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DoNews news on May 24,On May 24th, the future intelligent new generation of recording noise reduction conference headset iFLYBUDS Nano seriescolumn is officially released. from”moveThe iFLYBUDS Nano series is not only a pair of recording transcription, intelligent translation, multi-person speech recognition, voiceprint library and other functions.MeetingThe headset is even an “AI assistant”. From then on, people in the workplaceofdailyMeetingOpen a new efficient experience.

What kind of chemical reaction will happen when the office encounters AI? At the press conference,Future Smart CEO Ma XiaoSaid, “In just a few months from the beginning of 2023 to the present, we have witnessed a subversive leap in AI technology, and artificial intelligence technology has been greatly improved; The duration has also increased from 8,000 hours per month to 110,000 hours per month, an increase of 12 times in the past 12 months. The number of monthly recordings has increased from more than 14,000 to more than 350,000.increaseupNearly 23 times.It can be said that the combination of “earphones + AI” not only provides a more convenient entrance for people to enjoy AI intelligence, but also creates a deep connection between future intelligence and users because of AI services.”

Appearance and Strengthfully upgradediFLYBUDS NanoThe series focuses on “attacking the heart”

This time, the iFLYBUDS Nano series brings a different “surprise” in appearance.For users who travel frequently and have high requirements for mobile office, a pair of thin and light noise-canceling headphones is just needed. Compared with other products in the family, iFLYBUDS Nano seriesmade a perfect“slimming”,now thatlight and thin,Battery compartmentThe lines are smooth, the appearance design is round, and the pebble-like grip feels elegant and natural in the palm of your hand.



iFLYBUDS Nano+ has two colors of flowing silver and bright green. Among them, flowing silver, the surface appearance adopts vacuum plating process, flowing silver metal texture, with mirror luster, luxurious and textured, and highly recognizable. Qinguang Green has a matte texture, which is low-key but agile. iFLYBUDS Nano has three colors of bright moon white, milk taro purple, and sea salt blue, which are fashionable, fresh, simple and elegant,No matter when and where, there are “pai mian”.




Hybrid office has become the new normal, VIAIM AI will be a “brain replacement” for workplace people

The current online and offline mixed office mode has become a trend. It breaks the constraints of time and space, allowing professionals to integrate into work without feeling and release their potential; officeMeetingHeadphones can better cooperate with mobile phones and PCs, stimulate higher work efficiency, and comprehensively improve the productivity of online work.


After the meeting, are you still working hard to edit and organize the meeting minutes? No need to be so troublesome, the iFLYBUDS Nano series has brought a new function “VIAIM AI”, which is an AI-generated meeting office efficiency tool, which is based on language text for intelligent processing, editing and management to meet daily meeting office needs. At present, the functions of “extraction of summary summary”, “extraction of to-do items” and “follow-up of to-do items” can be realized.

Through the intelligent analysis of the content of the meeting records, VIAIM AI can automatically extract the key content in the records to generate a “summary summary”, and secondly, it can automatically extract the key points in the recordsThe essentialTask, generate “to-do list”. Easily deal with multi-person meeting discussions, intelligently analyze and extract meeting points, accurately refine meeting summaries, and greatly simplify the difficulty of post-meeting summary; more intelligently, VIAIM AI can follow up tasks by analyzing your to-do tasks, and autonomously Understand the target tasks, decompose the steps, sort out the process, help you further refine the tasks, and easily improve the execution efficiency.

In the past, it was extremely difficult to keep a good record of the meeting where the speaker spoke very fast and mixed some dialects. But now VIAIM AI can “observe” the meeting, no matter how long the meeting is, it can Quickly and intelligently sort out and generate “meeting summaries” and “to-do items” after the meeting, and have it act as a “smart secretary” for professionals in the workplace and a “team”super brain“It is no problem to double the work efficiency by 200%.

AIRe-evolve barrier-free communication,Translation and transcription help multilingual communication “zero threshold”

The process of solving the language barrier also coincides with the development process of human culture and technology. Use AI technology to promote the tolerance and symbiosis of multilingual communication, so that “language” is no longer the threshold of communication.


iFLYBUDS Nano series supports 9 languages ​​including Mandarin (Chinese-English mixed), English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Henan dialect, Hebei dialect, Sichuan dialect, Yunnan dialect, Guizhou dialect, Chongqing dialect, Tianjin dialect, Northeast dialect, Shandong dialect, Gansu dialect, Taiyuan dialect, and Cantonese are available in 12 Chinese dialects, and support the translation of industry terms in 10 major fields, including general, law, education, finance, medical care, technology, government, enterprise, e-commerce, and life. Write.

