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The main figures who controlled the OpenAI “coup” and a large number of employees threatened to resign and asked Altman to return; Hongmeng system was revealed to be incompatible with Android; NIO Li Bin’s internal speech leaked | Leifeng Morning News |


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There’s a big fuss!Almost all OpenAI employees threaten to resign and join Microsoft unless the board of directors is dissolved and Altman is brought back

The “Palace Fight” drama of ChatGPT development company OpenAI is still going on. According to US technology media Wired, more than 721 OpenAI employees signed a joint letter threatening to resign, demanding that the company’s board of directors resign and reinstate its two co-founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. (Greg Brockman) position, otherwise they would join Microsoft.

Surprisingly, the letter was also signed by the company’s chief scientist and board member Ilya Sutskever, who was accused of manipulating and orchestrating the boardroom coup against Altman. Before the letter was released, Sutskever posted on Facebook: “I deeply regret participating in the board’s actions. I never meant to harm OpenAI. I love everything we have created together, and I will do whatever I can to bring the company back together again.” .”

According to reports, OpenAI has about 770 employees in total. The initial number of employees who signed the joint letter was nearly 500, and new employees continued to join. Reports say that a large number of OpenAI employees are frustrated with Altman’s departure. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the OpenAI board of directors on the Internet. At least dozens of employees have followed Altman and left the company, including some senior researchers.

Domestic information

Founder of TSMC: It is impossible for the United States to copy TSMC. Semiconductors cannot become independent by spending money

According to news on November 20, TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou publicly stated that it is basically impossible for the US semiconductor industry to become independent. Zhang Zhongmou said that it is simply impossible for the United States to re-establish a Capacity (scale) like TSMC, at least in the short term. Talking about the US chip bill, Zhang Zhongmou said that the investment amount to attract TSMC to set up factories in the United States is US$52 billion, of which US$39 billion is US government subsidies, but this is the total amount of subsidies over many years. TSMC invests an average of US$30 billion or more every year. “Can this be interpreted as the United States attracting a relatively small amount of investment?”

Zhang Zhongmou said that whether it is the US chip bill or other bills, “I think they are quite wasteful.” “If the United States thinks it can enter the world’s most complex chip manufacturing market by spending money, it would be too naive. Semiconductor chip manufacturing is extremely complex, requires a lot of labor, and pays attention to assembly quality.” Zhang Zhongmou said. (Quick Technology)

It is reported that Hongmeng system will not be compatible with Android next year. Industry insiders: There is indeed an internal plan for this

Recently, it was reported that the current developer preview version of HarmonyOS NEXT is no longer compatible with Android. Huawei may launch a version of Harmony that is not compatible with Android next year. In this regard, industry insiders said: “Huawei does have this plan internally, which is to launch an incompatible version next year.” There is a Hongmeng version of Android, but no relevant notification has been issued internally, so it is not clear when it will be launched.”

Huawei stated that there are currently no plans to use HarmonyOS on overseas mobile phones, and overseas consumers can continue to use Android applications with confidence through Huawei mobile phones equipped with the EMUI version. (Securities Times)

Xiaomi mobile phone was deliberately smeared, Lei Jun @小米brand safety “attacked”

On November 20, Lei Jun himself retweeted a netizen’s Weibo post and wrote @小米brand安全官网. According to the Weibo content, a black public relations officer found netizens who reported normal Xiaomi problems and asked them to repost materials showing freezing, heating, frame drops, etc., and offered a price of 50 yuan per item, which would then be posted to video platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Bilibili. . Some people even provide a special App. After selecting the memory version of their phone, the phone will freeze after about 10 seconds, asking the customer to record the screen at this time, and mention “Be sure to turn on the camera to see how stuck the viewfinder is.” .

