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It is shockingly reported that “Zhong Ni”, a male Internet celebrity in China with 5 million fans, drowned in Bali Island (photo) Bali Island | Death | Wife | Karina | Birthday | Hot Movies and TV Discussions |


It was shockingly reported that Chinese male internet celebrity “Zhong Ni” drowned in Bali, Indonesia. His body was found on the sea by rescuers on the 8th. (Image source: Weibo)
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Chinese male internet celebrity”Zhongni“(real name Huang Xiaofeng) was shockingly reported in IndonesiaBalidrowningdie, whose body was found on the sea by rescuers on the 8th.Also drowned was him in Ukrainewife karina(Karina Melnychuk), but was rescued and sent to the hospital shortly after the incident.It is said that the day Zhongni died was hisBirthdaythe news shocked the people of mainland China.
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According to Indonesian media reports, on the afternoon of November 7, local time, 34-year-old Chinese man Jhony Xiao Fong and his 30-year-old Ukrainian wife Karina Melnychuk were washed away by huge waves in the off-limits area of ​​Batubelig Beach in Bali. Shortly after the incident, Karina was rescued and taken to the nearest clinic for treatment. But on the morning of November 8, local rescuers found the body of Jhony Xiao Fong floating in the sea near Petitenget Beach. At present, his body has been recovered and sent to the hospital.

Chinese male internet celebrity Zhong Ni (left) was shocked to hear that he drowned in Bali, Indonesia. Also drowned was his Ukrainian wife Karina (right), but he was rescued and sent to the hospital shortly after the incident. (Image source: Weibo)

As of the evening of November 8, the Denpasar Special Administrative Region Office of Bali confirmed that the passport name of the deceased was “Huang Xiaofeng”, whose name was the same as the Internet celebrity “Zhong Ni”, and his English name was Xiao Fong Jhony. He was 34 years old and came from China; His wife Karina is from Ukraine and is a model. She was born in 1993 and is 30 years old this year. His name, location, and birthday are consistent with the identity information of Internet celebrity Zhong Ni.

Some mainland netizens said that the day Zhong Ni drowned was his birthday.

Internet celebrity dies
Some mainland netizens said that the day Zhong Ni drowned was his birthday. (Picture source: Weibo screenshot)

Related topics immediately hit the top of Weibo’s hot searches, with netizens saying, “Zhongni was killed in Bali… I vaguely remembered something on the beach. I saw a comment and remembered that Zhongni had made a video about him and Ka. The first time Karina met was at the beach. In the film, they were sitting side by side. Then Zhong Ni fell asleep, and Karina stood up and left first. They first met at the beach and separated in the sea. Yesterday was Zhong Ni’s birthday. Life and death are on the same day. Destiny is really a fateful feeling.”, “Karina originally suffered from mental illness. This time when the couple went out to play happily, something happened. Something happened on her husband’s birthday. What should she and her daughter do? How do you spend it?”, “Zhongni is a strange netizen to me, and the only feeling I feel when he passes away is ‘shock’. This must make Karina and their children and family sad”, “At first I felt that he had passed away. I felt sorry for him, and later felt that Karina was pitiful.”, “Oh my God, a friend from abroad sent the video to me, and everyone was swollen, so pitiful.”, “It has been a long time since there was anything new on the Internet that shocked me. I feel sorry for him that he is alive. Karina, he died, I feel even more sorry for Karina”, “Hao Mo Mo is a bit sad… I hope Karina and her daughter can come out well and have a happier life.”

died in bali
As of 1 a.m. on the 9th, related topics immediately topped the list of hot searches on Weibo. (Picture source: Weibo screenshot)

Public information shows that Zhong Ni’s original name is Huang Xiaofeng. He was born in Xiamen, Fujian Province in 1988. He graduated from Zhejiang University. He is 185cm tall and looks like a mixed race. He has 5.435 million fans on Weibo. In 2015, he participated in a dating show and met Karina, a Ukrainian. The two got married in 2016 and settled in China. They have a daughter. Zhong Ni has published works such as “Thank You for Coming to My World” and “If I Can See You Again”.

Although Zhongni and Karina have always created a loving image since their marriage, they were exposed to scandals including multiple cheatings last year, and their image suffered a heavy setback. However, the woman chose to continue to be together, and later the two even called off on the advice of a psychiatrist. account, trying to protect the marriage, but unexpectedly, news of Zhong Ni’s death came out, which made netizens sigh.

According to “Jiupai News”, Zhong Ni is one of the shareholders of Interstellar Space (Xiamen) Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. On the evening of November 8, a staff member of the company said, “I don’t know either, and I am also seeking confirmation.” He also said that he could not contact Zhong Ni at the moment. He also said that he did not have contact information for Zhongni’s wife, Karina.

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