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Firmly answer the question of digital and intelligent transformation | Zhongshan’s “Intelligent Transformation to Digital Reform” has achieved practical results, and its main indicators are among the best in the Pearl River Delta – News Channel


Opening remarks: After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Guangdong Province clearly proposed to adhere to the real economy as the foundation and the manufacturing industry as the dominant force. Recently, the conference on accelerating the promotion of new industrialization and high-quality construction of a strong manufacturing province was held in Guangdong. Manufacturing is the core of industry and the “big nose”. How to achieve practical results in industry? Zhongshan has firmly answered the question of digital and intelligent transformation and promoted a new round of technological transformation to achieve phased results. The main indicators of digital transformation are among the best in the Pearl River Delta. In order to further promote Zhongshan’s technological reform and take advantage of the situation, let towns and streets fully play their role as the main battlefield, and let enterprises exert their main force initiative,From now on, this newspaper will launch the column “Resolutely Answer the Questions of Digital and Intelligent Transformation”.

Firmly grasping the manufacturing industry as the core, since last year, the Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have allocated 5 billion yuan in real money to support the industrial upgrading of enterprises, with unprecedented policy support. This year, Zhongshan will focus on investing in the “manufacturing industry” and have a “technical reform” policy to add impetus. In addition, “industrial reform” will solve problems for enterprises to increase capital, expand production and expand space. All towns, streets and enterprises will implement a “new round of technological reform”. “As a “must-answer question” for the rapid development of manufacturing enterprises.

At the beginning of this year, Zhongshan’s “Lighthouse Factory” achieved zero breakthrough, and Wistron (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. became a global “Lighthouse Factory”. According to the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, currently, a total of 2,759 regulated enterprises in Zhongshan have carried out digital transformation, and the digital transformation rate has reached 56%, ranking among the best among cities in the Pearl River Delta. It has driven 6,200 small, medium and micro enterprises to use cloud platforms. This has also led to high-quality and effective results in Zhongshan’s industrial investment and capital increase and production expansion.In the first nine months of this year, Zhongshan’s industrial investment increased by 47.2% year-on-year, of which investment in industrial technological transformation increased by 45.1%.

With policy support, new factories are equipped with “intelligent brains”

In the newly built factory building of Zhongshan Lanju Daily Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., workers began to use new equipment for trial production. In the mosquito coil production workshop, Lin Wei, vice president of Lanju Production, told reporters that by building an industrial Internet platform and a central control system, the company can integrate key systems such as production monitoring, energy management, intelligent logistics, and equipment management to achieve three-dimensional visualization of the production process. , intelligence, and an agile production model that integrates grassroots execution improvement, mid-level planning and scheduling, and high-level strategic decision-making.

In early October this year, trial production of new equipment in the newly built factory building of Zhongshan Lanju Daily Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. began. (Data map)

The “Lanju Smart Factory Project” also innovatively solves core process pain points such as powder bridging, conveying process automation, and dust cleaning, which will effectively improve production efficiency and product quality. After the project is officially put into production, it is expected to reduce the unit energy consumption of the product by 10%, reduce operating costs by 35%, reduce labor by 70%, and increase the annual output value by more than 600 million yuan, making it a leading smart factory in China’s household hygiene and insecticide products industry and even the world.

Listed company Dinggu Incorporated’s latest digital factory, the 4.0 factory, has been put into production as scheduled and is now showing its effectiveness. Five giant blue robotic arms are waving in an orderly manner, placing the plates cut by the processing center on the roller conveyor one by one. Dinggu Incorporated has spent nearly four years building a 4.0 factory. The implemented solutions are one step deeper than its peers in automation, flexibility, informatization, and intelligence. Production efficiency has been greatly improved, the production cycle has been greatly shortened, and the accuracy of orders has been improved several times.

Both Lanju Company and Dinggu Incorporated have solved the problem of large corporate capital investment through the policies introduced by Zhongshan City. Last year, the Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government determined to invest no less than 5 billion yuan to support the digital and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry. Enterprises can enjoy policy benefits such as technological transformation, interest discounts, and benchmarking awards, covering the pre, mid, and post stages of transformation and upgrading. Among them, up to 20% of the total investment in technological innovation of enterprises will be supported, and loans for digital and intelligent projects will be fully discounted, up to a maximum of 30 million yuan. The “Lanju Smart Factory Project” is expected to invest more than 150 million yuan in equipment. Through “digital loans”, companies can receive interest discounts of up to 5 million yuan per year, which greatly reduces financing costs and short-term financial pressure.

At present, the municipal industry and credit department has jointly launched 16 financial products with 11 banks, and established a special fund pool for risk compensation of 500 million yuan, with a cumulative credit limit of 500 million yuan for digital and intelligent projects and loans of 270 million yuan, promoting digitalization and intelligence. Planned investment is 1 billion yuan.

Industrial reform opens up new paths, and companies increase investment and expand production in the direction of “intelligent manufacturing”

Machines are roaring on the construction site and workers are busy shuttling back and forth. Vantage Co., Ltd., one of the main enterprises in the “Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Industry Chain” in Guangdong Province, is building a Vatti Kitchen Appliances Digital Intelligent Industrial Park. “As planned, we will complete the two phases of the project and put it into production in 2026,” said the relevant person in charge of Vantage Co., Ltd. who led us into the construction site. As a leading brand in the kitchen and bathroom industry, Vantage has continued to invest in technological innovation in recent years. From 2018 to now, the cumulative investment in automated manufacturing exceeds 253 million yuan.

