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Live streaming shopping can also be reached within hours on The 11.11 live streaming transaction volume increased more than 10 times compared to 6.18_YoY_Service_Brand

Live streaming shopping can also be reached within hours on The 11.11 live streaming transaction volume increased more than 10 times compared to 6.18_YoY_Service_Brand
Live streaming shopping can also be reached within hours on The 11.11 live streaming transaction volume increased more than 10 times compared to 6.18_YoY_Service_Brand

Original title: Live streaming shopping can also be reached within hours on JD Daojia. The transaction volume of live streaming on 11.11 increased more than 10 times compared to 6.18.

In 2023, 11.11 will come to an end, bringing a truly cheap and blind-shopping consumer experience to hundreds of millions of consumers.’s instant retail platform JD Daojia has joined forces with merchant brands to upgrade services to “all categories delivered within one hour”, adding a touch of color to this 11.11.

On November 12, JD Daojia released the ultimate 11.11 battle report: More than 400,000 physical stores participated in this year’s JD Daojia 11.11. The platform has more than 45 million products on sale, and the number of stores open at night has increased by more than 80% year-on-year, allowing really cheap products and authentic products to be sold. Fast service can be delivered to your home “anytime, anywhere” within 1 hour. On 11.11,’s hourly transaction volume increased by 45% year-on-year. Innovative consumption scenarios and services further stimulate consumption vitality. During the 11.11 period, the transaction volume of JD Daojia’s live broadcast increased more than 10 times from the previous month. The number of home appliance stores providing the “one-hour delivery and installation” service exceeded 10,000, and the number of service users increased by 80% from the previous month.

JD Daojia not only provides consumers with a more convenient, fast, and economical shopping experience, but also further drives the growth of cooperative merchants and brands. During this year’s 11.11 period, the transaction volume of over 100,000 new stores increased by nearly 80% month-on-month. Sales of many categories have exploded. Convenience stores, digital, liquor, men’s and women’s clothing, outdoor shoes and clothing and other categories have achieved triple-digit growth year-on-year. Miyijia, OPPO, Midea, Hisense, Heilan Home, Yanghe, Sensodyne The transaction volume of many merchant brands has more than tripled year-on-year. Instant retail has become a powerful engine for creating omni-channel increments for merchant brands.

I haven’t finished the live broadcast yet. My order has arrived at home. Unlock new experiences within hours.

The main focus is really cheap. With “no commission from experts, no pit fees, and no tricks”,’s purchasing and selling live broadcast room quickly became popular on 11.11 this year. JD Daojia has also added “live streaming shopping with hourly delivery”, allowing consumers to enjoy the smooth experience of placing orders while watching the live broadcast. “The live broadcast is not over yet, the order has been delivered to their home”. During the 11.11 period, JD Daojia’s live streaming transaction volume increased more than 10 times compared to 6.18.

JD Daojia’s purchasing and sales staff teamed up with store managers and brand representatives to “explore stores and visit supermarkets in the clouds”. Live fish were scaled on site, mahjong machines were delivered and installed in one hour, Dada Express delivery guys sincerely brought goods, and purchasing and sales were broadcast live. “Hi!” I placed an order for myself, and it was delivered to the live broadcast room in 30 minutes… It was fast enough, and the immersive experience was full of excitement. It had really low-priced goods and no routine recommendations, stimulating greater consumer enthusiasm. On November 10, JD Daojia’s single brand live broadcast drove the day’s transaction volume of Nestlé, Junlebao, Jierou and other brands to more than double year-on-year growth. On November 5, the number of viewers of the special event exceeded one million, and the special transaction volume on November 11 hit a record JD Daojia’s live broadcast reached a new high in a single game.

“Instant+” is fast and cheap to help merchants and brands grow together

On 11.11 this year, JD Daojia continues to strengthen its service advantage of “all categories of goods delivered within one hour”. Free shipping for purchases over 59 yuan, integrated home appliance delivery and installation within one hour, and overtime insurance and other services are all online. While the products are fast and cheap enough for consumers to “get them whenever they want”, they also help merchants and brands seize sales opportunities and achieve strong growth.

