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AI “Sun Yanzi” turned out, the singer’s job is not guaranteed?Copyright issues may become a hidden danger_Project_Model_Song


Original title: AI “Sun Yanzi” turned out, the singer’s job is not guaranteed?Copyright issues or hidden dangers

For more than a month, “unpopular singer” Stefanie Sun has won the favor of many AI creators with her unique timbre, and “AI Stefanie Sun” became popular again with her cover singing.

There are nearly a thousand videos related to “AI Stefanie Sun” on station B, and cover songs include folk songs, nursery rhymes, animation theme songs, pop songs and many other types. Among them, “Rainy Day” and “Hair Like Snow” sung by AI Stefanie Sun have exceeded one million hits on Station B.

Most people will marvel at the power of AI after listening to it, “Although the singing and style can’t be imitated, the timbre is already very strong.” Some netizens complained that the chorus part is not like me, “The timbre is exactly the same, but the singing style is completely different .”

In addition to AI Stefanie Sun, AI Jay Chou and AI Wang Xinling are currently active on the Internet.

“They” cover song, made and uploaded by the creator through the open source project “so-vits-svc”. so-vits-svc

It is a singing voice conversion model based on VITS. By inputting human voice samples, the training model can learn to master a person’s timbre, sound quality and pronunciation characteristics, build a set of voice models for this person, and then use AI to generate the singing voice of the target timbre.

With the popularity of AI singers, AI training courses such as “Teach you to create your own AI Stefanie Sun” and “Let your favorite singer sing for you” are also launched quickly, and the threshold for making such songs is getting lower and lower.

Under the AI ​​cover video of “Rainy Day”, netizens at station B commented, “After that, I can hear Huang Jiaju and Leslie Cheung singing new songs.”

However, some netizens have already paid attention to copyright issues. Some Weibo netizens joked, “The first step should be to obtain Stefanie Sun’s authorization.”

Indeed, let AI learn the singer’s voice, and then use the singer’s voice to sing the songs of other singers. This type of training generally requires a large amount of audio data, including the music works of the target singer and other singers, as well as the corresponding pitch, Sound length, phoneme and other information.

The copyright issues involved in AI cover mainly include:Does the AI ​​cover infringe the singer’s voice copyright? Does the AI ​​cover infringe the music copyright of other singers? Does the song covered by AI have its own copyright?

There are still no clear legal provisions and judicial precedents on these issues in our country, and there are many controversies and difficulties.

Abroad, there have been cases of AI “invading” the music industry. For example, a TikTok user used AI Rihanna to cover Beyoncé’s hit single “Cuff It”, which attracted the attention of Universal Music, the copyright owner of the song, and triggered an infringement lawsuit; the American rock band Nirvana sued the song “Drowned in the The production team of “Sun” claimed that the team used AI technology to imitate their style; American rapper Jay-Z sued the website Vocal Synthesis, claiming that the website used his voice to read “Hamlet”, “Hemingway Novels” and other literary works, infringing Copyright of his voice and portrait rights.

Using the large model as a bridge,Non-programmers can create exclusive AI tools, which is undoubtedly an important step towards general artificial intelligence, but when the application threshold of AI in music, painting and other fields is gradually lowered, corresponding copyright issues are bound to come one after another.

what is interesting is,The developer of the so-vits-svc model has deleted the library from the source code hosting service platform Githuband stated that the main reason for deleting the library is that the project has stopped maintaining and updating, and declared the project’s disclaimer clause, emphasizing that the project is an open source, offline project, and all members and contributors have no control over the project and do not know the user The purpose and way of using the project, so all the AI ​​models trained and synthesized audio based on the project have nothing to do with the members and contributors of the project.Return to Sohu to see more


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