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Focusing on the sustainable concept of symbiosis with the earth, MUJI debuts at the CIIE–Economy and Technology–People’s Daily Online


Original title: Focusing on the sustainable concept of symbiosis with the earth, MUJI debuts at the CIIE

At this CIIE, MUJI presented a unique “MUJI Exhibition” to the audience with two world-first products. From master-level creative expressions to modern product displays with Chinese characteristics, MUJI vividly explains to global consumers the concept of “natural, natural, MUJI” life and the sustainable concept of symbiosis with the earth.

MUJI has always brought people a good life experience through simple and natural design style. At this CIIE, MUJI brought two new products specially designed for the CIIE by world-renowned designers Kenya Hara and Naoto Fukasawa.

At this CIIE, President Nobuo Dozeno of MUJI Japan Headquarters came to the scene in person. At the opening ceremony, he once again emphasized the importance of the Chinese market and stated that MUJI will enter a new stage of development in China starting from this CIIE. General Manager of MUJI China Shimizu Chi also expressed at the opening ceremony two major visions for this exhibition: to promote Chinese design to the global market, and to show the outside world MUJI’s unwavering determination to take root in the Chinese market.

Although it is the first show at the CIIE, MUJI boldly presented an “unfinished” booth. It requires the participation of the audience on site to complete the final construction of the booth and reveal the full picture of the booth. MUJI has introduced environmentally friendly elements into the outer wall of the booth. Visitors can take it apart and take it home and use it in daily life as the “2023 CIIE Limited Edition Screen Storage Box”. Shao Tianyi, chief marketing officer of MUJI China, said: “It is our first time to participate in the CIIE. What we share is the MUJI brand’s unchanged philosophy over the past 40 years, as well as the efforts and innovations made to achieve its goals. With the CIIE as a Taking advantage of the opportunity, we will carry out more down-to-earth, deeper and more lasting operations in China.”

In line with the exploration of China’s localized management, MUJI introduced the concept of mountains, rivers and land into the product display at this CIIE to express MUJI’s persistence in materials and reverence for nature. Through the Natural River Exhibition Area, Ecological Mountain Exhibition Area and Fertile Black Soil Exhibition Area, MUJI has panoramically demonstrated its green innovation power traceable to its origins to the CIIE audience.

The cashmere and wool products exhibited this time are all made of natural hair original colors to avoid burdening the environment; the appearance of recycled plastic recycling series and 100% recycled fleece series conveys MUJI’s insistence on environmental protection; utilization Muji actively promotes the development of related products for the environmentally friendly plant fiber hemp that is abundant in Heilongjiang. Muji’s efforts to revive the fiber hemp industry have also been unanimously recognized by the audience at the CIIE.

(Editors: Cao Miao, Yang Di)

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