In the Vantage mold production workshop, engineers are operating mold processing equipment for daily operations. (File picture)

With various types of robot stamping, welding, grinding, spraying equipment and intelligent production lines put into use, Vantage’s production efficiency has been greatly improved. In order to accelerate the digital and intelligent development of enterprises, this year, Vatti Co., Ltd. will expand its development space with the help of “industrial reform” and plans to invest 1.2 billion yuan to build the Vatti Kitchen Appliance Digital Intelligent Industrial Park project.

The industrial park project is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of kitchen appliances such as range hoods, gas stoves and water heaters. The industrial park plans to build a digital and intelligent demonstration factory to realize new models of intelligent production, intelligent warehousing and intelligent logistics, and build it into a “lighthouse factory” in the industry. The relevant person in charge said that once the industrial park is completed and put into production, it will form an annual production capacity of 3 million units of kitchen appliances, reaching an additional annual output value of 4 billion yuan, driving Vatti itself to achieve double leaps in scale and quality, becoming a “chain master” “Laying a solid foundation for the enterprise to become bigger and stronger.

Not far from the new industrial park of Vatti Co., Ltd., the Kinlang Hardware Zhongshan Digital Intelligent Industrial Park project has also started construction. The total investment of the project is about 1.03 billion yuan and the area is about 109 acres. It is planned to build a modern comprehensive industrial complex integrating the research and development, production and marketing of door locks, sanitary ware, lighting and other products. The project will fully rely on Xiaolan’s industrial chain resources, adopt advanced manufacturing processing technology and production line equipment, realize intelligent production, intelligent warehousing, and intelligent logistics, and create a digital and intelligent benchmark demonstration factory.

Bai Baokun, chairman of Guangdong Jianlang Hardware Products Co., Ltd., said that Xiaolan has a hardware industry chain with obvious advantages, which can help reduce the company’s overall costs. More and more manufacturing companies are transforming and upgrading towards digital, intelligent and green production through capital increase and production expansion.

Zhongshan Chenyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. vigorously promotes digital intelligence. (File picture)

Zhongshan Guochangrong Electronics, located in Cuiheng, plans to invest a total of 600 million yuan to build a multi-layer and high-density printed circuit board production base through capital increase and production expansion. It plans to build an unmanned factory and a light-off production workshop to realize the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry. upgrade. In Torch District, Tanzhou Town, Sanjia Town, Dongfeng Town, Nantou Town, Huangpu Town and other towns and streets, “industrial reform” and “technical reform” are being promoted simultaneously. For example, Dongfeng Town has implemented the upgrading and renovation of inefficient factories and the settlement plan for enterprises worth 100 million yuan, focusing on revitalizing inefficient land in Tong’an North, providing spatial support for the settlement and development of enterprises worth 100 million yuan, and allowing enterprises to speed up technological transformation and digital transformation with confidence.

The Zhongshan Guochangrong Electronics capital increase and production expansion project laid the foundation stone in October this year.Photo by reporter Wang Yun

Cultivate backbones and promote “waist” enterprises to accelerate reform

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of pilot cities for digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province, and Zhongshan was selected. According to the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau,A total of 2,759 regulated enterprises in the city have carried out digital transformation, and the digital transformation rate has reached 56%, ranking among the best among cities in the Pearl River Delta. It has driven 6,200 small, medium and micro enterprises to use the cloud platform.

In terms of basics, Zhongshan currently has the world-class “Lighthouse Factory” Wistron; Mingyang Smart Energy and Zhongrong Printing have become “National Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Projects”; there are also 29 enterprise projects selected as “Provincial-level Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Projects”; Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project”, 31 enterprise projects were selected as provincial industrial Internet benchmark demonstration projects; 2 industries such as precision parts manufacturing and kitchen and bathroom were selected as the new phase of provincial industrial cluster digital transformation cultivation pilot.

In the production workshop of Zhongrong Printing, staff are carefully inspecting the products.Photo by reporter Wang Yun

Being selected as a pilot city puts forward higher requirements for the digital, intelligent and green development of Zhongshan’s manufacturing industry. Digital transformation will be closely integrated and coordinated with a new round of technological transformation, focusing on advantageous traditional industries and strategic emerging industries, and organizing the selection of supply chain leaders. Digital traction units such as enterprises and industry chain traction enterprises shall form industrial ecological consortiums such as digital software and hardware enterprises to promote the digital upgrading of design, production, sales, service, management, safety and other aspects of small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency improvement. , increase business orders, continue to create value, develop towards specialization and innovation, and improve the resilience and safety level of the industrial chain and supply chain.

Facing new requirements, Zhongshan is continuing to carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading of hundreds of manufacturing enterprises.In 2023, Zhongshan has selected more than 150 companies as targets for digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading in key digital and intelligent projects. Currently, 148 companies have been promoted to complete phased construction and have achieved Level 3 or above in the Enterprise Digital Evaluation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.Among them, Guangdong Galanz Microwave Living Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd., one of the main companies in the “Kitchen and Bathroom Appliances Industry Chain”, is actively promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of the entire industry chain, and its microwave oven R&D and manufacturing capabilities have reached a new level. Among them, the cavity welding automated production line independently developed by the microwave oven smart factory can roll off one product every 6.7 seconds, realizing unmanned cavity welding production; all processes of the microwave oven cavity smart production line are fully automated, with a quality pass rate of 99.9 %; the efficiency of the microwave oven intelligent assembly line is more than 30% higher than that of the traditional production line.

The production efficiency and quality qualification rate in Galanz’s unmanned workshop have been further improved. (File picture)

In 2022, a total of 10 demonstration factories, 15 demonstration workshops, and 10 demonstration projects were selected for the digital and intelligent benchmarking demonstration of manufacturing enterprises in Zhongshan. It is reported that driven by leading demonstrations and benchmarking awards, the 2023 Zhongshan City manufacturing enterprise digital intelligent benchmarking demonstration application has attracted many companies to sign up.

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