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The CCP-themed movie has been questioned. The screenwriter scolded netizens and caused public outrage | I am originally a mountain | Yuan Yuan | Zhang Guimei


[The Epoch Times, November 20, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Li Jing) The CCP-themed movie “I Am a Mountain” was officially screened. Some of the plots were questioned. The screenwriter of the film cursed netizens because of this, and CCTV officials Wei defended his gaffe, causing public outrage.

Recently, many netizens have questioned the phenomenon of “consuming women, objectifying women, and belittling women” in the main theme movie “I Am a Mountain”, which is heavily promoted by the Chinese Communist Party.

Faced with doubts from netizens, Yuan Yuan, the screenwriter of “I am a Mountain”, posted a reply on her personal social account “Yuan Xiaoyuan” on November 19, saying: “The current public opinion encountered by the movie is just like the forces that prevent girls from going to school in the movie. They didn’t want more girls to see it, and they were scared, so they rolled into a ball and came over. But no matter how they intimidate, such movies will still be filmed and shown.”

Yuan Yuan also said: “Your grandma and I were born into mountains!!”

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On the social platform Douban, Yuan Yuan even used fierce words to reply to netizens on her personal account, saying: “You are happy when all the men are dead? Where is your father?” “Is he blind or has amnesia?” “I’m tm It’s a mountain!”

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The film “I Am a Mountain” adapted from the deeds of Zhang Guimei, the so-called “model of the times” promoted by the Chinese Communist Party, is being screened across the country. The film is directed by Zheng Dasheng and Yang Jin, written by Yuan Yuan and Chen Qiling, and starring Hai Qing.

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The screenwriter’s response to the film triggered a wave of public opinion. On the 19th, CCTV Movie Channel posted a response on Weibo, admitting that the screenwriter’s response was “gaffeful.”

But then CCTV changed the topic, saying that many commentators were watching the film with “ulterior motives”, and many of the accounts came from “far away overseas”, and said that the “malicious” commentators were throwing “dirty” at the film. Water” is the sinister “wolf heart”.

The above-mentioned gaffe by the screenwriter of the film “I am a Mountain” attracted CCTV’s official Weibo to endorse it, which instead caused more controversy.

Many netizens commented: “CCTV’s so-called ‘far overseas’ will be labeled as a foreign force if you post a negative review. If you are labeled as a ‘foreign force, sowing discord’, no one will dare to speak.”

“This is to turn all those with different opinions into masters of rhythm. The reviews of the movie itself come from different people’s different opinions. There is no need to kill all objections with one knife.”

“This kind of subject matter was easy to fool two years ago, but now it has been beaten by an iron fist. It is inevitable for me to be in the cold when the mountains are high.”

“I would like to seriously advise everyone: this is a bad movie. Don’t buy it after being stimulated. If you have the money to donate to the poor, there is no need for them to cut leeks and contribute to the box office. They have schools and ZF (government) to book the theater, and the box office is not bad. .”

Some netizens said: “It doesn’t matter, I didn’t plan to watch this movie anyway, and I have no interest in Zhang Guimei.”

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