Instant retail has ushered in the era of hourly delivery of all categories, which was verified again on this 11.11. During the 11.11 period of JD Daojia, the transaction volume of convenience stores, liquor, frozen and refrigerated food, digital products, washing machines, refrigerators, lamps, hardware, men’s and women’s clothing, outdoor shoes and clothing, and many other categories achieved triple-digit growth. Among them, convenience stores increased by more than 8 times year-on-year, liquor sales increased by more than 3 times year-on-year, digital accessories increased by more than 10 times year-on-year, lamps increased by more than 10 times year-on-year, and men’s and women’s clothing increased by 4 times year-on-year. Everything from digital accessories to refrigerators and washing machines can be delivered immediately, effectively meeting consumers’ shopping needs for speed, convenience and savings.

During 11.11, a Chongqing consumer purchased a DIY assembly machine totaling more than 100,000 yuan at an ASUS computer accessories store. The products were delivered within hours and door-to-door assembly services were provided. JD Daojia’s “one-hour delivery and installation” of computer accessories fully stimulates the immediate needs of diverse groups and creates consumption increases.

Every year, 11.11 is a good time to buy “big items” on, and now you can get them instantly. During the 11.11 period, the transaction volume of washing machines and refrigerators on the JD Daojia platform increased by 160% year-on-year, and the transaction volume of stove sets increased by more than 220% year-on-year. “Integrated installation” service requires no second appointment, and delivery and installation are seamless. JD Daojia data shows that during the 11.11 period, there were more than 10,000 home appliance stores offering “one-hour delivery and installation”, and the number of service users increased by 80% month-on-month.

Instant retail continues to drive the growth of offline stores. The transaction volume of Sam’s Club increased by 136% year-on-year, the transaction volume of Meiyijia increased by 5.3 times year-on-year, and the transaction volume of JD convenience stores increased by more than 10 times year-on-year. Maternal and infant pet and wine stores grew strongly, with Lijia Baby’s turnover increasing by 3.5 times year-on-year, Jiuxian and Jiuyun’s turnover increasing by over 120% year-on-year, and Jiu Xiaoer’s turnover increasing by 4.7 times year-on-year.

Instant retail has become an important growth engine for many merchant brands. During the 11.11 period, among mobile digital brands, OPPO’s turnover increased by more than 4 times year-on-year, Samsung’s turnover increased by 200% year-on-year, and Xiaomi’s turnover increased by 160% year-on-year. Among the home appliance brands, the turnover of Midea and Hisense increased 3 times year-on-year, Little Swan increased 4.4 times year-on-year, and Supor increased 228% year-on-year. Among fashion brands, Decathlon’s turnover increased by 120% year-on-year, Cotton Era increased by 100% year-on-year, and Heilan House increased by more than 10 times year-on-year. FMCG brands continue to maintain strong growth momentum. Yanghe’s turnover increased by more than 10 times year-on-year, Heineken increased by 140% year-on-year, Orchid increased by 100% year-on-year, Sanquan Food increased by 200% year-on-year, Sensodyne increased by 3.3 times year-on-year, and Jinfang increased by 100% year-on-year. Growth of 107%, Oriental Leaf growth of 106% year-on-year, Youyou growth of 260% year-on-year, Junlebao milk powder growth of 140% year-on-year, Nestlé Pets growth 3 times, Yili QQ Star, Mengniu Zhenguoli both grew over 200% year-on-year.

Omni-channel digital empowerment creates a physical incremental market

Just-in-time retail has entered a refined stage of quality improvement and upgrading. JD Daojia relies on the “Haibo + Hongtu” dual-core digital system to help merchant brands optimize omni-channel digital operations, allowing more merchant brands to firmly seize the industry opportunities of instant retail.

As the only company in the instant retail industry with B2C+O2O digitalization and supply chain integration capabilities, JD Daojia, a subsidiary of, officially launched Hongtu System, an LBS grid operation tool, in September this year, which can help brand owners realize grid based on LBS. Insight, identify and analyze the supply and demand matching situation in each grid, and output user, supply, and marketing strategies. During the 11.11 period, relying on the Hongtu system, cooperative brands such as Procter & Gamble, Xiaomi, Yihai Kerry, and Yili improved their omni-channel marketing capabilities.

As the demand for refined operational capabilities in real-time retail increases, JD Daojia focuses more on the retail essence of “cost, efficiency, and experience” and continues to upgrade its digital infrastructure to better serve physical retailers. Currently, the number of offline stores deployed with the Haibo system has exceeded 12,000, an increase of 40% year-on-year. During peak periods, order picking only takes 3 minutes at the fastest.

Instant retail leads online and offline growth in an all-round way, and also injects more vitality into 11.11. In the future, it will continue to focus on “digitization + local supply chain integration + instant delivery” to help cooperative merchant brands continue to tap new growth and promote the digital upgrade of the retail industry.

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