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Overnight external trading: European and American stock markets collectively closed in the red, popular Chinese concept stocks generally rose, Microsoft stock price continued to hit a new closing high_Oriental Fortune Network

Overnight external trading: European and American stock markets collectively closed in the red, popular Chinese concept stocks generally rose, Microsoft stock price continued to hit a new closing high_Oriental Fortune Network
Overnight external trading: European and American stock markets collectively closed in the red, popular Chinese concept stocks generally rose, Microsoft stock price continued to hit a new closing high_Oriental Fortune Network

US stock market:The three major U.S. stock indexes closed slightly higher, with the Dow Jones Index rising 163.51 points to close at 34991.21 points, an increase of 0.47%;NasdaqThe index rose 9.46 points to close at 14103.84 points, an increase of 0.07%; the S&P 500 index rose 7.18 points to close at 4502.88 points, an increase of 0.16%.

Big tech stocks were mixed,Intelrose by more than 3%,Tesla,Netflixrose by more than 2%,apple,MicrosoftGoogle rose slightly;Nvidia,Amazon, Meta fell more than 1%. in,NvidiaTen consecutive gains have stopped.MicrosoftContinue to hit new closing highs.

Popular Chinese concept stocks generally rose,NasdaqChina’s Golden Dragon Index rose 2.87%.Tencent Music,Jingdongrose more than 7%,Vipshoprose by more than 6%,IQIYI,Weiborose more than 5%,NIOrose more than 4%,Alibaba,Pinduoduo,Baidurose by more than 3%,Bilibili,Futu Holdings,Xpeng Motorsrose by more than 2%,ideal car,Full of gangsrose by more than 1%,NetEaseA slight increase.

European stock market:The major European stock indexes collectively closed higher. The Financial Times 100-stock average price index of the London stock market closed at 7486.91 points, an increase of 46.44 points or 0.62% from the previous trading day; the CAC40 index of the Paris stock market in France closed at 7209.61 points, an increase of 23.93 points, or 0.33%, from the previous trading day; the DAX index of the Frankfurt stock market in Germany closed at 15748.17 points, an increase of 133.74 points, or 0.86%, from the previous trading day.

Commodity market:internationalityoil pricefell. The price of light crude oil futures for December delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by US$1.60 to close at US$76.66 per barrel, a decrease of 2.04%; the price of London Brent crude oil futures for delivery in January 2024 fell by US$1.29, It closed at US$81.18 per barrel, a decrease of 1.56%. International gold prices fell. The price of December gold, the most actively traded gold futures market on the New York Mercantile Exchange, fell by US$2.2 from the previous trading day to close at US$1,964.3 per ounce, a decrease of 0.11%.

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Overnight news

President Xi Jinping met with US President Biden at Philori Estate

On November 15, local time, President Xi Jinping held a China-U.S. Presidential Meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden at the Philori Estate in San Francisco, the United States.

  U.S. auto industry strike breaks out again General Motors workers are close to rejecting latest labor agreement

  As the United Auto Workers (UAW) reached a labor agreement with the three major automakers General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis at the end of October, the capital market once believed that the 2023 U.S. auto industry strike, which lasted for nearly six weeks and caused losses of more than one billion U.S. dollars, had ended. , however, something new happened this week——General MotorsWorkers may veto this agreement!

  International oil prices continue to fall, Russia will lower oil export tariffs for the first time since July

  On Wednesday (November 15) local time, the Russian Finance Ministry said that as the price of the country’s flagship crude oil Urals falls, the government will reduce export tariffs to $24.7 per ton next month. This will be the first time Russia has lowered oil export tariffs since July. Compared with this month, the tariff of US$24.7 per ton has dropped by 5.7%, equivalent to about US$3.37 per barrel. Russia’s tariff reduction comes against the backdrop of falling international oil prices. Brent crude, the global oil price benchmark, has fallen from nearly $98/barrel in September to around $82/barrel now.

