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Jet Li, who has been repeatedly rumored to be dead, appears in Taiwan and shouts “I’m not dead yet” (photo) Beyond Life and Death | Jet Li is looking for Jet Li | Movie and TV Hot Discussions |


Martial arts superstar Jet Li recently released a new book “Beyond Life and Death: Jet Li’s Search for Jet Li”. On the 16th, he attended a spiritual lecture at Jingsi Bookstore on Daai TV. At the beginning of the event, he humorously said “I’m not dead yet” and personally refuted the misinformation about his death. . (Photo source: Central News Agency/Photo by Xu Zhaochang)
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Martial arts superstar Jet Li came to Taiwan to promote his new book “Beyond Life and Death: Jet Li’s Search for Jet Li”. He humorously said “I’m not dead yet” at the beginning of the book today, and also imparted the secret of a happy life.
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When attending a lecture today, Jet Li appeared wearing a hat and black-rimmed glasses. As soon as he appeared, he said humorously: “I’m not dead yet. It’s been rumored in mainland China recently that I’ve been dead for 10 years, and there are still more than 10 million people.” People pay attention, and some people say that he has not died even after dying so many times.”

Jet Li said that there are rumors that he has disappeared, is seriously ill, and is about to die, but he has been practicing with great concentration in the past 20 years. As long as he is 360-degree prepared, “nothing will surprise him.”

Jet Li said that in the past three years, the COVID-19 epidemic and technological development have caused psychological distress, pressure and tension to many people around the world. Jet Li’s guru encouraged him to share with everyone how he has come through these years, so he wanted to write a book. This is also a confession he made to himself at the age of 60, “Take what is useful and interesting, and throw it away if you feel bored.” ”.

Jet Li also shared with the audience what happiness is. He gave an example, making 10 million in a movie is very happy. Watching others earn 20 million makes you a little jealous and becomes unhappy. However, the happiness that everyone pursues external label material is short-lived, ” We are actually slaves to the material language.”

Jet Li pointed out that everyone has been taught since childhood that they must pursue “fame, power, and profit” in order to feel safe and gain happiness. He had thought about this problem 20 years ago. When he came into contact with Buddhism, he felt that Sakyamuni Buddha was a prince. Why he had everything but was still unhappy was because he could not control birth, aging, illness and death. This made him rethink what happiness is, and the answer is “to be truly free is to transcend life and death.” From then on, he plunged into it, converted to charity in Taiwan, and worked seriously for charity.

Jet Li has encountered many life and death difficulties in his career, including the South Asian tsunami, falling from a height of 12 feet, and severe altitude sickness. “Understand that teaching theory and experience are two different concepts. What you experience personally becomes yours.”

In the past, Jet Li wanted to wait until the age of 60 to retire before doing good deeds and practicing Buddhism. However, he realized that life and death are impermanent and he had to change his life immediately. He said: “From my childhood self to my greater self, I started doing charity and public welfare. I especially like to apply this theory to Only by combining lives can I be qualified to share with others what the process of transformation is.”

In order to experience first-hand “whether you can let go”, Jet Li helped a director make a movie about autism and described the voices of parents. He only received a reward of 1 US dollar and asked himself every day whether it was worth not doing something worth 10 million. , it turned out that after filming, there were no theaters to show it, but 3,000 parents of autistic patients wrote letters to thank him, which also made him understand that “altruism is as important as self-interest.”

Another time Jet Li was stuck going through customs in Hong Kong, and the people behind him kept scolding him, “Why are you so stupid?” Jet Li kept smiling, but the customs officer said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Li, the machine is broken.” He also turned around and said “Sorry”, everyone realized that the person who had been scolding for a long time was Jet Li.

Jet Li believes, “When facing any difficulty, if you see it as positive, it is positive, and if you see it as negative, it is negative. If hyperthyroidism comes, then treat it. If it cannot be cured, you will be happy. That is Buddhism reminding you to face it.” Now he is comfortable turning every negative into a positive, “turning troubles into enlightenment.”

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