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The spillover effect of the CIIE continues to expand, creating more vitality and more


Guangming Daily reporter Ren Pengyan Weiqi

With gatherings of guests and fruitful results, the 6th International Import Expo held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) is coming to an end.

Focusing on the “four major platforms” of international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges, and open cooperation, the CIIE has set up an ideal stage for global enterprises, providing new opportunities for the world with China’s new development, and turning China’s big market into a big market shared by the world. , to help promote the construction of an open world economy and allow win-win cooperation to benefit the world.

In 6 days, the good will of cooperation sowed seeds of hope in the “Four Leaf Clover” Convention and Exhibition Center, waiting to sprout, bloom and bear fruit.

The Chinese medicinal materials at the Amway booth at the CIIE have received widespread attention.Xinhua News Agency

  Vibrant vitality outside the “Four-Leaf Clover”

As the location of the “Clover”, the permanent venue for the CIIE, Shanghai’s Qingpu District has firmly seized the national strategic development opportunities and continued to amplify the spillover effects of the CIIE.

On November 5, the opening day of the 6th CIIE, the buyer Zhenkunxing Industrial Supermarket (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and the exhibitor Dow Group of the United States reached a purchase order of US$300 million, marking the opening of the 6th CIIE in Shanghai. The “first order” of the trading group landed in Qingpu.

Purchasing parties and exhibitors will jointly expand the downstream market for electronics, transportation, new energy, packaging, construction and other related products. “Zhenkunxing is willing to become an advantageous channel for domestic and foreign brands in the industrial supplies industry to enter China and open up the Chinese market, and become the best choice for global trade partners to enter China.” said Chen Long, chairman and CEO of Zhenkunxing.

Since the first CIIE in 2018, the Qingpu Trading Group has signed the “first order” of the Shanghai Trading Group for six consecutive years. Qingpu has also built 9 “6+365” year-round display and trading platforms, gathering more than 30 trade institutions and more than 180 merchants from 76 countries and regions to settle in. More than 90,000 imported goods can be selected at will, which will be realized in the first half of 2023. The tax revenue is approximately 2.65 billion yuan.

In the national exhibition area of ​​the CIIE, an artist from the Kingdom of Bahrain writes the names of the audience in Arabic.Xinhua News Agency

Turning exhibits into commodities is the main manifestation of the spillover effect of the CIIE. On November 7, Building B of Hongqiao Pinhui, less than 5 kilometers away from the “Four-Leaf Clover”, was officially completed, successfully completing the last piece of the puzzle of the 660,000-square-meter functional carrier of the Hongqiao Imported Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center.

Hongqiao Pinhui Building B is positioned as the first launch platform for imported high-end industrial products. It has a total of 130,000 square meters of display and trading space, with 4 floors above ground and 3 floors underground. It will focus on Shanghai’s three leading industries and six key industries, serving both international and domestic industries. A market that undertakes the spillover effects of the CIIE in many aspects and dimensions.

From Baocang B, which provides advanced declaration, re-export trade, offshore trade, bonded display transactions and other innovative services for the CIIE, to CIIE consumer goods distribution center A, which has “6+365” to provide consumers with “Buy Global and Sell Globally” Building, and then building a global launch platform for imported high-end industrial products, Hongqiao Pinhui has achieved a transformation from a consumer goods service platform to a launch platform for high-end industrial products.

The spillover effect of the CIIE continues to expand, creating more vitality and more opportunities

At the Thai food booth, an exhibitor was showing off his Thai coconut rolls.Photo by Guangming Daily reporter Zou Xiaojing/Guangming Pictures

 “Two-way rush” for Chinese and foreign companies

At the Honeywell booth in Hall 3 of the technical equipment exhibition area, a painted aircraft model spray-painted with the cute “Jinbao” and the CIIE theme “New Era, Shared Future” attracted the attention of the audience.

The prototype of the model, the world’s first “CIIE”-themed painted aircraft of China Eastern Airlines, had already taken to the skies on November 3, before the CIIE, and flew from Shanghai to Beijing. This model uses a wide range of Honeywell 331 series auxiliary power unit (APU) used in wide-body aircraft.

At this CIIE, China Eastern Airlines and Honeywell signed a 131-9A auxiliary power unit selection contract for 100 A320/A321NEO aircraft. In this selection agreement, Honeywell has provided favorable conditions in terms of APU parts procurement, maintenance costs and support services, helping China Eastern Airlines further reduce the maintenance costs of APUs in its existing fleets and improve its maintenance capabilities.

It is worth noting that Honeywell has also authorized the maintenance services of HGT750 APU in China to Eastern Airlines Technology Co., Ltd., which means that in the future, the C919 APU can be repaired directly in China without having to send it overseas.