The other party also said that this matter was done frequently and “no one was ever prosecuted.” Judging from the screenshots exposed, they are already fabricated facts and deliberately discredited. Lei Jun himself has spoken, and Xiaomi’s legal department should start collecting evidence and processing it. (Quick Technology)

NIO Li Bin’s internal speech leaked out, the first car company cooperation in battery swap business will be implemented

On November 20, NIO founder @李斌 initiated an internal speech and Q&A for all employees, focusing on topics such as recent organizational optimization, sales pressure, and development direction in the next two years. In response to employees’ questions about whether the battery swapping business is sustainable, Li Bin responded that battery swapping is NIO’s huge first-mover advantage. It has now reached the moment of opening up to the entire industry, and the first partner will be announced tomorrow. There are still 4-5 companies in talks. ( Technology)

Xiaomi responds to Xiaomi Auto’s progress: A second winter test will be conducted next

At the 2023 third quarter results conference held on the 20th, regarding the progress of Xiaomi Motors, Lu Weibing, partner and president of Xiaomi Group, responded that the mass production target for the first half of next year will remain unchanged, and a second winter test will be conducted next. He revealed that Xiaomi Automobile has about 3,000 R&D personnel. At the same time, regarding the media report that “Lei Jun expects Xiaomi car sales to be 100,000 units”, Lu Weibing said that Lei Jun had not made a similar comparison. (Sina Technology)

Being questioned about not obtaining “map qualification”?Didi Chuxing’s response

With the convening of the First China Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information Conference, “Didi Maps is suspected of not having obtained the ‘map qualification'” once again attracted the attention of the media and public opinion. Didi Chuxing said it would not announce it to the public for the time being.

In 2022, the Ministry of Natural Resources released the “List of Units that Passed the Review and Renewal of Class A Surveying and Mapping Qualifications for Navigation Electronic Map Production” in two batches. AutoNavi, Tencent, Huawei, Changdi Wanfang (a subsidiary of Baidu), and Meida Zhida (Meituan subsidiary) and 15 other units passed the review and renewed their certificates, but Didi Chuxing’s main navigation service company, Didi (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., did not appear on the list. (Shenzhen Business Daily)

Station B reported a case of “unpacking human flesh”: more than 40 people in 18 provinces and cities were involved in the case, and a minor was detained

Recently, Station B reported a case of “human flesh unboxing” (referring to the use of illegal means to publicly expose other people’s private data and information). In August this year, Station B received reports from multiple UP owners, claiming that there were groups on overseas platforms that organized and instigated users to “unbox human flesh” on the UP owners on the site. This group not only disclosed the personal information of UP owners online, but also conducted a series of illegal activities such as harassing them through private phone calls, online violent attacks, and false and malicious reports.

According to the report, the public security organs found that this cyber violence infringement case involved more than 40 people in 18 provinces and cities. The main active personnel are minor L and minor C. Among them, L was given a 10-day administrative detention by the police due to serious illegal facts. At the same time, the illegal behavior will be permanently recorded in his personal file. (

Private equity executive made nearly 100 million yuan in two years and evaded taxes of 31.82 million yuan, and was heavily fined nearly 16 million yuan

A head of private equity risk control earned 98.03 million yuan in two years from labor remuneration, but he evaded 31.82 million yuan in taxes through false declarations, attracting market attention. Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau issued the “Announcement on the Service of the “Tax Administrative Penalty Notice” to Zhang Moumou”. The announcement stated that Zhang Moumou converted more than 98.03 million yuan in labor remuneration from Shenzhen Taizhi Private Equity Investment Fund Co., Ltd. into operating income of his sole proprietorship, and falsely declared more than 31.82 million yuan in tax evasion. The Inspection Bureau plans to impose penalties on him. Nearly 16 million yuan in fines.

