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Are you ready for summer shorts?These styles have been popular for many years, but they are not out of date, so easy to match_cutting_effect_suit


Original title: Are you ready for early summer shorts? These styles have been popular for many years and are not outdated at all. They are so easy to match.

Before you know it, it is already mid-May, and summer has already entered early in many places, and the temperature is getting higher and higher. Under such circumstances, all kinds of shorts have naturally become the favorite of fashion girls, boldly showing themselves on the street. Beautiful legs, cool summer, here are a few shorts that are frequently seen in summer. They have been popular for many years, but they are still not out of date.

Suit pants can be said to be the best choice for creating a capable and sassy temperament, but the general suit pants are too long, which is naturally not suitable in hot summer, so a high-waist suit shorts are designed on this basis.

This not only retains the free and easy style of suit pants, but also adds cool elements, using straight lines to modify the legs to create a slimming effect.

Wearing demonstration: short sleeves + high waist suit pants + silhouette suit

When matching high-waisted suits and shorts, we often use mix-and-match techniques. Choose casual suspenders or short sleeves for the inner wear, and a silhouette suit for the top. This can be combined with the shorts of the lower body. The style is unified, and at the same time, it can easily create a layered effect inside and outside, highlighting handsomeness while taking into account elite handsomeness.

02: Five point beach pants

Pros: Loose cut creates a full casual resort effect

Compared with the straight design of suit pants, the tailoring of five-point beach pants can be said to be very comfortable, because it presents an oversize style as a whole, completely covers the leg lines, and does not pick up the shape of the legs. Great for fat people.

Wearing demonstration: printed shirt + printed cropped pants

Five-point beach shorts can guarantee sufficient comfort, and because the overall cut is loose, it is easy to create a full sense of holiday leisure fashion, so when matching beach shorts, our tops will also choose items with the same loose cut. The most common are printed shirts.


Both upper and lower items have printed patterns, which can easily create rich visual effects and create a sense of individual fashion.


03: Bermuda shorts

Advantages: The hidden meat looks thinner and has a strong all-match effect

A bit similar to five-point beach pants, it is a very popular Bermuda shorts in recent years. Compared with beach shorts, they have a tougher design style, stronger drapability, and more diverse tailoring styles, with a very strong wild effect.



Wearing demonstration: black suspenders + white high-waist Bermuda shorts + high heels

When matching Bermuda shorts, we most often choose simple basic tops to match. For example, the black suspenders on the upper body of the model are very classic.


On the one hand, the exposed skin area created by the black suspenders is relatively large, which can well enhance the fashion elements of the shape. At the same time, the simple style can be consistent with the Bermuda shorts that also follow the refreshing route.

On the other hand, the high-waisted A-line cut Bermuda shorts can not only meet the needs of Tibetan meat to look thinner, but also highlight a sense of sophistication and refreshing, especially when paired with pointed high heels, it can make the shape more prominent, a bit delicate and feminine.


04: High waist denim shorts

Advantages: full of leisure, everyday and classic

High-waisted denim shorts are a must-have fashion item for your summer wardrobe. They have been in fashion for many years and are still very popular, especially for some petite girls. The contact information is not suitable for them, and they tend to look short, but high-waist denim shorts do not have such troubles.

At the same time, like Bermuda shorts, high-waist denim shorts are also very versatile. They’re great paired with short-sleeved suspenders for an effortlessly casual look.


Are you ready for your summer shorts? These styles have been popular for many years and are not outdated at all. They are easy to match.

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