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Improve people’s livelihood and well-being, polish the foundation of health, and use high-standard medical services to promote the “Healthy Shenyang” brand – Local News – Beiguo Net

Improve people’s livelihood and well-being, polish the foundation of health, and use high-standard medical services to promote the “Healthy Shenyang” brand – Local News – Beiguo Net
Improve people’s livelihood and well-being, polish the foundation of health, and use high-standard medical services to promote the “Healthy Shenyang” brand – Local News – Beiguo Net

Improve people’s livelihood and well-being, polish the foundation of health, and use high-standard medical services to promote the “Healthy Shenyang” brand

“Healthy Shenyang” community service activities continue to be carried out, which greatly facilitates community residents.Provided by Shenyang Municipal Health Commission

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In recent years, Shenyang’s health system has fully implemented the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, always placed people’s health in a strategic position of priority development, resolutely implemented the health and health work guidelines for the new era, practiced the concept of “big health”, and solidly The three-year action to comprehensively revitalize New Breakthrough and the special action “I want to be a pioneer in revitalizing New Breakthrough” were carried out, and the “Healthy Shenyang” people’s livelihood project was implemented with high standards. All work achieved positive results, and the people’s sense of health gain continued to increase.

Medical and health system reform has achieved remarkable results

Sitting at home, you can learn about when and how to vaccinate your baby through mobile phone videos; through mobile phone software, you can create files online, make accurate appointments, enroll in students, mobile payments, online vaccine promotion and consultation…

In recent years, Shenyang’s public health service system has been increasingly improved, and various measures to facilitate and benefit the people have been continuously refined.

In 2023, Shenyang City will actively promote the reform of the disease control system. A two-level urban disease prevention and control bureau was established to enhance disease prevention and control capabilities. The “Mobile Internet + Smart Vaccination” deeply integrated application service model was promoted, and the “Shenyang experience” of digital intelligence-empowered vaccination was promoted nationwide.

At the same time, the smooth transition of “Class B Pipeline B” was achieved. We will optimize and adjust prevention and control policies and measures in accordance with the times and circumstances, upgrade makeshift hospitals and transform them into sub-designated hospitals, expand medical treatment resources, optimize diagnosis and treatment models, and meet patients’ needs for diagnosis and treatment. The Shenyang community (village) new coronavirus infection prevention and control work template and action guidelines were released to create a “Shenyang model” for epidemic prevention and control. Continue to carry out monitoring and early warning of new coronavirus infection and improve emergency response capabilities.

While improving the city’s public health service system, Shenyang’s medical and health system reform has achieved remarkable results.

The coordinated development of “three medical linkages”. The implementation of various measures to reform the medical and health system has been promoted at a high level. In the first half of the year, Shenyang City once again won the provincial commendation for deepening medical reform and achieving remarkable results. Promote the development of the biopharmaceutical industry and introduce products from companies such as Jimai Technology and Elephant Nutrition to hospitals in Shenyang.

Actively promote the high-quality development of public hospitals. Strengthen party building in public hospitals, solidly carry out special actions of “strengthening party building, improving medical care, and promoting health”, and use practical actions to shout “I am Lei Feng” and “I come from the party.” The public hospital reform and high-quality development demonstration project has been deepened and implemented. Five projects including the provincial, municipal and county “five major centers”, the intelligent 120 platform, and the maternal and child health service system capacity improvement projects have been fully implemented. The high-quality development efficiency of public hospitals has been continuously improved.

The level of traditional Chinese medicine services has gradually improved. Formulate the “Implementation Plan of the Three-Year Action Plan for the Revitalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, improve the grassroots Chinese medicine service system, launch the creation of grassroots high-quality Chinese medicine service areas, and complete the connotation construction of 52 grassroots medical institutions. Actively leverage the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. Implement the traditional Chinese medicine cultural dissemination action, organize activities such as bringing traditional Chinese medicine culture into communities and campuses, and conduct 235 free clinics and lectures to promote the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine culture.

Continue to provide good health services for “one old and one young”

Traditional Chinese medicine takes the pulse, looks, smells, asks and feels, measures blood pressure, and provides health guidance… In May this year, Anmin Community, Huashan Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang City welcomed a team of doctors. They are medical workers from the local Kunshan Health Service Center. This time, we went into the community and provided free medical services specifically for the “old and young” in the jurisdiction.

This free clinic is just a microcosm of Shenyang City’s continued efforts to provide health services for the elderly and children. Data provided by the Shenyang Municipal Health Commission shows that a total of 227 medical institutions in Shenyang have successfully established age-friendly medical institutions, with a creation rate of more than 90%. All 278 elderly care institutions have signed contracts with medical institutions, and the opening rate of green channels for medical treatment for the elderly has reached 100%. . 29 communities (villages) covering the city were selected to carry out pilot work on elderly health promotion, and the first “hospital + community” working mechanism for elderly health promotion was formed in the country.