On November 18, the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau responded, “Relevant cases are being processed. If the parties involved cannot pay the fine accordingly, the tax department will take corresponding enforcement measures.” (China Times)

Is Tesla going to raise prices again?Salesperson: It’s going to go up even more

Recently, it was reported that Tesla will increase the price in the Chinese market again this week. On the morning of November 20, a Tesla salesperson said, “The price of Model 3 and Model Y will increase this week because of rising costs.” “According to our internal information, this time it is a continuous price increase, targeting It’s a full range of models.” Tesla sales staff also revealed that due to relatively good sales, high pressure on the production line, and rising production costs, Tesla-related models will continue to increase in price this week. (Securities Times)

FAW Toyota Corolla received collective complaints from car owners: car engine lag and navigation inaccurate

According to news on November 20, the third-party car complaint platform[Enter Black Cat Complaint]the complaint list of Car Quality Network shows that FAW Toyota Corolla has received collective complaints from car owners in the past seven days. The causes of complaints are almost all due to problems such as car lag and lack of interconnection functions. Most of the models involved are 2021 Corolla.

Car owners strongly demand upgrades to carplay, carlife, and hicar functions, and hope that manufacturers will replace them with more advanced in-car navigation applications. FAW Toyota did not provide the USB files required for car upgrades, resulting in car owners being unable to update map data on their own. There is a lack of official explanations and solutions. At present, FAW Toyota has not yet made a clear response and released a solution. (Quick Technology)

Buying a chance to marry into a big factory?The second-hand platform provides the service of “delivering dating stickers on the intranet of large factories”

On a certain second-hand trading platform, paid distribution of dating posts on the intranet of large factories has become a new business, with prices ranging from 40 to 188 yuan. The “prices” of different major manufacturers in the capital market and blind date market remain consistent. In a post about Alibaba, Didi and Byte at the same time, ByteDance quoted 160 yuan, Alibaba quoted 116 yuan, and Didi Chuxing quoted 96 yuan. At the same time, there is a line of prompt text below, “Alibaba has separated and now posts from Alipay related departments.”

The main figures who controlled the OpenAI

Lian Runmin, a lawyer from Beijing Jingshi (Hangzhou) Law Firm, said that this kind of behavior is one of the common manifestations of illegal bribery. For example, the improper income from posting has not yet reached the standard for the crime of job embezzlement (a total of 60,000) or the crime of illegal bribery. If the employee exceeds the standard (a total of 30,000), according to the provisions of the labor law and the company’s rules and regulations, the employee can be required to return the improper earnings and unilaterally dismiss him. (Blue Whale Finance)

Gome Electrical Appliances was forcibly extorted another RMB 100 million

Recently, Gome Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. has added multiple pieces of information on persons subject to execution, with a total execution target of more than 100 million yuan. The persons subject to execution also include Dalian Gome Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Gome Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., etc., and the enforcement court includes Dalian Zhongshan District People’s Court, Danzhou City People’s Court, etc. Risk information shows that currently, there are more than 150 pieces of information on persons subject to execution at Gome Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., and the total amount subject to execution exceeds 3 billion yuan. In addition, the company also has information on multiple consumption restriction orders, dishonest persons (Laolai) and final cases. (Financial Associated Press)

A large number of netizens rushed into Henan Unicom’s live broadcast room to use second-hand optical cats. Henan Zhoukou Unicom responded that “the engineer was fired for not completing the sales promotion task.”

On November 20, the topic Henan Unicom was exposed to force users to change optical modems# became a hot search topic and sparked heated discussion. While the live broadcast room of Henan Unicom’s official flagship store was live broadcasting, a large number of netizens rushed into the live broadcast room and said in the comment area, “There are If you don’t have a second-hand light cat, go to the link.” “I can’t understand China Unicom’s approach.” But some netizens said, “They are all workers, so don’t embarrass the anchors and wait for China Unicom’s response.”

