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White lung suddenly appears in children in many places in China Experts: Caused by new coronavirus variant | Chinese children | Mycoplasma pneumonia

White lung suddenly appears in children in many places in China Experts: Caused by new coronavirus variant | Chinese children | Mycoplasma pneumonia
White lung suddenly appears in children in many places in China Experts: Caused by new coronavirus variant | Chinese children | Mycoplasma pneumonia

Since September 2023, “Mycoplasma pneumonia” has broken out among children in China, but a Chinese doctor revealed that this is actually a variant of the new coronavirus. American virologists also said that mycoplasma pneumonia is unlikely to cause “white lung”, let alone be untreatable. (Screenshot from the video)

[The Epoch Times, November 4, 2023](Interview and report by Wang Jiayi, reporter of the Epoch Times Special Topics Department) Recently, a new round of pneumonia has broken out in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and the number of children with “big white lung” has increased sharply. Officials say that mycoplasma pneumonia has entered a high-incidence period. Expect. Some doctors privately revealed that the so-called mycoplasma pneumonia is actually a variant of COVID-19 (Chinese Communist Party virus).

On November 2, the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the daily number of respiratory infection cases admitted to Beijing Children’s Hospital has reached 3,500 to 3,600. Some parents of children said that there were long queues of people everywhere in the hospital, and it was impossible to squeeze into the infusion room. Every floor of the hospital was crowded with children with infusion, and the waiting time was as long as seven or eight hours.

Not only the municipal children’s hospital is full, but also the pediatric emergency departments of major hospitals in Beijing are full. On October 31, a video on the official account of Beijing News Broadcasting on Weibo showed that many parents reported that in some tertiary hospitals, people had to wait in line for four or five hours to see a doctor in the afternoon, and they had to wait until the evening to see a doctor in the afternoon. After all, the emergency number at night could not even be finished until the next morning.

Xiang Hui (pseudonym), a Beijing citizen, told The Epoch Times, “My child is in a small kindergarten class. Because there are no beds in the hospital, he has been taking medicine at home for treatment and has been resting for three weeks. Now that the child has recovered slightly, I was originally struggling with whether to send him away. I went to kindergarten, but when I saw that most of the children in the class had asked for leave due to illness, and because of the severe smog in Beijing recently, I temporarily suspended the kindergarten for my children and continued to take care of their health at home.”

Although the Chinese Communist Party officially said it was mycoplasma pneumonia, some children tested negative for mycoplasma.

According to a report by Beijing News Broadcasting on October 30, Qiqi, a fourth grade primary school boy in Fengtai District, developed cough, fatigue, and lack of energy on the 20th. His parents rushed him to the 731 Hospital for treatment, but the child’s mycoplasma test result was negative. The doctor prescribed azithromycin, and three days after taking it, the child developed “white lungs.” Parents took their children to the Capital Institute of Pediatrics in the East Second Ring Road, but there were more than 600 children in line in front of them who needed to be hospitalized. They could only receive conservative treatment with infusions in the outpatient department.

Wang Ye (pseudonym), a pediatrician at a hospital in Beijing, was also infected. She told the Epoch Times reporter: “There are no effective drugs for this wave of infection. I took all the drugs that can treat mycoplasma pneumonia, but it has no effect. So I doubt that this is mycoplasma pneumonia.”

Not only in Beijing, but also in Shanghai, the children’s outpatient clinics of many hospitals have been full recently. Shanghai citizens revealed that most of the children they knew were infected, and they developed severe white lungs. “Mycoplasma has exploded in Shanghai this time. It only takes five minutes to see a doctor and seven or eight hours of waiting in line.” On November 2, many netizens posted on Weibo saying that the hospital was overcrowded: “Shanghai Xinhua Hospital is now 9 a.m., and we can only take out the evening supplies.” There are more than 3,000 calls a day.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in many places in China have also released information that the incidence of respiratory infectious diseases in China has increased overall recently. Some cities have activated Fangcang shelters due to medical shortages, but require the families of patients not to reveal the word “Fangcang cabin” and rename them negative pressure wards.

Ms. Li from Jilin City, whose two children both developed “white lungs,” told NTDTV that a doctor privately told her that this was actually the new coronavirus variant and that nucleic acids could not detect it, but the government refused to let her know.

American virologist Lin Xiaoxu told The Epoch Times on November 3, “In fact, COVID has never left China. But the Chinese Communist authorities did not dare to mention it anymore, so they used ‘A influenza’ or ‘mycoplasma pneumonia’ to explain it away. Mycoplasma pneumonia is not easily caused. Pulmonary infection is what people call “white lung”, and it is not difficult to control it with antibiotics targeting mycoplasma pneumonia. It does not mean that the medicine does not work. Therefore, from a professional point of view, it should be a variant of the new coronavirus. And a comprehensive attack by more than two viruses and germs cannot be ruled out.”

Ou Kai, a political commentator in Japan, believes that it is not surprising that multiple virus strains exist at the same time. In China, any information about epidemics is basically opaque, and it is not limited to the new coronavirus. The epidemics and outbreaks of other epidemics, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS, and SARS, are also tried to cover up.

Two months ago, on September 28, a research paper published in the journal Virology stated that Shi Zhengli, director of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Center at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, said that her team had currently assessed 40 new coronaviruses. There is a risk of human-to-human transmission, half of which are high-risk viruses, and six species have been found to be able to infect humans and cause disease. The paper points out that it is almost certain that another outbreak caused by the coronavirus is “highly likely”.

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