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It is the first time for all members of NCT Dream to come to Malaysia to sing and promise to hold two concerts next time! | Wonderful Malaysia

It is the first time for all members of NCT Dream to come to Malaysia to sing and promise to hold two concerts next time! | Wonderful Malaysia
It is the first time for all members of NCT Dream to come to Malaysia to sing and promise to hold two concerts next time! | Wonderful Malaysia

(Kuala Lumpur, 21st) The Korean super popular boy group NCT Dream held the “The Dream Show2: In A Dream” Kuala Lumpur concert at the Axiata Arena (Axiata Arena) in Bukit Jalil on Saturday night. All members sang and danced at the beginning The audience!

NCT Dream made a handsome appearance, from left are Jisung, Mark, Jeno, Heachan, Jaemin, Renjun and Chenle. -Provided by Star Entertainment-



The group came to Malaysia to participate in the Hallyu Music Festival in January this year with a posture of missing two out of seven. It finally fulfilled its promise after 4 months. Jeno), Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle and Jisung are making their first appearance on the Malaysian stage.

The audience is packed! -Provided by Star Entertainment-

The hard-working performance of seven people showed colorful charm. -Provided by Star Entertainment-

The concert officially detonated on Saturday afternoon. The seven handsome members sang and danced “Glitch Mode”, “Countdown 3,2,1” and “Stronger” at the beginning, and the audience screamed deafeningly.

Mark (left) leads the members to say hello to Xi Zhenni, from left 2 are Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung, Heachan and Chenle! -Provided by Star Entertainment-

First of all, when Mark Lee led the whole team to say hello to NCTzen (fan nickname: NCTzen), everyone said “Apa Khabar” (how are you?), making the fans scream.

At the beginning, they sang “Glitch Mode”, “Countdown 3,2,1” and “Stronger” in one breath and blew up the audience! -Provided by Star Entertainment-

Mark mentioned that although the weather in Malaysia is very hot, he couldn’t stop the opportunity to meet with Xi Zhenni. In addition, Jeno also said: “This time, all the members are finally here to hold a concert in Malaysia. I hope everyone will enjoy tonight’s performance.”

The seven were full of vitality, and there was no cold silence from the beginning to the end. -Provided by Star Arts Entertainment–Provided by Star Arts Entertainment-

Luo Jaemin promised to have a carnival with Xi Zhenni until the end. As for Haechan who was absent last time, he frantically asked fans: “Do you miss me?” He also responded very sweetly: “I really miss you all.”

No matter fast song or lyrical song, Xi Zhenni can sing along with the chorus. -Provided by Star Entertainment-

During the concert, Renjun, Haechan, and Chenle (Vocal Line) sang “Sorry, Hear,” a sad-ambient R&B ballad; Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung (Rap Line) sang ’90s hip-hop Genre “Saturday Drip”.

The whole concert was very visually impactful, from stage design to costume matching, full of details. -Provided by Star Entertainment-

Then the seven people sang and danced many songs, such as “My First and Last”, “Chewing Gum”, “Dive Into You”, “Better Than Gold”, “Hello Future”, “We Go Up” and “Hot Sauce”, all fans can keep up with the rhythm and chorus, and the atmosphere is high.

It is the first time for all members of NCT DREAM to come to Malaysia to sing. -Provided by Star Entertainment-

All the members were still full of energy after singing and dancing for more than two hours. During the Encore period, they changed into casual white T-shirts and fluorescent green trousers, and sang “Beat Box”, “MyYouth” and “Walk You Home” respectively. Fans, they even went to every corner of the extended stage to interact closely with fans.

Every move of the members caused Ciennie to scream like crazy! -Provided by Star Entertainment-

At the end of the concert, the seven people thanked the fans. Many fans also threw small gifts such as dolls and headgear on the stage. Even Jeno, who is known as the dog idol, picked up a pack of “dog food”. Everyone played on the stage It was such a joy.

Chenle did not forget to thank the fans for appearing in the “7dream” concert, and everyone promised to come to Malaysia to sing again, and the fans will be more involved and happy next time. Jaemin did not forget to shout sweetly in Malay: ” Aku Cinta Padamu” (I love you).

The interaction between Mark (from left) and Jeno is super cute. -Provided by Star Entertainment-

When it was Jeno’s turn to speak, although his birthday (April 23) had already passed, Xi Zhenni also sang a birthday song to congratulate Jeno. In addition to thanking the fans, he emphasized that he would come to Malaysia to sing again, and sent a lot of love.

In the end, Mark also promised the fans: “Next time I will sing at least two concerts, and said in Malay that I am very thankful and goodbye today. (Terima Kasih Untuk Hari Ini, Jumpa Lagi).”

All the members promised to Cindy that they would come back to sing at least two more concerts next time. -Provided by Star Entertainment-

The seven people who had already walked backstage, then returned to the stage to bring the second encore and sang the last song “Candy”.

The whole concert sang and danced for 3 hours, performing a total of 25 songs, drawing a perfect ending for the Malaysian venue.

track:Glitch Mode/Countdown(3,2,1)/Stronger/Dreaming/Déjà vu/My First and Last/Bye My First…/Love Again/To my First…/Sorry, Heart/Puzzle Piece + Chewing Gum+ ANL/Into You/Irreplaceable/Saturday Drip/Quiet Down/Better Than Gold/Diggity + Ridin’ + BOOM Medley/Hello Future/We Go Up/Trigger The Fever/Hot Sauce/(Encore)Beatbox,My Youth,Walk You Home &(Second Encore)candy

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