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The movie “Battlefield: Alien Cataclysm” is set for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and human beings will survive the end of the world and face off against alien species jqknews

Produced by Tianjin Rabbit Hole Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Jinhua Wudao Nanlai Culture Media Co., Ltd., Phoenix Legend Film Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Shadow World (Hainan) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., directed by Huang Zhaosheng, written by Kun Kun, Ren Tianye , Zhang Zhilu, and Qu Ni Tsering starring, the hard-core military monster sci-fi movie “Battlefield: Alien Catastrophe” with the doomsday disaster as the background released its finalized poster today, and will be launched on September 9 on Tencent Video, Youku, and iQiyi.

The film tells the story of the invasion of the earth by advanced species from outer space. The military elites of various countries assemble and set up the Earth United Defense Force to jointly fight against the alien invasion. However, the human legion was defeated by the crushing attack of the alien species, and it was almost destroyed. Gao Ren (Ren Tianye), a lieutenant of the Chinese Defence Force who survived the destruction, led his troops to fight against aliens in order to continue human civilization. Cheng Ling, the former “deserter”, was inspired by Gao Ren’s belief and took the initiative to join the resistance squad. Together with Zhao Lijing (played by Qu Ni Tsering), they faced the catastrophe of the last days and launched a desperate battle with aliens.

  Genre mix and match

Film director Huang Zhaosheng and screenwriter Huang Kun have a number of masterpieces of high-quality military action movies, and the starring Ren Tianye is well known to the audience as a tough guy. The high-quality team has become an important guarantee for the quality of the film, and it has also made many genre film audiences have high expectations from the beginning. In terms of theme type, the movie “Battlefield: Alien Catastrophe” combines military, action, monster, disaster and many other types of film elements, which greatly enhances the richness of stories and scenes.

At the same time, the setting of the end of the earth has also greatly broadened the core of the film’s discussion. In an extreme environment, how do humans make choices? Whether we can overcome fear, selfishness, and greed with faith, bravery, love and justice, and whether we can keep the bottom line of human nature, will become the film’s deeper focus and thinking in addition to the audio-visual look and feel of “burning bang”. The audience provides a more resonant emotional sublimation space. This film can be said to be one of the breakthrough genre attempts of Chinese-language films in recent years, and it can be called a hard-core breakthrough of genre films.

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  Top special effects to create alien monsters shocking catastrophe trigger doomsday horror

In the movie “Battlefield: Alien Cataclysm”, a large number of scenes reflect the desolation and chaos of the earth under the catastrophe of the last days. Corresponding to the surviving human beings, there are cold-blooded alien soldiers with powerful dominance. The contrast between the two is Give the audience a chilling sense of chill and despair. In order to highlight the ferocity of the apocalyptic battle, the film is quite careful in the design of alien monsters. The high-strength mechanical body that can resist guns and rockets, the high-sensitivity attack power of fast bounce and rush, laser shooting and electronic shields all reflect the high-end technology possessed by alien invaders and the crisis of crushing human beings.

The movie

At the same time, the head covered with erythema and the “big mouth” open at any time bring the ultimate horror visually. Whether it is aircraft raids, artillery fire, missile bombardment, or close-up shirtless, gunfight sniping… Almost every battle, the audience can be immersed in the horror of human beings facing the unknown fear, and the climaxes are endless.

The movie

It is worth noting that this film was jointly created by the head online film company Rabbit Hole Culture and Wudao Nanlai. The two sides cooperated in production, publicity and other aspects to provide a full-cycle quality escort for the film. Under the strong alliance, the movie “Battlefield: Alien Cataclysm” will surely become another innovative masterpiece in the industry. Rabbit Hole Culture is a youth label under Naifei that focuses on online theaters. With the content concept of “dare to innovate and be half a step ahead”, it has deeply cultivated the online content market. There is a good place on the tree” and “The Evil Will Be Removed” and other box office reputation masterpieces; Wudao Nanlai was founded by the well-known producer and planner Liu Zhaohui, taking the creation of an “Oriental Legend Type Label” as a strategic positioning, and insisting on high-quality creations Route, and successfully created a number of high-quality content such as “A Chinese Ghost Story: Human Love”, “Di Renjie’s Flying Head Rakshasa” and “Blind Battle”.

The collaboration between the two leading labels this time is bound to set off a wave of movie viewing in the golden autumn. The film will be launched on Tencent Video, Youku and iQiyi on September 9, so stay tuned!

The movie

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