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iQOO 12 Pro: Q1 chip blessed e-sports flagship with all-round appearance and image_Series_Mobile Phone_Performance


Thanks to iQOO’s “down-to-earth” and “user-oriented” approach to product planning and functional innovation, all generations of iQOO mobile phones have been able to open the market immediately and become the first choice for many users. In the process of continuous product iteration, iQOO’s “strong performance”, “full configuration”, “kind price” and other keywords have become more and more popular among the people. Many users who pursue strong performance will choose it at the first time. iQOO mobile phone.

However, in the latest iQOO 12 series, we see more thinking from iQOO. iQOO does not want to limit the digital series flagship to a performance mobile phone, but to build the digital series into an all-round flagship with no shortcomings in all aspects under the iQOO brand.

Since it is called all-powerful, it must be good at everything. The improvements in appearance and imaging of iQOO 12 Pro will undoubtedly make iQOO 12 Pro a bucket flagship that can satisfy the present and point to the future.

To build an all-round flagship, we need to take care of more users, and conveying the unique side of iQOO through appearance design has become the core idea of ​​the iQOO 12 series.

The three-color stripes become small three-color stripes on the fuselage

Compared with the previous iQOO digital series, which used a lot of straight lines and had an overall more hard-core appearance, iQOO 12 Pro uses more curved elements to make the whole machine look much softer. Take the white Legend Edition as an example. Its surface has a bright enamel texture, and the original three-color stripes have become small three-color stripes on the body. While continuing the sense of speed of iQOO mobile phones, it also adds a sense of style to the whole machine. A bit of elegance.

The imaging system area adopts a soft rounded rectangle, with three lenses hidden inside, and a special etched texture on the outside. This design also adds a sense of layering to the lens, and whether it is horizontal or vertical When held, the crater-like protrusion can minimize the impact of the imaging system on the feel.

As for the overall design, it still continues the design ideas of the iQOO digital series flagship in recent years. It uses a Samsung 2K E7 144Hz curved screen on the front, with a global maximum brightness of 1600nit and a local peak brightness of up to 3000nit. It has higher chirality and touch sensitivity, and also supports 1440Hz PWM dimming. The double-sided curved glass and rounded frame significantly improve the hand feel. Moreover, while equipped with a 510mAh battery + 120W ultra-fast flash charging combination, the thickness and weight of iQOO 12 Pro are controlled at 8.58mm and 210g, and its performance is remarkable.

The iteration in appearance makes iQOO 12 Pro more suitable for daily use by the general public. Not a single face of the whole machine is flat, and not a single line is straight. It looks more elegant and soft, while highlighting the simplicity that a flagship phone should have.

Comprehensive image upgrade

Nowadays, it has become normal for us to use mobile phones to record every detail of our lives. If you want to become an all-round flagship, it is natural to improve the imaging level. Compared with the past, iQOO 12 Pro has taken a big step forward in terms of imaging. In terms of hardware, it uses a 50-megapixel wide-angle + 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle + 64-megapixel telephoto periscope lens. The wide-angle lens uses 1/ The 1.3-inch outsole supports bionic spectrum technology, and the telephoto lens has a more commonly used equivalent focal length of 70mm and supports optical image stabilization. It can be said that iQOO 12 Pro has a leap forward in the more frequently used focal lengths such as 1X, 2X, and 3X.


Shot with iQOO 12 Pro


Shot with iQOO 12 Pro

At the software level, iQOO 12 Pro also has many features created by the vivo imaging team. For example, the textured colors of the previous X series, and the natural-style portraits. This time iQOO even provides different styles of watermarks such as text, borders, national style artistic signatures, etc. at once. You can always find one that suits you.


Shot with iQOO 12 Pro

Judging from the sample photos, iQOO 12 Pro has indeed achieved a leap in image quality. The 50-megapixel wide-angle main camera has good imaging quality, and combined with textured colors, can greatly improve the actual look and feel of the picture, and it also performs well in low-light environments. With the software support provided by the vivo imaging team, the performance of iQOO 12 Pro at the portrait level has also reached the first echelon.

