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Douyin “Twelve Flower Gods Dance Night” official announcement: the fantasy dream of ancient rhyme and national style, waiting for you to travel_TOM News


In recent years, programs rooted in traditional culture have re-discovered the cultural genes buried deep in the hearts of the audience, and have become more and more popular among the public. After the baptism of five thousand years of history, the charm of traditional Chinese culture has become stronger and stronger. Various historical and cultural resources that are urgently needed to be discovered have opened a new door to cultural evenings and written a new picture of traditional culture.

At 20:00 on May 26th, exclusively named by HuaxiziDouyin Guofeng Dance Live Show “Twelve Flower Gods Dance Night”It will kick off in Beijing and will be broadcast live on the “Douyin Show” account. The party was inspired by the twelve flower gods in “Shan Hai Jing” and the traditional festival “Flower Festival”, and invited Zhou Jieqiong, Xuan Lu, Tang Shiyi (sorted in order of performance) and many dance anchors and talents on the Douyin station to jointly Tell this story about the beauty of the East.

Ancient rhyme and illusion, show the national style with graceful dance

“The Dance of the Twelve Flower Gods” tells a Chinese myth full of magnificence in China: On the way to the celebration of the Flower Dynasty, the envoy of Huajian strays into the illusion of “Flowers in the Mirror, Water and Moon”, where he meets the Twelve Gods of Flowers. After going through a fantastic journey, the prayers for the Huachao Festival were finally successfully completed. The show is narrated in the form of dance drama. The illusion called “Flowers in the Mirror and Moon in the Water” corresponds to the four theme units of the show and also connects each individual dance program. In terms of plot setting, “Twelve Flower Gods Dance Night” innovatively added the role of “storyteller” to promote the development of the plot in the immersive dance drama, and use humorous language to tell the storyline to the audience; at the same time, the storyteller The human narration will complement the graceful dance of the dancers, which can not only enrich the characters, but also bring a stronger sense of interaction.

In addition to the plot and form, the integration of national style elements is also an important point of the whole party. Each dance program represents one or several kinds of flower gods-in folklore, each hundred flowers has its own flower god, and also There are many romantic and touching stories, and the “Flower Festival” exists to celebrate the birthday of Baihua. Taking traditional culture as the creative material, borrowing the imagery of “flowers in the mirror and moon in the water”, and through the combination of dance movements, dance beauty, plot and other aspects, “Twelve Flower Gods Dance Night” comprehensively and skillfully combines “Twelve Flower Gods” with “Praying for the Flower Dynasty” is integrated into the plot, adding cultural depth and arousing the audience’s yearning for beautiful traditional folk customs.

Dancers gather to start a fantasy journey together

The fascinating story meets the light and graceful dance. As an innovative cultural evening, “Twelve Flower Gods Dance Night” invited Zhou Jieqiong, Xuan Lu, Tang Shiyi, three star dancers with solid dance skills, and many Douyin The outstanding dancers on the platform jointly create a wonderful illusion of “flowers in the mirror and moon in the water” full of oriental mystery, presenting a fascinating visual feast. In the party, Zhou Jieqiong, Xuan Lu and Tang Shiyi will each play the leading role, respectively bringing the pure and energetic paper kite fluttering butterfly dance, the heroic and heroic double sword dance, and the elegant and warm silk hanging dance. The mysterious and beautiful flower god in the movie is brought into reality, bringing the audience an immersive fantasy journey.



In addition, the gala also invited many outstanding dancers from the Douyin platform to participate in the dance programs of each unit. They will also play an indispensable and important role in promoting the development of the dance drama plot, and together demonstrate the infinite charm of the integration of dance and national style elements.



The frequent appearance of cultural programs coincides with the public’s need to understand traditional culture. Dance, as a popular content on the Douyin platform and a form of performance that users love to see, not only allows the public to feel the influence of beauty in a subtle way, but also allows classic works to be widely spread in innovative forms. “Twelve Flower Gods Dance Night” extracts the essence of inspiration from “Shan Hai Jing” and traditional folk festivals as the core content and theme of the program, creating the ultimate oriental aesthetics. At the same time, Douyin awakens the charm of traditional culture through live broadcast, combines entertainment programs with cultural communication, and eliminates the sense of distance between the audience and traditional culture. Close to the audience’s points of interest, and use high-quality content to promote China’s excellent traditions. On the road of cultural communication, this is undoubtedly a novel exploration of Douyin. At 8:00pm on May 26th, search 十二花神吉舞夜 on Douyin, looking forward to the wonderful chemical reaction of dance and national style colliding with each other!


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