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Avita 12 is launched with a price starting from 300,800 yuan-China News Service Chongqing


China News Service, Chongqing News, November 11 (Reporter Zhang Yan) On the evening of the 10th, Chongqing’s local car company Avita Brand Day A Day was held in Shenzhen, and the future smart luxury car Avita 12 was simultaneously launched globally. At the press conference, newly-minted “Three Gold” actor Tony Leung Chiu-wai officially announced that he has become the global spokesperson of the Avita brand, and jointly announced the prices of the entire Avita 12 series with Tan Benhong, chairman and CEO of Avita Technology.

Avita 12 has a total of 3 configurations, with a price range of 300,800 yuan to 400,800 yuan, and you can enjoy a limited-time benefit of up to 30,000 yuan. Zeng Yuqun, Chairman of CATL, Yu Chengdong, Huawei Managing Director, CEO of Terminal BG, Chairman of Smart Car Solutions BU, and Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Changan Automobile, witnessed another milestone moment under Avita’s innovative CHN model on the same stage.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai officially announced that he has become the global spokesperson of Avita brand.Photo courtesy Avita Motors

Avita 12 brings together the strengths of Changan Automobile, Huawei, and CATL in their respective fields. The product has three core advantages: intelligence, top design, and luxury space. Avita 12 is built based on the “Future Elegance” design concept, and the integrated body design brings large space enjoyment. The entire series is equipped with the Hongmeng cockpit developed based on HarmonyOS 4 and Huawei’s high-end intelligent driving system HUAWEI ADS2.0.

Avita 12 is equipped with the Hongmeng cockpit developed based on Harmony OS 4. The entire series comes standard with a 15.6-inch Huawei smart central control screen, plus a 35.4-inch 4K integrated remote screen. The Avita 12 car not only supports the seamless flow of information with mobile phones, smart screens, Pads and other devices, but can also make direct video calls with smart terminal devices and other car machines, and log in to the account to control linked home devices. equipment. The car supports the Hongmeng App Market, where a large number of applications can be downloaded at will, and supports third-party apps, building a rich and three-dimensional smart ecosystem for users and creating an emotional interactive space.

In terms of smart driving, Avita 12 is equipped with Huawei’s high-end smart driving system HUAWEI ADS 2.0. The entire series is equipped with three hidden lidars as standard, which can achieve long-range detection exceeding the length of a standard football field. The entire series covers a 4-layer perception system, which can not only identify tidal lanes and variable lanes, and easily overcome traditional smart driving problems such as U-turns at intersections and construction scenes, but can also build scenes from the body to match the navigation map with the real world. Get rid of dependence on high-precision maps. In addition, the entire series is equipped with 19 active safety functions as standard, which not only supports AEB automatic emergency braking, but also supports GAEB special-shaped obstacle emergency braking, RAEB rearward automatic emergency braking, LAEB low-speed automatic emergency braking and other functions, making driving more convenient. Safe and more comfortable driving. At the same time, Avita 12 also supports a variety of auxiliary parking functions such as APA, RPA, and AVP. It not only recognizes parking spaces “accurately and stably” and parking into parking spaces “quickly and smoothly”, but also supports remote-controlled parking in extremely narrow parking spaces.

Avita 12 is launched, and car buying privileges are launched.Photo courtesy Avita Motors

In addition, the family-style dish-wing front face, the quarter-moon HALO interactive screen, the sail-type active lifting tail, etc. also further interpret the Avita 12’s future aesthetic design concept. “The basic layer is bold and confident, allowing users to release their true self and build trust in themselves. The adaptive layer is personality vitality, bringing humanization and personalized colors. The contrast layer is fun and smart, activating everyone’s uniqueness.” In Avita In the eyes of Nader, the global chief designer, pleasing oneself is the most unique core methodology of Avita 12 design philosophy.

At the press conference, Tony Leung and Tan Benhong jointly announced the official price of the Avita 12, including 700 triple laser rear-wheel drive luxury version of 300,800 yuan, 650 triple laser four-wheel drive performance version of 340,800 yuan, and 650 triple laser four-wheel drive GT version. 400,800 yuan. Avita has started official ordering at the same time, and users can place orders with one click on the Avita APP.

In response to the launch of Avita 12, Avita has also launched a car purchase bonus. Avita 12 users who successfully pay the deposit from November 10 to December 31 can enjoy: RMB 5,000 deposit deducted by RMB 15,000; The first owner has a lifetime three-electricity warranty; a 10,000 yuan personalized option fund; a down payment starting from 15%, with low interest rates throughout the term; and a free front-row double zero-gravity seat worth 10,000 yuan. In addition, you can also enjoy 5 basic rights and interests: 5 years or 120,000 kilometers of vehicle warranty; 8 years or 160,000 kilometers of three-electricity warranty; 10 years of free road assistance with unlimited mileage; 10G/month of free cabin entertainment data; and free ADS subscription. level function package.

It is understood that with the continuous iterative updates of high-quality products, Avita’s channel construction has gradually matured. In the future, Avita will continue to adopt the multi-channel model of “direct sales + partners” and strive to reach more than 100 cities and 350 channel touch points across the country by the end of the year. Avita will continue to adhere to long-termism, delve into the CHN model, continue to deepen strategic cooperation with industry partners such as Huawei and CATL, and lead China’s smart electric vehicles to the world-class stage. (over)

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