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Focusing on dual carbon goals, Panasonic debuted multiple new products at the CIIE – Economy and Technology – People’s Daily Online


Original title: Focusing on dual carbon goals, Panasonic debuted multiple new products at the CIIE

At this CIIE, focusing on the environmental slogan of “Green Intelligence Creates the Future” and the life vision of “Care for the Unbounded Body and Mind”, Panasonic has brought a variety of products to help China achieve its dual carbon goals and improve consumers’ lives. divided products.

Yuki Kusumi, CEO of Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd., said that the Panasonic Group has always followed the group mission of realizing an “ideal society with both material and spiritual abundance” proposed by founder Konosuke Matsushita, and has continued to make efforts from a strategic perspective by focusing on two aspects. First, To contribute to solving global environmental problems, the second is to enable every consumer to have a healthy, safe and comfortable life, which are the two major business directions of environment and life.

In terms of environmental undertakings, Panasonic proposed the long-term environmental vision of “Panasonic GREEN IMPACT” in 2022. By 2050, it plans to complete an emission reduction contribution equivalent to about 1% of the current total global carbon dioxide emissions, or more than 300 million tons. “Green Intelligence Creates the Future” is the slogan to promote various undertakings that contribute to the environment. In terms of life and business, Panasonic strives to create a variety of touch points with consumers and continue to provide high-quality products and services. At the same time, by integrating the advantages of home appliances and residential equipment, it has successfully created the Yada Panasonic Community, a masterpiece of “Panasonic Wellness Smart Town” located in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, and continues to expand comprehensive services for different target groups. Residential Solutions.

Tetsuro Homma, global vice president of Panasonic Holdings Co., Ltd. and general representative of the group in China and Northeast Asia, introduced China’s regional strategy in detail. He said that the Panasonic Group has solutions to solve environmental problems and other social issues in a wide range of social fields, and is committed to developing product technologies that make extra contributions to consumers’ lives. He also explained the cause of representation.

In the field of new energy applications, Tetsuro Honma focused on hydrogen fuel cells and nickel-metal hydride batteries used in wind power generation scenarios. Focusing on the application of hydrogen energy batteries in factories, Panasonic is conducting empirical experiments on a comprehensive cold, hot and electric energy system at its Wuxi factory. It has already verified the possibility of hot and cold exchange and will continue to verify its economic advantages. In wind power generation, Panasonic provides nickel-metal hydride batteries as backup power sources for pitch systems, which can flexibly cope with high voltages, realize high-precision remote monitoring, are small and lightweight, and can contribute to the rapid development of China’s offshore wind power generation.

Focusing on the concept of circular economy, Panasonic brought the fiber ecological material kinari to China for the first time and the equipment refurbishment business started in China. Kinari does not use original materials, but uses plant waste such as coffee grounds as raw materials for production, converting waste into resources and having good recyclability. The equipment refurbishment business reduces maintenance costs, energy costs, etc. by recycling and repairing old display cabinets from closed stores and refurbishing them into new products for reuse, which has been well received by partners. At the same time, it reduces the amount of equipment waste and reduces the carbon emissions increased in the manufacturing of new equipment, achieving the effects of environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, and green recycling.

In terms of renewable energy, Panasonic exhibited perovskite solar cells in China for the first time, which have not yet been introduced into the Chinese market. This “power generation glass” uses Panasonic’s unique material technology and inkjet technology to combine glass with solar cells, achieving the world’s highest level of power generation efficiency, up to 17.9%. This product is integrated with building materials, has free design dimensions, and can be customized according to customer needs.

With the help of the CIIE platform, Panasonic hopes to add support to green development and healthy and smart life by demonstrating its contribution to environmental causes and life causes, and bring more proposals that add points.

(Editors: Dong Tong, Yang Di)

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