In addition, after the recording is completed, whether it is a telephone recording or an on-site recording, AI can automatically distinguish the speaker according to the characteristics of the speaker’s voiceprint. During the sorting process, it will also automatically filter redundant modal particles in the meeting, and intelligently mark key paragraphs to help Post-meeting information collation. iFLYBUDS Nano series supports call recording and transcriptiontranslateaudio and video recording transcription and translation, live recording and transcription in three modes, and the transcription accuracy rate reaches over 98%.

Seamless collaborative office, iFLYBUDS Nano series can be synchronized with multi-terminal cloud

It is no exaggeration to say that earphones, mobile phones, and computers together constitute a “three-piece modern office set”. The iFLYBUDS Nano series supports both regular calls and Internet calls, including WeChat voice, Tencent Meeting, DingTalk, Feishu Meeting, Zoom, Teams and other voice and conference software calls. When using a headset to connect to a computer, tablet or mobile phone for a call (whether it is a system call or a network call), long press the left or right headset to start flash recording, and the recording will be saved in the hard disk inside the headset. Without opening the APP, the left and right earphones can save 2 hours of recording content respectively, a total of 4 hours. In scenarios such as on the high-speed rail or in the elevator, the network conditions are poor, and the earphones can still flash record when making a phone call. When there is a network, it can be transcribed, and it can be recorded without a network.


For the recording files of the call content, the iFLYBUDS Nano series can perform cloud synchronization, three-terminal synchronization on the mobile terminal, Pad terminal, and computer terminal. It has 6000 minutes of free cloud space and supports four types of sharing: link, text, email, and export (audio/text). It can also be shared (shared to the mobile phone and computer) and edited in the headset APP, and people without headsets can also watch it.

In addition, when listening to podcasts, watching videos, taking online classes, etc., you can use the audio/video recording and transcription function of iFLYBUDS Nano to convert the sound in the audio/video into text in real time. At the same time, you can translate foreign languages ​​into Chinese text and transcribe And the translated text will be displayed in the form of real-time subtitles, and the text and audio will be preserved. In the office meeting scene, it also supports computer meeting recording.

Flagship hardware configuration, comprehensive and balanced sound quality, battery life, noise reduction, and operation

The iFLYBUDS Nano series uses a 10mm super large vibration unit, three-frequency equalization, and has 22 official sound settings, including balance, bass boost, treble boost, bright female voice, thick male voice, bass reduction, treble reduction, podcast mode, chicken eating mode, popular , rock, electronic, hip-hop, dance music, classical, rhythm and blues, jazz, Latin, youth operation, youth design, middle-aged products, elderly research and development, supports custom adjustment of 8-band equalizer, and can combine countless sound effects as you like.


For business office scenarios, long-lasting battery life is one of the key qualities of high-quality headphones. The iFLYBUDS Nano series surpasses the battery life of the industry. The headset can be used alone for up to 12 hours without charging, and it can be used for up to 40 hours with the charging box. It is worth mentioning that iFLYBUDS Nano+ also supports Qi-certified wireless charging, which can be charged both wired and wireless.


What should I do if the background sound is too loud during a meeting? Don’t worry, the iFLYBUDS Nano series supports three modes: environmental noise reduction, transparent mode, and noise reduction off. It is worth mentioning that in transparent mode, you can hear the sound of the outside world without taking off the headphones. The environmental noise reduction depth can reach 45dB, and the integrated adaptive ANC active noise reduction.


iFLYBUDS Nano seriesIt also supports three-microphone call noise reduction (call microphone, feed-forward microphone, and feed-back microphone). With the support of adaptive filter and wind noise detection mechanism, even in a noisy outdoor environment, whispering with headphones can still let the other party hear get clearand all three recording modes support voiceprint recognition.

In terms of operation and connection experience, the iFLYBUDS Nano series features a “silky smoothness”. For example, in the call state, one-click recording can be started; non-inductive pairing supports saving 8 paired devices, and one-button non-inductive switching.


The Bluetooth version of the iFLYBUDS Nano series is 5.2, which supports simultaneous connection to two devices. It can be connected to a mobile phone + tablet or an iPhone + Android phone at the same time. In addition, it is very convenient to find the headset, and the device can be summoned at any time through the “precise Bluetooth positioning” and “echo call search” functions.

In terms of price,iFLYBUDS Nano+ earphones with flash recording, high sound quality and excellent texture are on sale now, with an official guide price of 1299Yuanstarting price 1099Yuan,iFLYTEKTmall,Jingdonghave beenOpen pre-sale

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