhaal will be the star of its 2023 fall series of advertising, which is the first time a celebrity has participated in an advertising shoot for the brand. Expressing the many natural synergies and shared values ​​between Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lafayette 148, the campaign happily brings to life the season’s theme of “Academy Girls,” a cultural and sartorial take on female literary icons and authors. pay tribute.

In an exclusive video interview shot for the L148 campaign, she discusses what writing means to her: “I’ve always been someone who writes to understand the world,” she says. “For me, the joy of writing is a way to create enough space and freedom in my own mind to understand and express my ideas.

lafayette 148 new york lafayette

Lafayette 148 New York Lafayette

As an actor, you have to learn how to quickly get yourself into that fluid, unconscious, dreamy state; whenever the team is ready, you have to be ready to go. This helps me with my writing – but I also like that, as a writer, it’s my own time. I could spend days writing a scene. Take as much time and space as you need. I can go at my own pace. On the subject of female writers, she added: “I think being a woman means a very different experience. At some point, our language takes on a hidden quality. For so long, we have had to read and express ourselves between the lines, and we may not be able to accurately feel our state. This feeling that is common to women is something that I attach special importance to both in my writing and in my life. “

lafayette 148 new york lafayette

Lafayette 148 New York Lafayette

Maggie Gyllenhaal sums it up: I recently heard someone say, “Getting dressed is the first artistic expression of the day.” I took that to heart. In Lafayette 148’s collection, I find that everything from the colors to the shapes and silhouettes blends well with me. There’s a mix of elegance and comfort, as well as some really wild pieces. The big bang of a wool coat pairs well with a classic crisp top – a bit like the French New Wave. It’s really suitable for me. “

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