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Sam Altman returns to OpenAI, work license becomes bright spot – Wall Street News


In the early morning of November 20, Sam Altman posted a piece of content on social platforms, “This is my first and last time wearing these.” He had an OpenAI badge on his chest, but it read “Guest 04.” Currently, Sam is at OpenAI headquarters.

Sam posted a piece of content on the 19th, “I like the OpenAI team very much.” Combined with the pressure exerted by major investors such as Microsoft on the OpenAI board of directors, Sam’s return is only a matter of time.

If Sam returns, OpenAI’s board of directors will reorganize existing members and reshuffle to avoid something like this happening.

OpenAI Chief Strategy Officer Jason Kwon also posted a message confirming that Sam has returned to OpenAI.

According to the latest news from Bloomberg,OpenAI’s major shareholder Microsoft and major investors such as Thrive Capital and Tiger Global Management hope that Sam Altman will return to OpenAI.

Investors are also pressing for a replacement of the current board of directors as part of Sam Altman’s reinstatement as CEO. Directors have considered resigning, but they are currently undecided and the situation is unstable with final plans yet to be determined.


If a board resigns, investors will scrutinize a new board slate.One of the top contenders is former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor.

Xingsheng Capital, the largest shareholder after Microsoft, recently wanted to acquire OpenAI employee shares, but stopped the plan after learning that Sam had been fired.

In addition, OpenAI chairman and co-founder Greg Brockman also announced his resignation after learning about Sam’s departure. Three senior researchers at OpenAI, Director Jakub Pachocki, Aleksander Madry, the team leader responsible for assessing AI risks, and Szymon Sidor, a researcher who has worked for 7 years, also announced their departure. Some employees at OpenAI have also put pressure on the leadership and will resign if Sam is not recalled.

A memo previously shared by OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap stated that the board’s decision was not to address malfeasance or anything related to financial, business, security or security/privacy practices. There was just a problem with Sam’s communication with the board of directors.

The following is the original text of the memo:

Regarding Sam leaving, it was a huge shock to all of us. We have had multiple conversations with the board to try to better understand the reasons and processes behind their decisions. Discussions and options regarding our future path are still ongoing this morning.

We can state unequivocally that the Board’s decision was not motivated by any improper conduct or related to our financial, business, security or security/privacy practices. This was a miscommunication between Sam and the board. Our position as a company remains very strong and Microsoft remains committed to our partnership.

Mira has our full support as CEO. We remain concerned about some issues with our processing and are working to resolve them and will provide updates when we are able.

I’m sure you’re all feeling confused, sad, and maybe even a little scared. We are now fully engaged in processing it all, pushing toward resolution and clarity, and getting back to work.

Our collective responsibility now is to our team members, partners, users, customers, and those who share our vision of AI that benefits humanity broadly. Hang in there, we support you 1000%.

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