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The FGO arcade servant created by the artist of the horse racing girl is finished and may be out of service_Game_Player_Arcade version


Original Title: The FGO Arcade Servant of the FGO Arcade Servant created by the artist of the horse racing girl may be out of service

Another week has passed, let’s take a look at what other topics are worth watching this week before the happy weekend:

Although human XP is all kinds of strange things, the themes of some fan works are still confusing. In the Japanese puniket47 doujin exhibition to be held this Sunday (May 28), 31 illustrators jointly launched a “Ma Niang Retired Fat Gain Doujin Book”.

Because horse racing has high physical requirements, the life of horse racing is also inseparable from “eating”. But after retirement, racehorses who don’t exercise less and don’t have to keep in shape often get fatter and fatter. Among them, Mejiro McQueen, who is famous for his gluttony and gained weight rapidly after retiring, is a typical case.

In the world of Ma Niang, the image of Meshiro McQueen has gradually evolved from the player’s complaint object to the official “responsibility for persecution”. Some people combined the plot of “Blade Tooth” to make strange stalks such as “You Fat Horse” popular.

Referring to the actual case, the setting of Ma Niang retiring and becoming fat is also understandable. However, seeing such a fanben, there are still many players complaining: This is too weird, it should be classified as 18 banned, isn’t this kind of theme a violation? However, there are also some players with unique tastes who are very interested, saying that they must buy and have a look…

FGO arcade will no longer add new followers

The arcade version is out of service or has been put on the agenda

The mobile game “Fate/Grand Order (FGO)” has been operating in Japan for 8 years. But whenever a popular character releases the work, it can always reach the top of the krypton gold list, and the influence of Xingyue IP is also visible to the naked eye.

In addition to the mobile game itself, the arcade version of “Fate/Grand Order Arcade” derived from the mobile game is also welcomed by many players. This work launched popular servants such as female Merlin, Tiamat, and Beast Nero before the mobile game, while servants such as Sita and Christmas Suzuka are still exclusive to arcades.


Recently, however, this arcade game seems to be facing a crisis of outage. It is mentioned in the official announcement: After all 120 followers are installed, the arcade version will operate according to the new policy. In order to let everyone continue to enjoy this game, we will actively implement the adjustment of the battle balance, continue to hold events, issue lucky bag summoning coupons every month and mention the frequency of follower engravings.


Generally speaking, when a game stops updating, it means that the game may be completely shut down at any time. And for a game like the FGO arcade version that draws cards as its selling point, no longer adding new followers (new cards) is almost equivalent to a death sentence.


Although the official claims that the battle balance will be adjusted for the arcade version, the event will continue. But the welfare measures such as “issue lucky bag summoning coupons every month” make people feel that this game is dying…


Weekly Game Hi Plus N

Epic Sends Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition

The mysterious game that Epic gave you this week is “Radiation: New Vegas Ultimate Edition”. Players can log in to their account before 0:00 on June 20 to receive the game, and it can be played at any time after being saved in the warehouse. So far, Epic has sent all the previous series of “Fallout 4”.


Radiation New Vegas, made of obsidian, may be called the best-known work in the series. Players can play the role of the unlucky postman who “got a headshot at the beginning” in the game and embark on a legendary journey through the wasteland of the last days.


In addition to Fallout New Vegas, Epic also cooperated with the game chat community Discord this time, and gave away a month of Discord Nitro (only for new Nitro users). This is a paid value-added service of Discord (similar to membership). After activation, you can enjoy various functions such as custom themes, HD live broadcast, etc. However, it should be noted that this service will automatically renew after the free period ends ($9.99 per month, or about RMB 71). If you just want to experience Nitro, remember to cancel your subscription before the free period ends.


The above is the whole content of this issue of miscellaneous talks. I wonder if everyone will be interested in “Fat Komaben”, and do you think the FGO arcade version will be discontinued? Welcome to share messages in the comment area and participate in interactive discussions~

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