The performance of the third generation Snapdragon 8 is once again in the first echelon

iQOO has a reputation as a “performance pioneer”. All iQOO digital series flagships will be equipped with the most powerful chip combination at the first time. This time, iQOO 12 Pro is the first to be equipped with the new generation “performance iron triangle” centered on the third-generation Snapdragon 8, paired with LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0. The measured AnTuTu running score exceeded 2 million, which is still the first-tier powerful performance.


iQOO 12 Pro scores 2,147,709 points

As the leading e-sports flagship brand, iQOO naturally needs to provide users with a more stable and smooth e-sports experience. This year, iQOO 12 Pro also debuted the Q1 chip developed by iQOO. This chip can help iQOO 12 Pro achieve image quality beyond native games. It can be said that it is specially designed for games.


Q1 chip

The so-called “beyond native image quality” means using the mobile phone’s chip computing power to provide clearer and smoother images. Thanks to the Q1 chip, iQOO 12 Pro can freely choose original image quality, high image quality or ultra-high image quality when running the high-definition game “Genshin Impact”. The three image qualities correspond to different resolutions. Ultra-high image quality has higher definition than the native resolution of the game, and the picture looks more outstanding. In addition to higher image quality, iQOO 12 Pro’s Q1 chip can also provide smoothness beyond the native frame rate. According to actual tests, while turning on 2K ultra-high image quality, iQOO 12 Pro can still achieve the highest stability when running “Genshin Impact”. Running at 72 frames, “smoothness” and “high image quality” can coexist on one device.


Enable superframe


Turn on super score

Thanks to the optimization of the iQOO team, this Q1 independent graphics chip has a more complete understanding of in-game screen data. It can identify and load game scenes “frame by frame” to achieve precise scheduling and distribution. It can also share the computing pressure of the SoC during the game, thereby reducing power consumption and heat generation. At the same time, iQOO 12 Pro also has a more powerful “full-time four-zone cooling architecture” inside, which can adjust the temperature of the four areas that are frequently touched by the left and right hands, and dissipate heat through a larger area of ​​vapor chamber and graphite The film can quickly dissipate the heat generated by the chip to the outside. Therefore, when running high-definition and high-frame-rate games, the temperature of the back panel of the whole machine and the hand-touched area are still quite well controlled.


Play games with iQOO 12 Pro

While its performance is powerful, iQOO’s continuous improvement in gaming experience in recent years has also made the iQOO digital series a comprehensively leading e-sports flagship. Today’s mobile games are more diverse in gameplay and require comprehensive optimization of mobile phones from touch to sound. This time, iQOO 12 Pro has also comprehensively upgraded the touch feel of the mobile phone, fully optimizing screen disconnection and edge accidental touches, which greatly improves gaming and chirality. Especially when playing MOBA games such as “Honor of Kings” and “League of Legends Mobile”, the lower touch delay and the general operating experience of “hit wherever you point” will undoubtedly greatly enhance the immersion of the game. This focus on details and improvements aimed at improving game stability may be one of the reasons why iQOO 12 Pro has once again become the designated machine for the Honor of Kings KPL competition and the 2023 Tencent Enlightenment Artificial Intelligence National Open.

With the popularity of linear motors, more and more users are beginning to feel the sensory enhancement brought by the “vibration”. This time iQOO 12 Pro uses an X-axis linear motor that is larger and has crisper vibrations, and provides vibration optimization for dozens of characters in “Genshin Impact”. By triggering vibrations that match actions and dynamic effects, Greatly enhance the immersion of the game.


Similarly, dual speakers are also standard in the iQOO digital series. This time, in addition to dual speakers, iQOO 12 Pro also strengthens the cavity volume of the bottom speaker, which can bring a wider sound field and further enhance the listening experience.

An all-round flagship that excels both inside and out

This year’s iQOO 12 Pro can be said to be a comprehensively upgraded flagship phone. It is not a “performance machine” in the traditional sense that can only be used for playing games, but a product that has been fully upgraded from appearance to imaging to performance.


For the majority of ordinary users, “e-sports” is just a part of life. We also use mobile phones to communicate with others and record the wonderful moments around us. And iQOO 12 Pro can always be with us at any time. Its appearance design is softer and closer to ordinary users. Its images are more outstanding, allowing people to take good photos easily. It also has powerful and stable performance, which can meet the complex needs of different users.

This is iQOO 12 Pro, a flagship that is outstanding both inside and outside and is easy to use everywhere. In 2023 or even facing the upcoming 2024, it is enough to become a good partner in everyone’s hands.Return to Sohu to see more

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