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The three major stock indexes collectively fell. The media sector bucked the trend and rose. Can the weak rebound of A-shares continue? _ Oriental Fortune Network


The market fluctuated and adjusted throughout the day today, with the three major stock indexes collectively closing down, and individual stocks overall rising less and falling more. How are your stocks doing? Let’s review today’s stock market together.

Three major indexes fell collectively

Over 4,100 stocks are in the green

Today (November 16), the three major A-share indexes collectively fell, and the Shenzhen Component Index fell below the 10,000-point mark.GEM IndexIt fell below the 2,000-point mark. As of closing,Shanghai Stock Exchange IndexIt fell 0.71%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.23%, and the ChiNext Index fell 1.85%. The transaction volume of the two cities shrank significantly.

Wind data shows that overall stocks rose less and fell more, with more than 4,100 stocks falling in the two cities.


Wind data shows that northbound funds sold net 2.190 billion yuan throughout the day, of whichShanghai Stock ConnectNet sales were 1.605 billion yuan,Shenzhen Stock ConnectNet sales were 586 million yuan.

Main forceFunding continues at the end of tradingnet inflowMedia, computers, social services and other sectors saw net outflows of power equipment,nonferrous metalspharmaceutical and biological sectors.


Specifically looking at individual stocks,Wisdom education,Hengwei Technology,Runhe SoftwareNet inflows were 937 million yuan, 637 million yuan, and 609 million yuan.

In terms of net outflow,Royal Court International,Longi Green Energy,Ningde eraThey were sold for 502 million yuan, 454 million yuan, and 411 million yuan respectively.

Media sector bucks trend and rises

Huawei ShengtengSector is active

On the disk,Kuaishou conceptshort playgamemedia, Douyin concept,Huawei Shengtengattractions and tourism sectors rose; BCBatterysilicon energy,medical service,electric equipment,Complete carWait for the sector to fall.

Specifically, the media sector became the only major industry that rose during the day, with Chinese corpus,data elementsConcepts intertwined and strengthened. Douyin concept stocks strengthened unilaterally in the afternoon, catalyzed by the news.Kuaishou conceptShares were higher at the close,Guangbo shares,Provincial Guangzhou Group,Yuanwang TechnologyWait for the daily limit of multiple stocks.


According to news, on November 16, Douyin recently launched a test video content payment service. People familiar with the matter told reporters that video content payment is just a normal functional test and does not need to be over-interpreted. Earlier media reports stated that Douyin’s customer service responded: “When you encounter a paid video, the author may have turned on the payment function. If you don’t want to watch it, you can swipe it away. Of course, whether the video content is paid depends on whether the author turns on this function, and Douyin cannot Intervention. The specific fees charged are determined by the author in accordance with the corresponding rules.”

From the perspective of industry fundamentals, with the improvement of the external economic environment, stabilization of industry regulatory policies and abundant content supply, the media sector continued to expand in the third quarter of this year.performanceAn upward trend. From the perspective of subdivided segments,Centaline SecuritiesSaid that film, television and advertising continue to maintain good performance growth,gameAfter experiencing a performance decline in the first half of the year, the sector experienced a better performance rebound in the third quarter, and book publishing continued its solid performance.

Looking forward to 2024,Centaline SecuritiesIt is said that the advertising sector is expected to continue to pick up with the rebound in advertising demand from advertisers, and the film and television sector will benefit from the recovery of the film market and the catalysis of innovation in the short drama business model.gameThe sector has experienced an intensive launch of new products in 2023. Although short-term profits are under pressure, it will gradually enter a profit recovery cycle and is expected to resume a good performance growth rate in 2024.

Huawei ShengtengThe sector is active,Hengwei Technology,Duolun Technologydaily limit,Cape Cloudrose by more than 15%.


The concept of computing power leasing fell after a surge, and high-priced stocks gradually ran out of money.truesightSeal plate,Zhonghe TechnologyFried plate at the end,Sino-Beijing CommunicationsAfter reaching a new high, it turned lower.