The main figures who controlled the OpenAI

According to previous reports, a China Unicom engineer with decades of service in Zhoukou, Henan, was suddenly fired because he failed to complete a sales promotion task. The engineer broke the news that in order to force users to replace optical modems, Henan Zhoukou China Unicom stopped users’ broadband accounts in the background, causing users to be unable to access the Internet, and then asked engineers to come to “repair” them, falsely claiming that the optical modems were damaged and that they needed to spend 299 yuan to replace them. . Henan Zhoukou China Unicom responded that it would fully cooperate with the provincial company’s investigation team to conduct investigation and verification. (Tencent Technology)

Meituan Waimai thanks its first user Sui Rui: all purchases in the past 10 years are free of charge

On November 17, the 10th anniversary of the launch of Meituan Waimai, the company officially issued a message to thank the first user Sui Rui and stated that it had decided to waive all of Sui Rui’s purchases on Meituan Waimai in the past ten years. In addition to the first user of Meituan Takeout, Meituan also gave away a 999 pure gold co-branded commemorative gold medal to the first user of Meituan Takeout from KFC, McDonald’s, Mixue Ice City and Luckin Coffee.

At the same time, Meituan also stated that all users can search for “First Meituan Takeout Order” through the Meituan/Meituan Takeaway APP to view their first Meituan Takeout order record. At present, Meituan Food Delivery is no longer just about food when it was first established. It also provides a variety of services such as door-to-door medicine delivery, Meituan special delivery, and errand purchasing. Not long ago, Meituan also announced that it has reached a cooperation with Huawei and will officially join the Hongmeng ecosystem and start the development of Hongmeng native applications. (Quick Technology)

The live broadcast of goods continues to “surge”!Sales in the first 10 months exceeded 2.2 trillion yuan: an increase of nearly 60%

According to news on November 20, sales of live-streaming products increased by nearly 60% in the first 10 months of this year. Data from the Ministry of Commerce show that from January to October, national online retail sales reached 12.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.2%, and physical online retail sales contributed 32.1% to the growth of social retail sales (total retail sales of consumer goods). According to business big data monitoring, from January to October, live broadcast sales exceeded 2.2 trillion yuan, an increase of 58.9%, accounting for 18.1% of online retail sales, driving online zero growth by 7.5 percentage points. During the “Double 11” that just passed, the performance of live streaming sales was very impressive.

According to institutional data, comprehensive e-commerce sales from 20:00 on November 10 to 24:00 on November 11 were 277.7 billion yuan, of which live e-commerce accounted for 77%. Among them, data released by Yuanwang Technology, to which Jia Nailiang belongs, showed that the total sales of “Double 11” exceeded 1.36 billion yuan, setting a record for the sales of celebrity anchors. (Quick Technology)

After spending more than 1 million to buy a Lincoln, the customer service ridiculed me: Why not just buy a Navigator?

Recently, Mr. Lu from Zhengzhou reported that he spent more than 1 million to buy a Lincoln Navigator. When the lane keeping adaptive cruise function was turned on, although his hands were on the steering wheel, he was always reminded by voice and braked frequently many times. Lu The husband said that after the incident, the 4S store did not admit that there was a problem with the car, thinking that it was because of his poor skills, and even mocked: Didn’t you just buy a navigator?

In this regard, the account director of the 4S store explained: The same words sound different to different people, and they expressed their willingness to apologize. However, Mr. Lu decided to go through judicial procedures to safeguard his rights and interests. At present, both parties have signed a mediation letter. If it cannot be repaired within 15 days from August 23, the 4S store will coordinate and help Mr. Lu apply for a return or exchange. But now several months have passed, and Mr. Lu’s problem has still not been resolved. (CNMO)

international information

Negotiations broke down, Altman decided to leave, and was recruited by parent company Microsoft

On November 20, according to the latest reports, Sam Altman’s negotiations with OpenAI broke down. He has decided to leave and will not return to OpenAI. The most powerful AI company in Silicon Valley is facing huge uncertainty in the future. Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch, Amazon’s game live streaming subsidiary, will become the new CEO of OpenAI.

The main figures who controlled the OpenAI

It is worth noting that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced on social platforms on November 20 that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman and their Associate will join Microsoft to lead a new advanced artificial intelligence research team. In this regard, Sam Altman said: The task continues. (China Business News, Interface)

Altman was revealed to have been raising funds to develop AI chips, and Musk called for the reason for Altman’s dismissal to be made public

According to people familiar with the matter, in the weeks before Altman was fired from the OpenAI board of directors, he was actively raising funds from some of the world’s leading investors to establish new chip companies. Altman has been traveling to the Middle East to raise funds for the project, codenamed Tigris, the person said. It is reported that Altman has negotiated joint ventures with SoftBank Group, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, Mubadala Investment Company and other institutions to raise funds for the new company.