This year is the sixth time that GE Healthcare has participated in the CIIE. “Making China’s big market a big market shared by the world” has made GE Healthcare deeply feel the strongest voice of China’s expansion of opening up, and has further strengthened the company’s determination to be rooted in China and invest in China. confidence.

The spillover effect of the CIIE continues to expand, creating more vitality and more opportunities

Visitors experience low-carbon cycling activities at the CIIE.Photo by Guangming Daily reporter Yang Xuedan/Guangming Pictures

It is understood that GE Healthcare’s largest innovation center in China will soon be located in Zhangjiang, Pudong. It will be a “smart brain” that empowers GE Healthcare’s 1,800 R&D engineers, an incubation carrier that supports “specialized, innovative” enterprises, and an accelerating digital A one-stop platform for medical achievement transformation.

The powerful spillover effect of the CIIE has also attracted many previous buyers to become exhibitors. Xijing Technology Hong Kong Company, which made its debut at the CIIE this year, is one of them.

This national “little giant” company that emerged from Changning, Shanghai, has launched the world’s first smart power-swap driverless commercial vehicle, Q-Truck, which appeared in the movie “The Wandering Earth 2” and showed a lot of potential. A sense of future technology.

In June this year, Xijing Technology and Hutchison Ports Felixstowe officially signed an agreement to add 100 Q-Trucks. In late October, the first batch of 12 Q-Trucks successfully arrived at the Port of Felice. Technology companies from China are writing the stories of practitioners of the “Digital Silk Road” and “Green Silk Road” with the world.

The spillover effect of the CIIE continues to expand, creating more vitality and more opportunities

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) South Square.Xinhua News Agency

 Continuously optimized business environment

Backed by a continuously optimized business environment, the spillover effect of the CIIE will be further amplified.

Lesaffre from France is a leader in yeast fermentation. As a “veteran of six dynasties” in the CIIE, Lesaffre has used the CIIE as a bridge to obtain a large number of orders. It has now invested in and built 4 production bases in China.

“The tax department has launched the ‘Policy Finder’ initiative to allow policy dividends to be delivered accurately and directly. There have been new changes in policies such as the additional VAT deduction for producer services this year. We have received point-to-point reminders from the tax department as soon as possible. This year For the period from January to September, the company has enjoyed an additional VAT deduction of approximately 100,000 yuan, which has strengthened our determination to increase investment and continue to deepen the Chinese market.” President of Lesaffre Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Yang Hong said.

As the “Core Support Enterprise” of this CIIE, Bank of Communications fully leverages its advantages of comprehensive operations and global services to provide exhibitors and merchants with efficient and high-quality one-stop financial services. In the innovation incubation area, corporate online banking 6.0/corporate mobile banking 2.0, open banking, mini programs…a series of “digital new Bank of Communications” construction achievements were unveiled at the conference, showing to the world the innovative achievements of the Bank of Communications in serving the real economy and supporting high-level opening up to the outside world.

In the field of cross-border financial services, scenario customer groups include not only large import and export group companies, but also many small and medium-sized import and export companies, and cross-border e-commerce small and micro sellers. BoCom Open Bank focuses on the needs of various import and export companies/platform institutions. Provide targeted foreign remittance services. Bank of Communications also focuses on new foreign trade business scenarios, with foreign exchange collection as the core, integrating multiple service modules to create a full-process, online, and scenario-based cross-border foreign exchange collection service plan. In the future, Bank of Communications will continue to help release the spillover effects of the CIIE and support the construction of a new “dual cycle” development pattern.

On November 7, at the same time that Building B of Hongqiao Pinhui was officially completed, the fourth “November Live Broadcast Month” CIIE E-commerce Consumption Day and Silk Road Cloud Product E-commerce Festival were launched.

This event takes the opportunity of Shanghai’s creation of the country’s first “Silk Road E-commerce” cooperation pilot zone to help transform Expo exhibits into commodities, enrich the supply of “Silk Road cloud products”, innovate consumption scenarios, promote business docking, and smooth the “Silk Road e-commerce” e-commerce exchanges and cooperation among partner countries.

At the launch ceremony, four country theme day activities were also announced: New Zealand, Armenia, Chile, and Pakistan. For example, on November 15th, Waigaoqiao’s “Global Exchange” will serve as a representative of the “Pakistan Theme Day” event, through the first launch of various CIIE products originating from Pakistan, the display and tasting of the same CIIE products, and small-screen interactions. Through various means, such as Pakistan, consumers can experience the unique charm of Pakistan, an important country along the Silk Road, in a diversified way, promote Pakistani specialty products, and promote high-quality products to enter the Chinese market.

The sixth CIIE is coming to an end, and more cooperation has just begun. As an important link connecting China and the world, this “never-ending” global event is constantly releasing its charm and vitality, bringing new opportunities and a bright future to the world.

(Guangming Daily, Shanghai, November 9)

“Guangming Daily” (November 10, 2023, Page 08)

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