NvidiaThe “most powerful” computing power chip H200 was launched, and advanced packaging, computing power and storage concept stocks in the A-share market continued to rebound, so forNvidiaCan the strength of catalytic A-share chips continue?CITIC Construction InvestmentLu Jia believes that the computing power leasing industry continues to perform, but the competitive landscape still differs from expectations.Pacific OceansecuritiesLiu Gang believes that,memory chipRepetitively active, internal rotation.Milky WaysecuritiesGao Le believes that the gap between supply and demand for packaging and testing has increased profit expectations, and independent control is an important direction.

B.C.BatterySector correction, share technology,Dier Laser,Junda sharesfell more than 5%.


A-share gains are weak

Can the rebound continue?

Zhongtai SecuritiesInvestment consultant Dengtian believes that since November, the A-share market has entered a stage of event-driven formation of a long synergy. Yesterday’s short jump is essentially a re-pricing of the improvement of the “globalized” business environment. The current rebound is not over yet. If this wave of rebound is not strong and ends early, the market will not have the conditions to break the shock and move downward sharply. Therefore, if the correction is sufficient, short-term investors can appropriately participate in the game.In addition, in the past two months, yesterdayCSI 500The index has a right-side signal for the first time, and investors are advised to pay active attention.

CITIC Construction InvestmentInvestment consultant Lu Jia believes that the three major indexes have recently encountered resistance after rebounding to the daily 60-day moving average, but market trading volume is gradually increasing, and sector activity is also gradually increasing, indicating that the room for decline is limited.Some industries where performance is certain, such as: computing power leasing that benefits from strong demand but insufficient supply, photovoltaics that benefit from technological breakthroughs and the overall industry is at a low level, and industries that are expected to recover stronglysemiconductorAll have stage performances. There are various signs that the subsequent market rebound is still relatively sufficient.

HualongsecuritiesHe said that the frequency of interactions between China and the United States has increased recently, and the positive development of relations between the two countries will help increase market risk appetite. Domestic policy measures are also being continuously introduced, the level of opening up to the outside world will be further improved, and real estate policies will be further optimized. The capital market has also conveyed positive factors, including the introduction of long-term funds, the cultivation of domestic “smart funds”, and the improvement of regulatory measures. Foreign trade growth turned positive in October, and factors supporting economic growth further increased. The IMF recently raised China’s economic growth forecast for 2023. Overall, the positive news is expected to support the market.

Guosheng Securities pointed out that in the short term, we can continue to pay attention to the lower-level Huawei Shengteng and Huawei industrial chain.Hongmeng ConceptThe higher the heattheme, the rotation characteristics are obvious, pay attention to the differentiation signal of the high mark.In the medium term, we are optimistic about two directions: First,Photovoltaic equipmenthousehold appliances and other sectors that are more resilient to recovery due to the easing of Sino-U.S. trade frictions; second, the pig price is “not booming in the peak season”, and the breeding industry’s production capacity reduction is accelerating, which is a low-level layout opportunity.

CICCIt is believed that the current market valuation and trading sentiment are close to historical extreme levels, and the downside space is limited.Focus on three main lines in the next 3-6 months: 1) Be supported by policies during the transformation period and adapt to innovationnew industryTrending growth sectors such assemiconductor,communication deviceetc.; medicine andnew energyThe industry still needs to pay attention to marginal changes in industrial policies and fundamentals, but valuation risks have been released more. 2) Look for opportunities from the bottom up to take the lead in improving demand or clearing supply, which may have greater flexibility to improve performance, such as automobiles and parts, oil, gas and oil services,precious metalsand navigation equipment, etc. 3) Cash flow is sufficient and continues to be highdividendHigh-dividend assets, such as telecommunications services, upstream resource products and public utilities.

(Source of article: China Business News)

Article source: China Business News

Original title: The three major stock indexes fell collectively, the media sector bucked the trend and rose, and the rise of A-shares was weak. Can the rebound continue?

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