Regarding Altman’s dismissal, Musk said: “Considering the risks and power of advanced artificial intelligence, the public should know why the board of directors believes they must take such drastic action.” It is reported that OpenAI is owned by Musk, Altman, and PayPal Co-founder Peter Thiel and other Silicon Valley technology tycoons co-founded it in 2015. In 2018, Musk announced his withdrawal from OpenAI. (Financial Associated Press, TechWeb)

Will only 10 Tesla Cybertrucks be delivered in the first batch?Tesla’s latest response

Javier Vidura, Tesla’s director of global product design, gave a keynote speech in Monterey, in which he said that the first batch of only 10 Cybertrucks will be delivered at the Cybertruck Delivery Day event on November 30. While countless stainless steel bodies can be seen at the Texas factory, it’s unclear how many Cybertrucks are produced each week.

Musk himself has hinted that potential owners should be cautious about their expectations for the Cybertruck. On a recent earnings call, he said that Cybertruck “will take a year to a year and a half to become a significant, positive cash flow contributor to the company.” In addition to the usual challenges Tesla faces when launching any new car, especially one as brand new as the Cybertruck, the car’s stainless steel body is also notoriously difficult to mass-produce. (Zhichepai)

Google CEO Pichai advises Android users not to sideload apps, saying it’s very dangerous

One significant difference between iOS and Android is that Android allows users to install apps from third-party sources (i.e., “sideloading”). However, Google doesn’t seem to want users to do this. Recently, during a deposition during a legal battle with the Epic Store, Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned his views on sideloading apps.

Pichai said: “We don’t want you to completely destroy your phone because it (sideloading) could install malware on your phone and pose a serious threat to your security.” It is worth mentioning that the European Union The DMA (Digital Markets Act) may force Apple to allow sideloading. Considering that Apple just agreed to support Rich Communication Services (RCS) on iPhone next year, it is not impossible for iOS to support sideloading. (Zhongguancun Online)

ChatGPT was exposed to test new features: learn all historical chats, reset memory, and “burn after reading”

ChatGPT may be adding a major new feature – remembering your previous chat content and continuously learning from it (rather than simply saving history), so as to understand your preferences and information, which can be used in future chats.

The main figures who controlled the OpenAI

Judging from the screenshots exposed by netizens, this new feature will directly become a new Tab in “Settings” named “My ChatGPT”. If you have some content that you don’t want it to remember, just tell it after the conversation, such as “Forget the information about the last project I talked to you about”, ChatGPT will “burn after reading” . Of course, there is also a reset memory function that cannot be undone once selected. (Qubit)

Cook says only Steve Jobs could have created Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently participated in a podcast and chatted with singer Dua Lipa for 45 minutes. When talking about Steve Jobs, Cook said: “Steve was the original, and only he could have created Apple. If Steve were still alive, he would still be the CEO of the company.”

Talking about the excessive use of smartphones by young people, Cook said: “Some people need to use smartphones more moderately, which is why Apple created the screen time feature. For me, the most exciting moment is when I How many notifications have been received.” (IT House)

Indian media claimed that Luxshare Precision had abandoned its US$330 million investment plan in India, but Luxshare Precision denied it.

Many Indian media recently reported that Apple’s Chinese supplier Luxshare Precision changed its previous investment plan of US$330 million and gave up investing in building a factory in India. “This is India’s loss.” According to reports, Luxshare Precision has made many attempts to expand its business in India in the past three years, but the progress has not been smooth. At the beginning of 2023, India initially approved about 14 Apple suppliers from China to invest in India, including Luxshare Precision, Sunny Optical, etc. The prerequisite for India’s approval of these companies is that they must all be joint ventures. However, the above-mentioned preliminary approval from the Indian government has not provided real help for Chinese companies to settle in India.

