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Chinese actor Ning Jing was asked not to say forbidden words such as weight loss during live broadcast | Slimming | Narrow

Chinese actor Ning Jing was asked not to say forbidden words such as weight loss during live broadcast | Slimming | Narrow
Chinese actor Ning Jing was asked not to say forbidden words such as weight loss during live broadcast | Slimming | Narrow

[The Epoch Times, November 06, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Xia Song) There are so many banned sensitive words in mainland China that it is ridiculous and funny. Recently, Chinese actor Ning Jing conducted a live broadcast to sell weight loss products. When he talked about several very fashionable weight loss methods on the Internet, his assistant repeatedly reminded him not to say “lose weight”, “slim down” or “slim”. Forced to do nothing, she could only describe herself as “narrow”.

According to a video posted online, Ning Jing said during the live broadcast that “there are several ways to lose weight that are very fashionable on the Internet now” when he was reminded by his assistant that “you can’t talk about losing weight.” Ning Jing changed her words and said, “Just to lose weight,” and the assistant next to her reminded her, “That won’t work either.” Jing Jing then changed her words, “Make yourself slim,” and asked her assistant, “Can you say this?” After being told that she couldn’t, she had to say, “Just make yourself narrow,” and the assistant whispered, “Slim.” Then he said, “You can make yourself thinner.”

Then, Jing Jing turned to his assistant and said, “It’s so funny that it can be so detailed (while shaking his head helplessly), that’s all I can say.”

Then, Ning Jing said that during the live broadcast just now, there was no administrator. “But he printed several pieces of paper. I can’t see the printed ones. I have to wear glasses to see them.” At the same time, Ning Jing showed the administrator. Print the prohibited words on A4 size paper, at least 4 sheets.

Ning Jing continued the live broadcast, “I am indeed a bit narrower now than before, but that is due to age. The bones are closer to the front and the skin is closer to the back, so you can see that I am a bit narrower now. I am not trying to lose weight.” , then she realized that she said “lose weight”, and quickly came to the rescue and said, “I’m not aiming to be so narrow. I’m not narrow, but I’m so big. Can you see that I’m fat? I’m so big… Look, this Is it the fault of a narrow person?” Until he lost his patience and said, “Ouch, I can’t stand it anymore!”

Zhihu netizen “Ya Qingmu” said that as long as the platform detects a large number of sensitive words, the anchor will be severely punished immediately. If Ning Jing did not say that he was sharing the “narrowing” method and insisted on sharing the method of losing weight in the live broadcast room, the live broadcast room would be punished in a few minutes.

If the platform does not find that the anchor has serious problems, it will stop broadcasting for 10 minutes as a punishment; if the anchor is found to have serious problems, his account will be permanently banned. This is why Ning Jing was forced to “narrow” in the live broadcast room.

The netizen said that there are many people who deceive people under the banner of losing weight. “Lose weight, slim down, slim” are words with a very high “accident rate”. It is understandable that they are listed as sensitive words, but in order to reduce their own workload, the platform does not It would be too much to indiscriminately restrict or even stop broadcasting, forcing others to use other words to replace them.

“One Green Wood” finally said that the platform can punish anchors who say wrong things and do bad things, but don’t ban those who speak normally. “We also hope that we won’t have a bunch of **** when we chat online. , and then are forced to use other words or words to replace it. Although the meaning can still be expressed by simply going around in a circle, it is very boring to do so, because Chinese people on Chinese soil have the right to speak the complete Chinese language as a matter of course.”

On October 31, “When has Tranquility ever been wronged like this?” became a hot search term.

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“You’re a stingy guy,” he said, “You can’t laugh. Why are you like this now (not referring to Tranquility)?”

“咩 Yangyang_s” said: “Only mainland Chinese online platforms in the world cannot use the correct words in the correct context for live broadcasts. Subtitles and other things have to be replaced with pinyin-shaped characters. Is this the freedom of Internet culture?”

“Jinxi_luckyguild” said: “The current platform is outrageous. There are a lot of things that can’t be said. I don’t know what I’m listening to. It’s like being a dumb fan.”

“I am your innocent mother,” she said, “I can’t say this or that in this live broadcast. It’s like a prison of words. I’m laughing to death.”

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