  IMF President: CBDC can replace cash AI can help

  Wednesday, local time (November 15), InternationalMonetary FundInternational Monetary Fund (IMF) President Georgieva said that central bank figurescurrency(CBDC) has the potential to replace cash, but adoption may take time. Georgieva also said,AI(AI) can amplify some of the benefits of CBDC by providing accurate credit scoring and personalized support.

  The demand is overwhelming!German regulator considers Ozempic export ban

  Germany’s drug regulator is consideringNovo NordiskExport ban on diabetes drug Novotel (Ozempic).German Federal Medicines andmedical instrumentsKarl Broich, chairman of the institute (BfArM), told local media, “We are discussing with parliamentarians what we will need to do next if the current measures and public information do not show an effect.” Broich added, “We will then Consider imposing an export ban so that enough drugs remain in the country for patients who need them.” He mentioned that German drugs are cheaper and therefore often sold to other European countries and the United States.

  Express dissatisfaction with being included on the “gatekeeper” list! Meta formally appeals

  On Wednesday local time, the American technology company Meta said that its platform services Messenger and Marketplace were included in the “gatekeeper” list by the European Commission. The scope of the crackdown was suspected to be excessive and it had officially filed an appeal.It is worth noting that in early September, the EU designated six  Big tech giants (Alphabet,AmazonMeta, Bytedance,Microsoftandapple) became a “gatekeeper”, Meta is the first company to challenge the new EU regulations.

  Microsoft’s first self-developed AI chip is unveiled. Is the era of NVIDIA’s dominance over?

  On Wednesday local time, technology giant Microsoft announced the launch of two high-end customized chips, one of which is of great concern to investors.AI(AI) chip, but Microsoft did not elaborate on the performance of the product.

  A quick 5-minute overview of the opening speech of Microsoft Technology Conference: The birth of the master of AI software and hardware map set

  At 1 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday, Microsoft Ignite, the world’s top technology conference, officially opened in Seattle. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella gave an opening speech that lasted nearly an hour, introducing the latest progress made by the AI ​​leader.

  Fight theft and other crimes with smart robots Amazon launches Astro for Business

  On Wednesday local time, technology giantsAmazonLaunched a smartrobotAstro for Business, provides small and medium-sized businesses with services such as patrolling, surveillance, smart alarms, and more to reduce break-ins and other threats.Amazon says Astro for Business combinesrobotintelligent security andAI(AI) and other technologies, it is a crime prevention tool specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises such as retailers and manufacturers. Astro for Business can move autonomously or by remote control, and is also equipped with a high-definition periscope camera with night vision function, providing all-weather real-time picture monitoring and two-way call functions.

  The growth rate of the main business of retail sales has slowed down. expects to return to normal growth next year.

November 15day,JingdongAnnounced the change of head of its retail sub-group,JingdongGroup CEO Xu Ran will concurrently serve as CEO of JD Retail Group, while former JD Retail Group CEO Xin Lijun has another appointment. Judging from the financial report,’s retail business revenue in the third quarter was basically the same as the same period last year, with only a slight increase of 0.1%, while the growth rate in the previous quarter was 5%. Xu Ran said that does not pursue excessive profit margins, but reasonable profit margins for retailers. The company’s growth targets for next year and mid- to long-term have not changed. It is expected that’s overall and retail business will return to normal growth in 2024, and it can also achieve high-quality business growth.

  Entering the loading verification stage!U.S. solid-state battery developer has delivered first samples to BMW

  Recently, the United Statessolid state batteryTechnology developer Solid Power, Inc. announced in the company’s third quarter financial report that its first A samplesBatteryIt has entered the loading verification stage.The press release reads that Solid Power has delivered the first batch of A-1 electric vehicles to BMWBatteryand revealed that the delivery of BMW’s demonstration car project is on track, which means that the company’ssolid state batteryIt has officially entered the loading verification stage.

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