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Just because of the Chinese plant system? Gong Li talks about Zhang Ziyi’s new developments after divorce (photo) Wang Feng | Mainland Current Affairs |


Gong Li, a well-known movie star who has recently collaborated with Zhang Ziyi, revealed Zhang Ziyi’s latest developments after her divorce on the show. (Photo source: Zhang Ziyi/Weibo)
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[Watch China November 7, 2023](Watch comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Li Xiaokui) Chinese movie starsZhang Ziyiend of last month andWang FengThe official announcement of the end of eight years of marriage shocked the entertainment industry. Recently, some netizens dug up Wang Feng’s song “Runaway” released last year and speculated that he was expressing his dissatisfaction with his marriage life; some also revealed that Zhang Ziyi and his wife “Zhongzhidivorcerumors spread all over the place.
It is forbidden to create mirror websites on Chinese websites. Return to the genuine Chinese website.

Recently, famous movie stars who have collaborated with Zhang ZiyiGong LiZhang Ziyi’s latest news after her divorce was revealed on the showdynamicattracting attention from the outside world.

Is Zhang Ziyi unwilling to attend dinner parties after her divorce?Gong Li reveals the reason

Recently, the news that the well-known Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi and singer Wang Feng suddenly announced their divorce shocked the entertainment industry. Although the marriage between the two was not optimistic from the beginning, they lived together for 8 years and had a pair of lovely children. People inside and outside the circle also sent blessings, hoping that they would always be in love, but they did not expect that they would end up divorced. As for the reason for their divorce, there is a lot of speculation from all walks of life.

According to entertainment news “UOSNEWS”, Zhang Ziyi has devoted herself to work since her divorce, frequently attending various events and adjusting well. It seems that her mood has not been affected by the divorce.

The report also mentioned that Gong Li, who had collaborated with Zhang Ziyi on “Memoirs of a Geisha”, was asked by a reporter when she attended a program not long ago: “What do you think of Zhang Ziyi’s divorce?” Gong Li responded, “The divorce must have been carefully considered by both parties.” Decision, Zhang Ziyi has always been a person who has great ideas and knows what she wants. As an actress, she is dedicated, takes her acting seriously, and the characters she creates are quite distinctive, so the 44-year-old Zhang Ziyi is still very popular with everyone. .”

However, Gong Li changed the subject and revealed that after Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng divorced, every time she called Zhang Ziyi to invite her out for dinner, she was rejected. When asked the reason for the rejection, Gong Li joked, “Every time Zhang Ziyi said she was either at work or on the way to work. , there was even an important reason for raising a baby, and she complained to me that if she didn’t work hard this year, she would have to tighten her belt during the New Year! Hahaha!”

Previously, although Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng emphasized in their official statement announcing the end of their eight-year marriage that “there is no dispute between us about right and wrong, and separation does not mean betrayal or betrayal,” the outside world still speculated that something must have happened between the two.

Several mainland self-media accounts once quoted news and broke the news, saying, “Wang Feng is not just gambling, it is all trivial. Wang Feng took Zhang Ziyi’s money to invest in the trust (fund) of the ‘Zhongzhi Department’. The Zhongzhi Department exploded. The couple lost 9 figures (RMB, the same below). It is said that some industry boss told Wang Feng that there was an insider trust system, which ordinary people could not buy. It turned out that he sang, but he didn’t know how to finance. Well, it’s a big deal to use the joint property of the couple to invest in Zhongzhi.” The revelation also mentioned that Sun Li and Deng Chao, as well as the actor Huang Xiaoming who divorced Angelababy last year, all lost a lot of money, “All in 8 digits or more”.

Public information shows that Zhang Ziyi was born in Beijing in 1979 and is an actress from mainland China. She studied dance since she was a child and was admitted to the drama performance department of the Central Academy of Drama in 1996. While studying, she became famous for starring in Zhang Yimou’s film “My Father and Mother”, and later became world-famous for her role in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” (2000).