In addition, the “one old and one young” caring action continues to benefit people’s livelihood. Free influenza vaccination for people over 65 years old, free oral examinations for children, and pit and fissure sealing projects have been incorporated into people’s livelihood matters, and project implementation plans have been developed and fully implemented. By the end of 2022, the project has covered more than 440 primary schools in 13 counties (cities, districts), and has provided free oral examinations and pit and fissure sealing for nearly 300,000 school-age children. The integrity rate of pit and fissure sealing and the rate of children’s oral knowledge awareness They all rank among the best in the province and have been unanimously recognized and praised by all walks of life as well as the majority of school students and parents. At the same time, free influenza vaccination for seniors over 65 years of age has been effectively promoted.

Supporting policies for childbearing support are gradually implemented. It took the lead in implementing the three-child childcare subsidy policy in the province, confirming 639 people with three-child childcare subsidies, and promoting long-term balanced development of the population. Vigorous efforts have been made to develop the integration of daycare, with the number of daycare institutions and kindergartens in the city reaching 1,009, and the number of daycares per 1,000 people reaching 3.4.

As part of continuing to consolidate the grassroots foundation, consolidate grassroots services, and innovate grassroots services, in 2023, Shenyang City will in-depth implement the “Strengthening the Basics Action” for health. This year, the construction of 16 township health centers and 329 village clinics has been completed. The construction compliance rate and bed installation rate of community health service centers have increased to 95.1%. 104 health studios have been built and 32,900 oximeter pieces have been provided to the grassroots. Equip the city’s community health service centers and township health centers with 191 portable color ultrasounds.

The supply of medical services at the county level continues to increase. Strengthen the construction of clinical specialties and management capabilities of county-level hospitals, improve the diagnosis and treatment capabilities of major diseases such as tumors and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, support the construction of chest pain, stroke, and trauma centers in suburban counties such as Faku and Kangping, and actively promote 15 critical maternal and 12 The critical neonatal rescue center and the “five major centers” have opened emergency first aid “green channels”.

“Healthy Shenyang” enters the community to serve and warm people’s hearts. 2,053 family doctor contracting service teams have been established, covering 100% of the city’s communities (villages), with more than 3.49 million contracted residents, of which the contracting rate for key groups reached 69.94%; the standardized management rates for patients with hypertension and type 2 diabetes reached 78.85% and 78.66 respectively. %. More than 10,000 health education activities such as reasonable meals, emergency first aid and other health science lectures and consultations have been carried out, and residents’ health literacy levels have been steadily improved.

Constructing a “medical highland” and promoting the sinking of high-quality medical resources simultaneously

Recently, in order to actively respond to the Shenyang Municipal People’s Government’s Beijing-Shenyang in-depth cooperation strategic deployment and help Shenyang achieve new breakthroughs in medical technology capabilities, recently, with the active promotion of the Municipal Health Commission, the country’s top cardiovascular hospital – China Medical The unveiling ceremony of the Cardiovascular Disease Technical Training Center of Fuwai Hospital of the Academy of Sciences was successfully held at Shenyang Fourth People’s Hospital.

This unveiling ceremony is just one of the measures taken by Shenyang City to actively build a high level of medical services. In recent years, Shenyang has promoted the construction of a national regional cancer medical center and invited experts from the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to carry out diagnosis and treatment work in Shenyang. The level of cancer diagnosis and treatment has been significantly improved. The main building of the National Children’s Regional Medical Center has been topped out, and it is actively building a large-scale medical functional cluster with the Children’s Medical Center as the core. Deepen cross-city specialist alliance cooperation, and the metropolitan diabetic foot specialist alliance has achieved remarkable results. Establish telemedicine consultation centers in urban areas to promote the gradual mutual recognition of examination results.

On the one hand, it is to build a “medical highland”, and on the other hand, it is to promote the effective sinking of high-quality medical resources. To this end, Shenyang City has established 19 urban medical groups and 4 county medical communities to promote “regional separation”, “urban and rural separation”, “upper and lower separation” and “urgent and chronic separation” of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. It referred 11,000 patients in two directions and dispatched 2,748 patients. Backbone experts went to primary medical institutions to carry out diagnosis, treatment, surgery, etc., and conducted more than 17,000 remote consultations, benefiting more than 52,000 people, promoting a balanced distribution of high-quality medical resources.

With the rapid development of Internet technology, the new model of “Internet + medical health” has also been fully applied in Shenyang.

Shenyang City has built 23 Internet hospitals, serving 1.801 million people, and is actively building an integrated online and offline health management model. 33 hospitals have launched Shengshitong’s “Good Medical Care” to realize functions such as appointment registration, intelligent waiting, report inquiry, etc., with 8.52 million appointments for diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that the public can enjoy the high-quality development results of the hospital, while comprehensively upgrading the 120 emergency command and dispatch system to promote pre-hospital Emergency and hospital diagnosis and treatment are interconnected.

In the context of striving to write a new chapter for the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China, Shenyang will continue to improve the medical and health service system, continue to optimize medical and health services, continue to improve the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, continue to optimize the “one old and one young” supporting services, and continue to accelerate the “one old and one young” supporting services. We will make every effort to promote the high-quality development of health services, actively build a “Healthy Shenyang” people’s livelihood brand, and strive to write a new chapter in Chinese-style modern Shenyang.

Shen Weixuan

Editor: Liu Xin

Reviewer: Xu Xiaojing

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