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“If You Are the One” talked about the harmony between lovers and the persistence of an independent female guest, which moved the audience-China Entertainment Network


Do lovers need to integrate into the circle of the other half? It became a hot topic in “If You Are the One” tonight (May 27). The three teachers agreed that: two people get along well together and are independent from each other. The best state of love is independence and coexistence. Every time she meets her favorite male guest, the female guest Jia Qian will show her greatest enthusiasm and sincerity. Tonight, Jia Qian once again bravely shined for love and moved the audience.

Chen Ming, Huang Lan

Meng Fei

  Do you want to integrate into the other half of the circle?Integration is as important as independence

The male guest Zhang Wanyue is a die-hard fan of “If You Are the One”. “I saw the age of 33 from the age of 20. The show played a very important role in the formation of my view of love. For example, Teacher Meng Fei said that ‘the best form of love is Mutual appreciation and mutual need’, this is what I have always dreamed of; what Teacher Huang Lan said, “The most important thing to consider when falling in love is how much you love each other and how strong your desire to be with him”, and what Teacher Chen Ming said ‘The preciousness of love lies in its uniqueness’, I especially agree with it.”

After years of watching the show, Zhang Wanyue has also formed her own view on love, “I think two people must be highly recognized and have similar hobbies. I especially hope that in the future she can join my friends’ gatherings, and then she and her girlfriends You can also bring me to the party.” Female guest Diao Yuanyuan thought, “When two people first get along, they still have to maintain a certain sense of distance, and wait until the relationship is stable before intervening in each other’s circle of friends and relatives.” Chen Xiaoxu said: “Lovers It’s good to blend in the circle between them properly, because two people may get along with each other one-sidedly, and you can understand each other more comprehensively by watching him interact with more people. However, I don’t really want to take my boyfriend to meet my girlfriends, girls In a relationship, there will always be some little secrets to be complained to by girlfriends, and most of them don’t want their boyfriends to get too close to their girlfriends.”

male guest

female guests (1)

Do you want to integrate into the other half of the circle? The three teachers agreed that mutual integration between lovers is as important as mutual independence. The best state of love is independence and coexistence. It is necessary to integrate into each other and give each other space. “You can have your own specific circle, and I can also There is my specific circle, and then the two of us have a common circle. On the one hand, we must include the other half in our life plan; on the other hand, we should not force the other half to integrate into our circle of friends. It is enough to get to know each other, and we must maintain intimacy. Sense of distance.”

Talking about the criteria for choosing a mate, Zhang Wanyue hopes that in the future she will love life, like food, and know how to provide emotional value in love. In the end, can he successfully hold hands?

  The female guest’s persistence in blowing up the lights moved the audience, “You look so brave for love!”

Wang Chunyu, a male guest from Xinxiang, Henan, runs a crayfish shop with his father, and his life is ordinary but happy. “Every year, I will spare a month to take my parents to go around and experience the life without hard work. My life is very regular. I am busy in the store every day. When I am free, I go to ride a bicycle, climb mountains, and sing songs. In the future, I hope to have a small home of my own. Occasionally, I will take my future wife to eat with my parents. Taking care of each other and living a stable life with my parents, are you willing to accompany me to live a life full of fireworks?”

The female guest, Jia Qian, once again bravely chose to show her love by flashing lights, “The male guest and I are fellow villagers. I especially appreciate the way he gets along with his parents. His appearance is also my favorite type. I like eating crayfish very much. I think it makes Boyfriend peeling crayfish is a super romantic thing; you said that you want to have your own small home to live a life full of fireworks, and that is exactly what I yearn for; in fact, we ran into each other backstage before recording the show. I didn’t know you were a male guest. The moment I saw you on stage, my heart beat faster. I was afraid I would miss it if I didn’t blow up the lights! You will be busy doing business. I am a teacher and I have two holidays to accompany you. I think we are quite suitable, and I really hope you will think about me.”

female guests (2)

female guests (3)

Female Guests (4)

Seeing Jia Qian’s enthusiastic and sincere appearance, the audience couldn’t help admiring: “I really admire her courage and appreciate her sincerity. Every time she meets a boy she likes, she will warmly keep the lights on and bravely blow them up. She looks brave for love.” It’s so sassy!” The male guest also responded: “Actually, I’ve been following Jia Qian for a long time, she may not look so dazzling on stage, but her brave pursuit of love is very similar to when I first started my business. I was very moved when I saw her blowing up the lights for me, I think she is a very down-to-earth and brave girl!” In the end, can the two successfully hold hands? Tonight (May 27th) at 20:30, please pay attention to Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “If You Are the One”!

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