As for relationships, Zhang Ziyi also had twists and turns. Zhang Ziyi dated Huo Qishan, Aviv Vivi Nevo and Sa Beining respectively; she was engaged to Israeli venture capitalist Aviv Nevo in July 2008, but later broke up in 2010; 2015 On February 7, 2018, Zhang Ziyi agreed to Wang Feng’s proposal at her birthday party. On December 27, 2015, Zhang Ziyi announced on Weibo that her daughter was born in the United States. On October 28, 2019, when Zhang Ziyi appeared at the Tokyo International Film Festival, she announced that she was pregnant with her second child and said that she was 30 weeks pregnant. In 2020, Zhang Ziyi gave birth to her son in the United States. But on October 23, 2023, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng simultaneously posted on Weibo to admit their peaceful divorce.

Zhang Ziyi is rumored to be divorcing because of her relationship with China, and her secret entertainment territory is exposed

It is worth mentioning that it is no secret that Chinese entertainment stars are popular in investing. In addition to starting companies and investing in stocks, they also invest in trusts for financial management. Zhongzhi Capital also has an entertainment sector, such as Zhongnan Culture, Mango TV, Bona Pictures, etc., which can involve a large number of people in the film and television entertainment industry.

In 2013, Zhongzhi Capital subscribed for 23.84 million shares of Datang Brilliance for RMB 190 million. The price of Datang Huihuang’s 100% equity commitment to Zhongnan Heavy Industry is 1 billion yuan. In this restructuring, Zhongzhi Capital and Beijing Jiacheng both made huge profits. Datang Huihuang is mainly engaged in the production of TV series, and its shareholders include well-known actors such as Tang Guoqiang and Chen Jianbin.

In April 2015, Zhongnan Heavy Industry, the predecessor of Zhongnan Culture, announced that it would acquire 100% equity of Qianyi Zhicheng for 260 million yuan. This transaction is also “acquisition by Zhongnan Heavy Industry and profit by Zhongzhi Capital.” Previously, in August 2014, Zhongnan Cultural Fund, jointly established by Zhongnan Heavy Industry, Zhongzhi Capital and Zhongnan Heavy Industry, invested 54 million yuan in Qianyi Zhicheng and obtained 30% of its equity. Calculated based on Zhongnan Heavy Industry’s purchase price, Zhongnan Cultural Fund’s profit exceeded 40%. Qianyi Zhicheng has artists such as Jiang Wenli, Sun Li, Liu Ye, and Huang Xuan.

In 2016, the listed company of Zhongnan Culture acquired 100% of the equity of Beijing Xinhua Pioneer Culture, which owns writers such as Yan Geling, Tianxia Ba Sing, and Liang Xiaosheng. Zhongnan Culture later invested in the establishment of Zhongnan Pictures, which was one of the producers of “I’m Not the God of Medicine” starring Xu Zheng and others.

From 2018 to 2019, Zhongnan Culture suffered huge losses of several billion yuan. In 2019, Zhongnan Group granted the voting rights, nomination rights, etc. corresponding to its equity holdings to Zhongzhi Department, and Xie Zhikun became the actual controller.

In May 2020, Jiangyin State-owned Assets obtained 24.5% of Zhongnan Culture’s shares, replacing Zhongzhi as the company’s new actual controller.

In December 2021, many well-known Chinese film and television industry figures appeared in the notice of the funeral committee of Zhongzhi Group founder Xie Zhikun. In addition to Zhikun’s wife and the well-known mainland singer Mao Amin, they also included director Chen Kaige, actor Chen Hong, Bona Pictures Group founder Yu Dong and others.’s “Fengcai News” published an article in August titled “A mine that explodes more than Evergrande?” Trillion private enterprises exploded in 16 listed companies in a row, and 150,000 rich people ‘returned to poverty overnight’> The article pointed out that Zhongrong Trust, the most core financial investment platform in the capital territory of the “Zhongzhi Department”, had suspended payment involving 150,000 people. A high-net-worth investor, the debt and equity are approximately 230 billion yuan, and another said it is 607.2 billion yuan.

It is understood that Zhongzhi Group’s huge capital system is complex, with a total of 2,929 companies holding or holding shares. Data shows that Chinese real estate companies such as Evergrande, Sunac, Sunshine 100, and World Trade Center have all borrowed money from Zhongzhi. Zhongzhi Group claims to have nearly RMB 1 trillion in assets under management, more than 10,000 employees, and is involved in dozens of listed companies. The original head, Xie Zhikun, died unexpectedly at the end of 2021 at the age of 61.

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