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Reluctant to leave the “four-leaf clover”, there are 122 supporting activities for this CIIE to promote exhibitions and talks.


Reluctant to leave the “four-leaf clover”, there are 122 supporting activities for this CIIE to promote exhibitions and talks.

At this CIIE, guests from 154 countries, regions and international organizations gathered at the “Four-Leaf Clover”, and the national comprehensive exhibition became an important platform for comprehensive image display.

72 countries and international organizations participated in the national exhibition,Eleven countries including Bahrain, Central Africa, Dominica, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Honduras, Mali, Oman, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zimbabwe participated in the exhibition for the first time. Each participating country held nearly 200 colorful booth activities.

Sun Chenghai, Deputy Director of China International Import Expo Bureau: China Pavilion is known as “Chinese style modernizationWith the theme of “Achievements Provide New Opportunities for World Development”, it focuses on the achievements of the 10th anniversary of the construction of the free trade pilot zone and focuses on displaying the latest achievements of my country’s promotion of high-level opening up and high-quality development.,Tell the world the wonderful story of “If China is good, the world will be better.” Various exhibits and interactive exhibits in the museum are widely welcomed by the audience and have become a popular place to visit the exhibition.

122 supporting activities and 71 exciting new product launches

In addition, this sessionCIIE122 supporting activities of various types were also held, with rich and colorful cultural exchanges, amplifying the comprehensive effect of the exhibition.

During this CIIE,A total of 122 supporting activities including policy interpretation, docking and signing, investment promotion, research release, and product display were held. Add supporting activities to organize group exhibition services to attract more event guests to visit and negotiate at the booth, further strengthening the function of “promoting exhibitions through conferences”.

The trade and investment matchmaking conference invited nearly 4,000 exhibitors to participate in negotiation and matchmaking, and 416 cooperation intentions were reached.Organized 96 centralized signing events,More than 600 cooperation intentions were reached.

71 new product launch events were held, displaying 142 cutting-edge technology products. 738 organizations participated in the cultural exchange exhibition, and Chinese and foreign performance groups brought more than 200 booth activities and charity performances, and the number of related performances exceeded previous levels.

Deputy Director of China International Import Expo Bureau Sun Chenghai: While successfully hosting the sixth CIIE, the seventhCIIEPreparatory work has been fully launched, 4 signing ceremonies have been held, and a total of nearly 200 companies have signed contracts for the 7th CIIE in advance.,The exhibition area of ​​the seventh CIIE exceeds 100,000 square meters.

Reluctantly leaving the “four-leaf clover”, see you next year

During the six days of the Sixth China International Import Expo,Exhibitors and buyers have gained a lot. Many companies have signed up for booths at the 7th CIIE in advance, agreeing to meet at Clover again next year.

The last day of the CIIE,When the reporter came to the U.S. Food and Agricultural Products Pavilion, American exhibitor Chris was still nervously negotiating with customers. At this time, there were less than six hours left before the closing.

The buyers raced against time with their luggage, and Chris also showed reporters his itinerary for the past few days.,Several pages full, accurate to the hour. He said that this was his first time coming to China. In order to allow his products to reach a broader market here, he cherished every moment at the CIIE.

Exhibitors Chris: We have conducted detailed negotiations with probably 25 or 26 heads of downstream companies and distribution companies. The opportunity to attend the CIIE is really rare, and I must cherish every minute here.

Also visiting China for the first time was Uncle Mamani from Peru.This is actually the sixth time the alpaca he made has appeared.CIIE. But in the past five years, he has never had the opportunity to come to the scene in person.The little alpacas on the stand,In recent years, it has become a best-selling item at the CIIE and has also helped more than 400 families in Peru get rid of poverty and become rich. It has been Uncle Mamani’s long-cherished wish to come and see the event.

Mamani Partner Isabel: Our order total exceeds RMB 500,000. Thank you very much to consumers who like our products.

Next to the four-leaf clover, the CIIE displays the trading platform Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port all year round.This year, through cooperation negotiations,The exhibits of Jinlanga, an exhibitor, can be directly turned into commodities on the trading platform after the CIIE. There, the CIIE will never end.

In the past six days, behind every handshake and order was China’s determination to open up to the outside world.,It is the confidence of global exhibitors and buyers in the Chinese market. Friends from all over the world have made good friends here and returned home with great achievements.

Exhibitor Aladdin: We participate in exhibitions in different countries, but the CIIE ismost, is the only one. I will definitely miss the CIIE.

Exhibitor Chen Runchuan: This is the first time I have seen companies from so many countries gathered in one place. All I can say is that China is incredible.

Exhibitors Frank Christian Hamm: We have more than 1,000 spectators here today. We really hope we don’t leave. However, we have already booked our booth for next year in advance.

Exhibitor Stephanie: This is the first time for Honduras to come to the CIIE,We signed up various types of orders for coffee, food, etc. Hope to have a bigger booth next year to show our country to the world.

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