The main figures who controlled the OpenAI

In response to this news, some investors asked, “Is it true that the company gave up the US$330 million investment in India mentioned in the report?” Luxshare Precision stated on the interactive platform that this report is not true and the company has never had the US$330 million investment in India. Investment decision. (World Wide Web)

GM’s self-driving car unit Cruise apologizes for traffic accident, CEO Kyle Vogt resigns

According to foreign media reports on November 20, the CEO of General Motors’ self-driving car unit Cruise apologized for the company’s situation after an accident caused its self-driving car business to be suspended and a safety review conducted. In an email to employees, CEO Kyle Vogt also said the company would make a new takeover bid that would allow employees to sell stock (Cruise had canceled its previous takeover bid two days earlier). “I am sorry that we have veered off course under my leadership and this has profoundly impacted Cruise,” Vogt wrote in an email.

The main figures who controlled the OpenAI

On November 20, Kyle Vogt announced his resignation on social platforms. According to foreign media reports, General Motors has promoted Cruise Engineering Executive Vice President Mo Elshenawy to the new president and chief technology officer, but has not yet appointed the vacant CEO position. Cruise had announced the suspension of all driverless operations at the end of October due to an accident involving a pedestrian. It also announced a new round of layoffs earlier this month. (Sina Finance)

13 billion euros!Apple’s huge tax evasion case may be re-tried

The EU’s huge tax evasion case against Apple has made waves again. A general counsel of the European Court of Justice, the EU’s highest judicial body, issued an opinion on the case on November 9, recommending that the previous judgment that “Apple does not need to pay back taxes” be revoked and the case be sent back to the EU General Court at the next level for retrial. In 2016, the European Competition Commission ruled that Ireland should charge Apple 13 billion euros in unpaid taxes, setting the largest fine in history. In 2020, the General Court of the European Union ruled that the European Commission’s decision was invalid and Apple did not need to pay back the tax to the Irish government. (Rule of Law Daily)

The United States will invest $3.5 billion to expand its domestic battery supply chain and reduce its dependence on China and South America

According to news on November 20, the “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA)” and the “Bipartisan Infrastructure Act” have injected a total of billions of dollars into the US electric vehicle industry to encourage localized battery production and charging infrastructure construction projects. “This funding will be used to build, renovate, and expand facilities that domestically produce battery-grade processing of critical minerals, battery precursor materials, battery components, and battery and packaging manufacturing,” the DOE said this week.

The United States hopes to establish a local mineral refining and battery production system to reduce its reliance on China and South America for the processing of key minerals such as lithium ions. (IT Home)

Musk says the hardware for the third Starship spacecraft could be ready in 3 to 4 weeks

After SpaceX’s second “Starship” spacecraft had problems launching, the company’s CEO Musk said that the hardware of the third spacecraft should be ready for flight in 3 to 4 weeks. Musk posted on Sunday: “Just inspected the Starship launch pad and it’s in very good condition! No refurbishment of the water-cooled steel plates will be required for the next launch. Congratulations to the Spacex team and contractors for designing and building such a powerful system so quickly.” !”(Sina Finance)

It is revealed that Apple’s first head-mounted display, Vision Pro, will go on sale in March next year: the price will exceed 25,000 yuan

According to news on November 20, whistleblower Mark Gurman revealed that Apple is expected to officially launch its first head-mounted display device Vision Pro in March next year, priced at US$3,499, which is approximately more than 25,000 yuan. Mark Gurman pointed out that Vision Pro will be launched in the United States first, and will then be launched in other markets later in 2024. This device will only be sold on Apple’s official website or Apple’s official retail stores.

Apple will not sell Vision Pro through third-party channels because Apple hopes to build a complete wearable experience scene. Retail stores will provide different headbands and lenses for consumers to experience. Third-party channels do not have the conditions to build such a scene. (Quick Technology) account:

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